The National Lottery Thunderball Draw Results From Friday 30Th December 2016 Video

Lottery Draw Live

The National Lottery draw results for Thunderball, recorded and streamed live at 8:00pm on Friday 30th 2016

Tonights machine is Excalibur 6 with ball set T8, selected by Inoannis Bazianas from Slough.

To enter the next available draw, visit only. Players must be physically located in the UK or IoM

You can also check your Thunderball tickets on our.

welcome to tonight’s Thunderball draw which is taking place in front of an independent adjudicator the midweek Thunderball draws are live every Wednesday and Friday at 8 p.m. let’s start the drawer 33 17 18 five seven and now for the Thunder ball which is a ten those numbers again in ascending order five seven seventeen eighteen thirty three and the Thunder ball ten that was tonight’s live Thunder bull jaw bye for now. .

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