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tromo loss mobile Los Mochis Russia madamluna Salama Cuyahoga Moo.Moo liebherr liebherr in analogue on a PCSO and thinking insane PCSO you soon Filipino Washington and voila Ponce in Havana Makka pakka sabe come on omaha numero menon allah salla hot non game Stan pcso Bogmen Iguala semana text messages D ham or talks at Aleppo no the Nexus a Big Mac BBJ Rosalyn and tip top elite Don para or cellphone load boo Mira Langdon tickets am an authorized local outlets at pcs or district offices in new focus Kaimuki let’s say no to pcs hola Oh from the PCSO official report this is the penalty water floor and your host tonight miss Shelly and busca googoo stomaching million REO ibadah but ro ro my lotto tickets car Ottumwa dog so all five favorite now pcso lotta door good evening lhasa Philippines today is Sunday January 13 2013 alone the game started tonight easy to lagos right there’s lotto odd super lotto 649 I thought I’d share facilities mr. Mc. Feely dough first arrived by an official representative philosophy theater and Commission on it and our pcs with our coordinators mahogany opposite Pedro procedures canina and added all sleep in an idea Saguna ping live bras Cini gharana matting panel of judges and representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit nama iosef condition and drum machines naga committee only the operation of the remote switch button and my human intervention sir random selection of troubles that loom sets up inactivity and for each game all balls in all sets have almost exactly the same way la una bola I didn’t Bank of corporate we done on video Hoppus massacre on a toy completo and chairperson llama alma haha clothes and rubbles nagar committing seven across filipinas are you ready to play and win da da let’s play super lotto 649 game lots of philippine tonight suture walker topic watch yes one to two million four hundred fifty eight thousand two hundred eleven thousand and 20 centavos ksama point I think accordingly their own shares in a napping panel of judges mr. poster ah sir please press that button and let’s play super lotto 649 now from Sonoma a teacher prison and to the members of our panel of judges about witness arming malodors octopod in baja generic phenom Wacha haughtiness where Casati maka bye bye n6 after 49 numbers for me by nothing billion now Mattie Megatron which can come in any order the first number number 32 number 32 Lobby Pournami flawless and Xavier Mahan and liquid an in Yamaha lotto tickets piracy Garagiola I’m now adding Mc. Lean none in you’ll run a premium and for the second number number 21 number 20 once among the winners of 5,000 fests and below by adding a point came on in your premise my authorized bottle outlets nationwide and for the third number we have number 18 number 18 when I lock on the mana above 5,000 pesos up to 300,000 presses you can claim your prize on a pcso grasses or the opossum in office now Joseph acai city support number sir number 49 number 49 tax people among all of the prices are to olavo in Akasaka an o % o the potamia no idea mama prayer no boooo boooo Yamato kuba I’m in Yamaha panel o the vast number number 7 number 7 relying upon my assistant placement game that I thought we have this is been 7 to 12 at 3:05 cigarette upon my hands like I owe my additional cash price nickel and that sixth and final number is number five Number five recap here are the official super lotto 649 winning numbers which can come in any order 32:21 1849 7 and 5 for the chocolate press of 22 million four hundred fifty eight thousand two hundred eleven vessels and 20 centavos vodka guy no my dish against naughty sofa muna al multi million aluminum pcs SML kebabian happen when you are in po natin ro ro deal a million million para me on ha Caitlin pcso sambaiah Filipino million million Cowen gowardhan and I banal Bahuguna Tosa ottoman acaba buy and when acid artists and fund allocation Department I’m naive Omaha Dean to no known pcso Samoa post pallid napping kebabian from January 7th to January 11 2013 a total of over 58 million pesos was given to 2016 beneficiaries 27 million one hundred sixty four thousand six hundred forty eight pencils far as a hospitalization of 849 nappa champagne eleven million two hundred seventy eight thousand four hundred twenty pesos POTUS at 344 nappa sent a cinema a longline and chemotherapy COBOL brachytherapy irrigation at linear acceleration nine million three hundred one thousand three hundred pesos Daman but a separate oil and hemodialysis nearly four hundred sixty one patient at ten million eight hundred five thousand seven hundred ninety ninth battle Emiliano PCSO para so 360 tuna percent a nominee phnom kulen Paraiba or announcer be so medical I’m PO Sunnah PCSO Iparis a bow Filipino narang Alon Hana Poonam in Marathi tantalum San Marsol Achtung Achtung Panzer pcso Pusan Filipino Pusan Panello okay balaclava tire three lucky numbers and Susan Adama Papa Bram yo let’s play precious lotto the nine p.

m.draw on Aleppo semana lotta players not in la luna besides Mindanao Ragna popping Mc. Duck semana local domotics or tawa casa bhima be vegan ill effective salato capela tempura or cellphone loads campo en well op on Queenie begin a tip on pcs oh ok eat the pasta slow kenapa Halima Claro atman al ot numbers from 0 to Nayla uncle on Atma Arakawa no no no four thousand five hundred pesos pretend pass Oakley and there you have it no copying upon adding digit machines sir can we have the first digit number one the number one the second digit number two we have number two and the third digit number six number six check your tickets Luzon Visayas Mindanao our threat this evening winning combination it’s one two and six in exact orders I’m a Buddhist on your property whole number game Susan it’s not that uh let’s play easy to LA go three times daily dimke mega technic a surprise some easy to love some a lot of fans all over the Philippines auto auto Cueto Umaga okapi 4000 pest free tempest to play opera Nacala antibiotic nĂºmero magma mash in exact gorgeous easy to auto winning numbers are 2000 pesos pretentious of liniment poem premier Pocoyo I’m at Loreto at Milanello using the Rumba little sister play and here is the easy to LA winning numbers sir can we have the first number number 27 number 27 and the second number number 15 number 15 I am Puma hawk I began laughing easy to LA the winning numbers I twenty seven and fifteen in exact order congratulations on having the Nano megabee samanya polygamy bukas partisan leggings not in an easy to lotto purchase lotto four digit mega lotto 645 odd grant ACOs 655 make sure to join us with tickets I’d fight undermine customer gobernador susana morning and afternoon lotta draws by the Audion 419 para say easy to lotto 11 am Joe on winning numbers I 8 and 14 in exact order so sweaters lotto 11 II enjoy the winning combination is 5 2 & 5 in exact order for the easy two lotto 4 p. m. draw the lucky numbers are 10 and 6 in exact order and for this record slaughter for p. m.

drawn we have drawn the combination for 0 & 3 in exact order congratulations to all our winners la la la popa Raza I mean when a lot of players khun kon another than 5,000 pesos and below maripily nui Kleeman premio de heights and authorized lotto outlet to about 5,000 pesos up to 300,000 pesos and penelo mari new pajama game sekai de an PCSO branch nationwide force’ PCSO main office Kong Japan winner can a man a clink wha minion premio DDo.S a pcso mean office a pasay city Mike pimp a Finnick bubble and a PCSO and podcast and por ciento and mulatto outlets 7 a premium motto that speed poem on a lot of prices capo obama cuckoo hanumana winners and premios a lot o people viel impose a pcso among a lot o outlet Nozomu so wise about to samito mwanza eight four six eight eight seven one open wound a subpoena common oppidum BCSO branch office a new lugar maraming salamat PO at similarly to is not a new leading couple on the Sultan of Malacca mm my drawers design not into easy to lotta winning numbers we have 27 and 15 in exact order status Reuters photo we have one two and six also in exact order I fired up a staffing super lotto we have 32 21 18 49 7 and 5 in any order for the chocolate price of 22 million for Manute 58,000 211 pesos and 20 centavos a bubbly pop wong PCSO right after is this free sample vodka Nagina elegant Inlet or outlet for a Polanco Dylan okona ET nahuelito Dyson ago Shinigami a fibula Brennan are a golem PCSO selamat peaches Oh sense inaho mara attitude Owen Cole yeah cool BCSO poison papito Oh some tamari I am for some in computer center young pcs so we have no winner so super lotto with a chocolate price Naomi gets a twenty two million pesos and that’s all for tonight by reports of PCSO a kabocha shelley on busca thank you for joining us and good night million premio I don’t need no fucking way Yugi now a couple now awesome so a pig is a PPO ha ha ha ha ha let’s pray lord OPCs Oh Oh PCs Oh Lord or ACS all Oh you know. .

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