The National Lottery Xtra With The Live Lotto Draw Results From Wednesday 15Th June 2016 Video

Lottery Draw Live

The National Lottery Xtra with the draw results for Lotto, recorded and streamed live at 8:30pm on 15th 2016 and presented by Anna Williamson.

Tonights machine is Lancelot with ball set L5, selected by Catherine Mednick from Egham.

To enter the next available draw, visit only. Players must be physically located in the UK or IoM

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hello there and welcome to the National Lottery extra tonight I’ll be bringing you all the latest news I catch up with Lawson at lottery HQ and of course we have that all important live lotto draw where you have the chance to scoop our life changing jackpots as well as winner’s prize in a millionaire raffle how amazing is that over now let’s take a look at what’s happening in Lottery latest so first up eight engineers from Essex are celebrating a 1 million pound win on the millionaire raffle from Wednesday the 11th of May syndicate leaders Steven Walker was having a copper at work when he logged into his account and saw the ultimate prize of 1 million pounds staring back at him Wow now each member netted 125,000 pounds syndicate member Gary Pauly was actually waiting to fly to Cyprus for his daughter’s wedding when he got from the news there’ll be no post holiday blues for Gary with 125,000 pounds waiting for him when he gets home and another syndicate has won big with the National Lottery as 12 bakers from Chester have won 1 million pounds on a lotto raffle on the 7th of May that’s my friends is a lot of dough I’m cut I run the syndicate I’ve got two sons it’s upwork Tesco’s for 25 years I just think to have the tickets check to buy my next month’s and all I was told was we’d won probably over 500 pound I phoned Camelot I couldn’t believe it I was sweating shaking I just didn’t believe it over at national lotteries game store we’re celebrating the footie action hotting up in France with our instant win game two hundred and fifty thousand hours now the title of which need much the imagination but I like it for your chance to score a blinder of a jackpot and head over to game store doko de k2 flake now staying with the football theme at this Sunday it’s Father’s Day now last year we gave volunteer Mike Edwards who has dedicated the last 15 years to working with young people in his community to get involved in sport and activities a Father’s Day surprise that he today we’re honoring a very special man he’s been working with young people in our community for over 50 years is mike mike is a father figure away save my life in the here to present by this side share from the club is mr.Mike Sullivan oh what a lovely surprise well done guys and while I’m Mike now for more news about our life changing projects that you helped fund winners for anything else to do with the national lottery then please use the hashtag n L extra or you can leave us a comment now earlier this week we had some very special guests with us at lottery HQ those lovely Liza from Lawson were here to press that all important button before Saturday’s lotto draw and then I caught up with the boys so happy right now a look who has come to join me on NL extra it’s Lawson so excited to have you here tonight we’re really excited to be it we love being on the show well it’s all about National Lottery XJS you’re well versed at pressing the old buttons or making someone a millionaire I mean how does this work there’s this a few of you guys only one button what is your technique I think we do it together because there’s a bomb we go before we like to geeks and stuff we always do like this yes oh yeah it’s a racy for them get on the bottom yes you’re already doing that anyways you know it’s a chance lucky geeks over in like barely get more leaves so we’ll do that tonight yes a new single where my love goes where does it go what I mean where does it go where does it go what’s it all about it’s a love song it’s a really romantic song about the journey I proposed my girlfriend in the video that’s what shape is isn’t it it is yeah I didn’t really think about that in me because I’m already a romantic guy finish life so when when the lads came up with the idea we were talking about and they were like you know why don’t you propose to Joey you’re gonna be girlfriend then in a new video and I was like no you can’t do that and I think you lads were really nervous too hilarious now your last single obviously we’re in the lottery yeah well you know everyone always says don’t they on what would you do if you win the lottery I think everyone’s out that conversation so we just wrote a song about it and we were like you know we’ve got a yacht and we’d sail and you know son Tropez I mean I don’t do everything they do anything that wasn’t in the Sun a private jet is the first thing you would buy if you want 15 quid I’ll probably buy like a feet saloon I’m just gonna go with pizza yeah like like dinner dinner yeah thousand pounds anyway in form of music yeah it’s a guitar I’m not putting towards a guitar put it towards some I’m probably buy like a bespoke shabby chic like side table you can tell you though that’s getting married so he’s the biggie then call me in quit if you had to spend it there now I’m just a geek I buy a guitar from nice I buy a home have you guys in promise promise again thank you thank you lads so nice to meet you want to have to say that lovely lovely guys now it is the moment you’ve all been waiting for it’s tonight’s live lotto draw now every draw gives you two chances to be a millionaire thanks to the jackpot and Millionaire Raffle and of course don’t forget those 20 additional raffle prizes of 20,000 pounds as if that wasn’t enough though all this month for every line you play you’ll also have the chance to enter an extra chance draw with a prize of 1 million pounds if you play online or through the National Lottery app it couldn’t be easier as you’re automatically entered talents now if you play in store just enter your ticket online at lotto Provo National lottery code at UK will you’ll also find out all of the details and of course make sure you do not miss all the latest from the National Lottery online so that’s it from me I’ll be back again next week at 8:30 for another national lottery extra good luck and it’s bye bye for now welcome to Wednesday’s lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle this draw is taking place in front of an independent adjudicator and we’re live every Wednesday at 8:30 p. m. so this is the first place to see if you’re a winner tonight’s rollover jackpot is an estimated twenty point nine million pounds let’s start the draw 1938 20 to 14 twenty nine and the bonus all 27 those numbers again in ascending order to 14 19 20 29:38 and the bonus ball 27 the winning Millionaire Raffle numbers were drawn earlier in front of an independent adjudicator Czech national lottery co uk to see if you’re a winner of 20,000 pounds but first see if you’re out guaranteed UK millionaire here’s tonight’s one billion pound winning raffle number that was Wednesday’s lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle you could watch Saturday’s draw live on BBC one and we’ll see you back here live at 8:30 p. m. for next Wednesday’s live lotto draw bye for now. .

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