April Fools Day & Lottery Prank Gone Wrong Video

lottery prank

Just wanted to play a small prank on the girls. . . which didnt work out that wonderful. . thats all that matters. Made breakfast for dinner and my kids were thrilled.

hi guys just wanted to tell you we’re heading into the mall which is something we never do and this guy right here never goes into the mall ever ever ever I don’t know how she got me to know one today but this is the last time when our kids see this video they’re going to be so upset because they can’t welcome to believe that we’re at the mall and they’re not with us look bring the mall if another mall maybe three times since we’ve been married he hates them all this will be the last lecture I want to know how I got you here I don’t know but never again urban chicken my favorite or in the whole entire world okay so we got what we wanted my husband said people are staring at us because we’re blogging we don’t care pretty fair we’re all people we’re vlogging all the little kids are staring at us running around the mall I’m surprised I got you here in the first place never good tell we’re out of breath were running he wants to get out there’s a lion pig here I think people drop their kids off just go do the thing through the mall I could never do that i never do that with my kids now i’m in stop and shop with a girl picking up stuff we’re having breakfast or dinner they’re only louder in here today thanks for faithful make it bacon bacon okay speakin have said it also we meet I think every smarticle orange juice of the orange mango french toast a threat don’t bring your children with you to the supermarket because they’re very attenuated on what you want to buy they make me buy what they want great sounds p.m. ep hi guys so when we were at the mall we went to spencer’s gifts and we purchased fake lottery tickets that we’re going to try to prank the girls with I bought a couple of regular scratch off lottery tickets from the store and then we have a couple of the prank ones that were going to put in the mix of them and I’m just going to leave them out and and see usually when the girl see them they want to scratch them so we’ll see what the reaction is there’s this april fool’s day we’re going to try to trick them right girl my source Rosen so when $10,000 Hillary okay I’m going to do what I say Roger yeah next three like announced pinata mouth what you get am I reading that right mom match 3 i’m shaking right now wait we wait what about it well first enter stories there’s three 10,000 else’s 10,000 oh my god her husband and their came in first purposes I’m not jump where’s the camera we want it make it your entertainment purposes are only nitrile even do it for kill you at dawg yeah I was my thousand oh where’s the camera cool this one’s a loser there’s the camera right there is one fifteen thousand dollars yeah there’s the camera this one real me that was real she’s reading the back I think they might like them see your lizard rupee I wonder why never be much like these before Doyle deploy the haha very funny I’ve seen people do them before I don’t know where’d you get these from my wasn’t what’s a little room huh just don’t we have any more nope where what store I think Spencer’s her zuni’s whatever one do at this event I’m so angry she likes how much of these we should have like blogging in the back somehow and fake one like that really just gives how much it a thing I don’t know I wasn’t there provides all our football Oh will advance showing me so how am I supposed to know ok so the lottery ticket prank didn’t go as planned thanks to Kelly I’ll show you though our tickets that we got a couple of them are real tickets in a couple of them are from a variety store Kelly of course right away have to flip it over and look on the back and ruin the whole thing yeah but it gives it away literally as wrong a lot of people don’t read the fine print right away it take it in here in Rio this was so these for the snakes okay guys that’s it for today we’re going to end our vlog i’m going to show you what we made for dinner we actually I’m breakfast for dinner we have french toast casserole with a praline topping we have scrambled eggs and we have bacon I’m going to do a video on the french toast casserole we make it every holiday Christmas Easter for breakfast it’s actually an overnight french toast casserole it’s delicious all right guys give this video a thumbs up please subscribe and we will see you tomorrow. .

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