The National Lottery Lotto Draw Results From Saturday 1St July 2017 Video

Lottery Draw Live

The National Lottery draw results for Lotto, recorded and streamed live at 8:30pm on Saturday 1st 2017

Tonights machine is Merlin with ball set L6, selected by Prakash K.C from Heathrow.

To enter the next available draw, visit only. Players must be physically located in the UK or IoM

You can also check your tickets on our.

hello this is Lottery latest your blast of this week’s news from lottery HQ every Saturday and Wednesday first up it’s been raining champagne across the UK for national lottery players including Elizabeth lumely from Lincoln who revealed a 300 thousand pound top prize on the national lottery bingo white scratch card the lucky lady is looking forward to enjoying a holiday with her family as well as being able to treat her grandchildren and congratulations to Marilyn Scott from Kilmarnock who popped into a news ages to get change for a parking meter and picked up a two hundred and fifty thousand pounds purple scratched car from national lottery game store and scoop the top prize Marilyn was left jumping for joy and plans to jets off for a once in a lifetime trip to Australia Marilyn wasn’t the only one jumping for joy this month as previous national lottery winner Kevin Jones took to the streets of his hometown of Cru to spread a little winners luck Kevin scooped the 6.1 million pound lotto jackpot last year and to celebrate the anniversary Kevin and his wife Michelle hired a butler to give shoppers and passers by a little taste of a millionaire’s lifestyle and hand out golden envelopes with lotto tickets inside nice one Kevin voting is now open for the national lottery rewards 2017 the annual awards celebrate the difference national lottery players have made to communities across the UK the 49 finalists have been announced and it’s over to you to decide which shortlisted projects in the seven categories will shine on national television in the star studded ceremony this autumn some of the nominees have been telling us exactly how life changing these projects really are right my name is Chris helping I’m singer songwriter and disabled person with the help of the National Lottery I put together a groundbreaking touring live show called the gloves are on showcasing these incredible gloves that allowed me to overcome my cerebral palsy and play music it’s a huge honor to be nominated by voting for this project to win you would be voting to raise awareness of the issues tackled in the show I think we’ve underestimated the importance of connectivity in the landscape and the impacts of habitat fragmentation has on wildlife we’ll have a compost heap food boxes lots of books Hedgehog it’s only going to benefit health well being mental space into nature my family has helped from its article all the season for UK to help me yes man speak please hopefully you know an AV DK lots of people like me chance that I guess you can get more info and all the nominees in the National Lottery awards and vote now a lottery good causes dot org dot UK forward slash awards that was the lottery latest now over to Alan for the live lotto draw with a Millionaire Raffle good luck more than 33 million pounds has been won in prizes in the last week on lotto and the billionaire raffle with one lucky ticket holder scooping twenty 1. 3 million pounds in Saturday’s draw congratulations to them and to you too if you were a winner tonight’s rollover jackpot is an estimated 5. 4 million pounds 1936 52 fifty four to 59 and the bonus ball six those numbers again in ascending order to 1936 52 54 59 and the bonus ball six and here’s tonight’s 1 million pound winning Millionaire Raffle number Navy one nine seven eight one three five four four full results and to see if you’re a winner at one of the 20 prizes of 20,000 pounds check in store online or via the national lottery app that was Saturday’s lotto draw and a millionaire raffle I’ll see you back here on Wednesday bye for now you. .

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