$10,000 Lottery Prank Video

lottery prank

Cung pranks Ellie with fake lottery ticket.

hey guys so basically Ellie’s at work and she’s about to be home any second now and I decided to prank her again so what I have to store for us today is I went and bought these lottery scratch off tickets their gag their pranks they’re guaranteed to win like ten thousand dollars so i went to go ahead about this anybody knows Ellie knows how gullible she is so in in order for me to make it seem a little bit more realistic and not you know just the first ticket I went ahead and bought real scratchers it’s California Lottery state commission whatever legit lottery ticket so she might lose subscribe winsome so it adds a little bit credibility to my prank so I’m gonna put this somewhere towards the metro towards the end of the stack number giver and we’ll see what happens so stay tuned you Masri amount hi with three people wait no no no this is out are you sure when match three like a mouse and whenever dollars oh wait BIC make sure that’s right my answer is this will be out running this is 0 0 way to do it another dollars oh you either get to know your get some fresh Georgians there’s been a hostage hey hey chem right here I did know you’re gonna win it’s a paid ticket it’s a painting no I have to rapper right here ya gotta kiss owwwww it’s a thousand dollar I got her again.


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