The National Lottery Lotto Draw Results From Wednesday 27Th July 2016 Video

Lottery Draw Live

The National Lottery draw results for Lotto, recorded and streamed live at 8:30pm on Wednesday 27th 2016

Tonights machine is LANCELOT with ball set L 4, selected by Helen Mackie from Liverpool

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hey folks how you doing I’m Anna Williamson here with another amazing edition of national lottery extra just feed you coming up tonight are the latest news from a lottery HQ where we’ll be meeting some national lottery winners having a look at a new game from game store and we’re revving up for the Olympics in Rio can’t wait and as if that wasn’t enough there is of course tonight’s live Lawton draw so let’s kick things off with Lottery latest now a woman from Wolverhampton has become a millionaire after winning on the euromillions millionaire maker in June Amanda Lewis completely forgot about how UK millionaire maker code but decided to give her ticket a quick check at her local shop and lucky she did for the man who says she went weak in the knees when she was then told to call the National Lottery immediately so she’s sat in her car and she called the National Lottery and then found out that she had won 1 million pounds wowsers and a huge congratulations to her say with winners now as John and Alison Doherty from eldest li won a massive and get ready for this my friends 14 million six hundred and seventy one thousand three hundred and forty three pounds now the Dougherty’s were a day away from jetting off on holiday when they found out they’ve matched six numbers i lot a draw now Allison she didn’t take any chances whilst on holiday and stashed the ticket and a lantern candle holder at home as well as putting a photocopy in Jon’s work boots I like it I’m Johnny that’s Allison in the hip 2001 oh look yeah we’re gonna hold it for one day so we were getting last minute stuff and that joke to my daughter we could be driving over is millionaires middle it near that scene the tickets though sticking out and I had my pattern and I’ve decided to check my ticket and I like it’s such a scream and a fun join you need to look at these numbers I think it was when we were on holiday a lot of the times we just thought is it real is it true is that mistake put in an envelope and I taped it to the underneath of my store laura’s who’s 11 she wants a gold rush she’s easily pleased but just as if it’s not as a sample until you’re standing and looking somebody else dinner so what to thicken dreams come true yes they’re just normal people this happen to us when they give the origin you see oh they’ll never have to deal with this it’s just their investing it’s all so happy to see this so happy for you guys when that really is a life changing an amount of money and of course you can be a winner too as the National Lottery game store has released a brand new game called money squawks the new tropical game is just 1 pound per play where you could win up to 5,000 pounds now don’t forget if you want to keep up with the latest from the National Lottery just head to national lottery code at UK for all of the life changing news we’ve just over a week to go now our athletes are gearing up for this year’s Olympic Games in Rio now we take a look at what your money helps make possible as the national lottery has helped support 1,300 athletes on their road to Rio and beyond now this week we follow team jeebies Lindsay sharp and 800 meters runner as she prepares for the biggest race of her life my name is Lindsay sharp and I run the 800 meters all the hard work has hopefully done in the winter so now it’s mostly about competing and I was quite young when I went to London so it was more about gaining experience in the lead up to Rio so I’m really lucky that I’ve had that and now I’m kind of used to having that support and that intensity in an arena that it doesn’t feel too intimidating I mean for any Olympic athletes it’s such a fine margin between getting through the final getting through the final and being a top three and that fruit a gold medal is it’s incredibly small margins which is why there’s this such a complex team around her and we’re looking to develop the underpinning strength qualities that she needs for running I’m running fast because ultimately 800 meters it still comes down to sprint so she’s still required to be very quick and to do that there she’s required to be very strong and explosive I like to get out quite hard in the races so you can judge off the people that are outside you how fast you’ve gone out and we have to brake after 100 meters so everyone comes into lane 1 Lindsay’s a great example of a true professional athlete you know she’ll come in early she’ll do prepare four sessions beforehand come in way before talk to coaches talk to therapy get treatment before even starting to stretch before warming up you know those are the key things that the difference between being a national champion and being a world class athlete so this is a point where we break in the 800 they have little cones between each lane you have to make sure that you don’t break early so you really have to kind of be aggressive and assertive and and I guess that sends out a message to you competitor is that you’re in the mid to to fight and to win most physio work is then post post training for us it’s done as much before training so she’s as optimal as possible so every training session can be as close to 100% as possible and that’s the difference as this end is how many hundred percent sessions can you get in every day the week leading up the Olympics the 3200 I’d say is probably the hardest part of of the hundred and so it’s the bit that you need to keep concentration make sure that you don’t drop off speed but also don’t go too fast here because you still got 300 meters to go the greatest impact the additional funding has had now for the lottery it’s just this increased levels of staff and increased levels of expertise to help the athletes coming off this last bend is probably the hardest part of the race in that you’re really hurting got your legs are filled with lactic you’re trying to kick people might be coming past you you might be chasing people you can see the finish line I mean it doesn’t look far away but when you’re very tired and your legs are full of lactic trust me it takes a long time to get there our goal for Lindsey has always been to make the Olympic final and that’s to what we expected them it’s only two minutes of work and so if you look at it that way all I’ve got to do is give 100% for two minutes truly amazing staff and of course the very best of luck with the Olympics now don’t forget to visit our website at national lottery code UK to get the latest info about how the National Lottery helps support athletes at the Olympics now a chance to win big with tonight’s live lotto draw now every draw gives you two chances to be a millionaire thanks for the life changing jackpot and The Millionaire Raffle and don’t forget those 20 additional raffle prizes of 20,000 pounds so my friends tickets at the ready and the best of luck and tonight’s draw is for buy from me welcome to Wednesday’s lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle this draw is taking place in front of an independent adjudicator and we’re live every Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. so this is the first place to see if you’re a winner tonight’s jackpot is an estimated two million pounds let’s start the draw 26 46 24 9 thirty eight and the verb is Paul 30 those numbers again in ascending order nine twenty four twenty six thirty eight forty forty six and the bonus ball thirty the winning Millionaire Raffle numbers were drawn earlier in front of an independent adjudicator Czech national loitering dacha UK to see if you’re a winner of 20,000 pounds but first see if you’re out guaranteed UK millionaire here’s tonight’s one billion pound winning raffle number that was Wednesday’s lotto draw and Millionaire Raffle you could watch Saturday’s draw live on BBC one and we’ll see you back here live at 8:30 p. m.

for next Wednesday’s live lotto draw bye for now you you you you you you you you you..

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