$20,000 Lottery Prank! Video

lottery prank

Pranked my Dad on christmas, having him thinking that he won from fake lottery tickets!.

man wassup everybody man i know it has been hectic i know i ain’t been you know i am in person lately but i’ll bring y’all this brand new prank I just recorded I actually recorded it for Christmas and I’ll bring this y’all the prank is I’ve tricked my day and just thinking he wanted twenty thousand dollars on Christmas I but I went out and I bought these fake lottery tickets in the pack Kenny all right here fate lottery tickets where you scratch him and you automatically went money so I gave him I bought him some real lottery tickets as I like a whole bunch and I through these two in there too you know automatic $2,000 windage and he scratched him and he think he’s thinking he’s one 20 thousand dollars I gave him to 10,000 on tickets so all i got is i think you wanted 20 thousand dollars and i’m inside of y’all watch this video and here’s your reaction take down for watching subscribe thumbs up thumbs down thumbs down don’t like it and so I gotta brings y’all thank y’all for watching Kraken look where you got them some brown let me show you look over yeah look over here this is the only i was on top of you guys like that’s what look they say negative emotional win this shit train your dragon that room yummy schedule a bit mostly I’m already rich it yeah me too i call mom yeah spatula be mostly over right there look you got a clickable cell fancy I’ll sketch out looking where you got it from don’t pick on them any we got him on Jeffrey and I spent some when they came out they win their wet bar code give it a bark or me down the backyard texts a lot of your work though give this great four leglock really like I’m up until final honest game or move them tickets iodine real you’re gonna look at the bar code is beyond the bedroom I gotta go check the ticket oh yeah you know oh cool for the break there’s eight twenty thousand garrett III that allowed us to win melon only in your dreams in the resemblance of hooked to a reply or implied lottery ticket it won this ticket is for entertainment purposes only you never knew Caleb all I want to read the back oh there was you wanna Rallo oh yeah I want with it on down low yeah all the fake ones using it cut left you don’t you want I do Amelia yeah.


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