$5,000 Lottery Prank – Hilarious!!! Video

lottery prank


man what is been doing Luka doesn’t even appreciate the gift okay wait what the fuck are you doing what woke up open that I speak on the phone sketch it this yeah yeah no you are like I let’s catch it no you were like man Mickey can’t his lesson easy man I body freedom oh shit ah for this you buy yeah yeah you scratch it I get the money how much can you that’s it the tickle is two dollars you probably got it back five thousand eight what is here this is no not read the rules there’s no way let me take more I keep it was like let me check maybe the rules read the rules on the back let me check you your wife but you said hey I said you scratch it I take I said you scratch it impossible we up to 5,000 Irene 5 far let me see let me see rules let me see those a lot I know you’re such a lot look this note this is 60 it’s funny let’s hear why I would take money you give it to me room oh yeah but let me see the chief of this game I this guy’s life Luca let me read the back row lose nothing but we need price you man what guys I’m sorry you did you find it Jake so depressed hahaha the one on the corner with me not taking you got me like what we split together what is this match three a match three that’s amore way I believe I it five I fight for you I was like I bite you give me the money haha when you go into the gas station you man this is this bullshit though there’s no way that ticket for a one dollar hmm we got that the dollar store seriously sorry that’s not real please look through you was.


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