Angry Grandpa Wins The Lottery!! (Christmas Prank) Video

lottery prank

Grandpa and Bridgette flip a prank on Pickleboy, making him think Grandpa won the lottery on Christmas!


Charles Green
PO Box 51734
Summerville, SC 29485.

well it’s Christmas morning and last year grandpa decided to prank me by putting a brick inside of a ps4 box so I thought it’s only fitting that I make grandpa think that he won the lottery so I got a fake lottery ticket and a box full of scratch offs ad Merry Christmas so Michael thanks for pranking crown pong but we’re actually pranking Merry Christmas Merry Christmas bhajan my weight is hua for Christmas as for what anywhere else your Nessa presence up yeah good look where’s this just beginning put your hat on that for me yes it is so aren’t up here’s what you do dump it open it and dump the box trust what brother look I’m not a car bro nice like freaking $50 lottery tickets what are you doing you haven’t even I’ll go for good luck dad you might whether you might let us snack on this do you a Merry Christmas you got you love lottery ticket yeah um but you got some high ten thousands well you got it Oh Christmas I never played it before hey pick up when I taught my dog him in shit would it be awesome whenever I’m chance of michael match any of your numbers to the serial number with price shown for that number okay got you view 3 Little Dippers so I got a two cereals I gotta and I got a two so let’s think you might wanna dull alright it is that you’re eating yet it would be a high dollar fucking loser hair a dulcimer well that means I went to Dubai yaaaaa i won oh my god Michael I was five six seven eight oh and uh hey how are you winning losing that’s three like amounts without an app once thanks for Cooper look 10,000 10,000 can I get it yeah yeah hey yeah they like without dad won $10,000 oh my god lady are a hard man match three amounts win that amount 10 10 10 I want Jedi without Michael Mann Mann Keita’s good night Michael recording give me cash today oh thank you why I want it I was good morning my gem now I’m gonna give you two Mike to do that maybe what you do in 2008 think what I’m doing 8,000 and a half listen I bother bloggers present you my card that you won I want to get it out and our duty won he won $10,000 in second oh my god oh my god a lot of 10,000 dogs thank you you gave it to me oh my god I love it what if we get 3,000 no you’re gonna be tight why do I think that she could have ha oh yeah I’m trying not me hey you are out I’ll give you gonna have ajju goddamn dude there’s your hat on oh my god what are you can we keep it back yueji now you we got nobody Ellen back that River I got on there hang on and win what’s going on you just ripped up a ticket don’t y’all the dog so what oh yeah I want to give you a hat I let you get never my money what the hell is wrong with you my honey I give you half that money what are you doing you know they’re not gonna take a taped up lottery ticket what I want because do the Parkers with them who knows where it’s from well he goes up gotcha bitch there’s your real card we got him Brigid we got it very good Michael you get very high our break oh my god oh good I’m sorry you won’t you own tragedy you want to think oh my god us buddy sick of it I’m sick of fish hey be thankful be tall open him up anyway yeah he wasn’t give his real presence ah what you think you’re my friend.


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