Angry Grandpa Sold His Dream Car!! Video

lottery prank

Today we prank Bridgette into thinking Grandpa sold his dream car to buy a Chevy Tahoe (her Christmas present)


Charles Green
PO Box 51734
Summerville, SC 29485.

last week I got angry grandpa his dream car a 1955 Chevy Belair and this week he’s selling it for a 2017 Chevy Tahoe which is Bridget’s Christmas present but she doesn’t know that Bridget grandpa sold his dream car he says it’s a surprise whoa what is that a new car whoa mine 2017 2017 mine whoa dude that’s cool how the hell’d you get that I trade it what the hell do you have to trade if it’s pot 55 155 Cherie oh oh clothing again ten thousand I need you write me a check wait Bridget cute we go inside real quick did you play come on man guy that’s all those nice okay Scott just got a DVD player in the batter you said the basketball psycho n yeah you got give me a chip I’ll be right back all right I’ll come yeah I’ll go oh just no it’s fine well can I go ahead what’s the big deal very core do not film this I have to film this for freakin this is really not cool are you gonna cry dude I’m kind of thinking about it Michael do not film this so you guys why’d he do that grandpa sold his dream car I don’t know white what do you think I know the reason huh are you crying that was supposed to be his gift I’m sorry dude he sold it okay whatever so let’s get him a check let’s give him the check dude okay yeah fuck it you know I’m sorry good I’m filming it for legal reasons okay well I hope you enjoy this new car and I hope it was worth it alright I got it Wow dad I love it I like you it’s very nice I’m happy could you at least pretend to be happy for him I’m happy for him she’s crying about it I think it’s it’s cool jealousy I’m not jealous for here I left the cheque blank pot oh good how do you write any amount not up to you know 50 okay we don’t have that Bridget if it bounces it bounces good ale I’m happy man you were know why I’m okay with it you want to know why because he said he had a dream car didn’t you yeah okay and obviously if you were to try the p3 the 55 was not his dream car the the 2017 Tahoe and now you know you all want she does want will it’s very nice we’ll get you one United yeah some clothes well I like it you know son my dream calls fits bad and I got near 55 does a box or Merry Christmas is yours oh yeah I got lucky guy up no Michael I got like on dag out the 55 he didn’t sell it what gimme Merry Christmas yeah you should have seen her inside this what was what what she was crying she yeah she was she hated you oh my god one let’s go driving ah do you know how to drive this thing yeah now then I’m not getting in go ahead just show me just do it well you see I’m never getting in it huh why not dad okay dude come on out you please nobody just you can’t drive it dude oh god you’re scaring me Bridget oh yeah house okay Merry Christmas would get out no I need you Merry Christmas would get out hey okay.


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