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some guys I’m Joey salads and today this is the honesty social experiment we’re gonna see who is honest and who’s not hey guys guys I saw this fluttering you guys his feet is it is it yours yeah you just dropped it I see your wallet in your hand yeah I just came from the ATM okay you can can you just check it make sure you know yeah dude this money I just came from the a check your wallet make sure these uh I just went to the ATM right so you should just check your wall to make sure you miss me are you sure let me hold some bro yeah it’s not in there dude he missing 100 yeah it’s not there there’s nothing in there I thought you said you went to an ATM you just took out ah yeah just to get a hunt only 100 yeah and you dropped it yeah cuz you’re lying because this is 100 and you’re on tape so you’re lying unless you actually did drop few hundred and this is not it so alright you’re lying quit July and how does it feel hey sir sir i love this i think this just fell out of your pocket over there i just picked it up 100 is he yours Holly oh that’s mine okay that’s 100 just odd check your pocket real quick I just want to make sure because I was like flailing around I just want to make sure it’s yours Oh see ya yeah I had 100 and it’s not in your head so that’s good that’s my own little Ben Franklin everything all right so before I give to you I just want to tell you you’re on camera it’s not really yours okay so well that’s just testing out to see how honest people are and you all right decide what I’m dishonest goes in and you know so I don’t get the China trying to scam at all man a chance to close you know me well sorry sorry hey yo is this yours just yours I saw it under your feet $100 is yours yes loss injury as mine one just check your wallet make sure it was really yours it’s mine huh you sure it’s yours come on bro it’s mine check check your pockets make sure it was yours well what you mean cuz it’s mine and I’m just we’re on camera and the fucking is joking with you it’s insane huh look fuck your arm you’re on camera hey man excuse me I saw this saw near your feet is it yours $100 that’s not mine saw yours you sure I saw it was like looked like I came out of your pants it’s not mine it must be somewhere all right thank you I’m going to look for it thank you good guy Hey hey buddy is this yours I saw this flutter any of your feet is yours yes sir be sure to check and check your pocket mix I know what I had in my pocket man I only have six dollars now she had a hundred and six dollars total you sure look look I only got six dollars in my pocket so this is yours I hunt everything you sure I know it’s mine no it’s family right here on the ground I just walk by you all right my dear this is actually my hundred those hands of yours I just walked by you and out dropped it right there on the way to the store but I just fuck I just walk by you II don’t know what I had in my pocket we’re filming a video it’s not yours its mine houses yours when I dropped it are you taking my money I’m gonna go call police do you think guys watching please get this video like and share don’t forget to subscribe for more videos like this and let me know below what would you do if somebody did this would you claim it’s yours or would you be honest I’m Joey salads and thanks for watching and go outside and dance around saying I’m a banana right here yeah.


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