100,000 Grand Prank In The Hood (Gone Wrong) Video

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100,000 GRAND PRANK IN THE HOOD (GONE for daily funny pranks: to TheDvatv: PrankCity! YesFunnyYes! the full playlist of the best pranks 2015! .

hey guys this Frank’s until you’re gonna ask people if they want to win a hundred grand I’m not really a hundred grand to fake check what a hundred gain and the chocolate bar and we’ll see the reactions we got okay that’s not what shit what’s your name also hi my name is Vitaly V from national TV show it’s called honja gran win or lose what’s your name my name is Akash hey so Robin you’re doing an objective give you a job to do and if you do you earn a hundred grand would you do it yeah yo guys n yeah really but what you got to do something you guys have to run them back like all naked what you could do it to any football players any any guy well I know anybody anybody new see who’s taking stuff come on yeah yeah look the sign is right here it says there’s not a building no hide you very good shake there’s fuckin South tattooin like yeah I was in guys go so so hard you very well we have like shit make your shot oh no that one’s good look it’s right here yeah you did when she didn’t Oh it’s always me it’s always me that gets locked up it’s always fuckin me I wasn’t even in this prank what a fuck drove my car.


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