The National Lottery Friday Euromillions Draw Results From 29Th December 2017 Video

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The National Lottery Friday EuroMillions draw results from 29th 2017

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hello good to see you a warm welcome to this very special euromillions draw I’m Anna Williamson and tonight the National Lottery is making 10 new year UK millionaires now in just a sec we’ll be heading over to Paris for the main draw to get you in the mood we’ll also be taking it back at a euromillions winners of 2017 now of course it is all about the money tonight and on top of the massive jackpot there’s 10 extra sets of 1 million pounds up for grabs so let’s see just what such a massive amount of money actually looks like there it is and of course you may have noticed back with me tonight it’s Michael the security guard how you do Michael has that responsibility over guarding all that cash now if you win tonight you’ll be joining an elite rank of British euromillions and millionaires let’s have a look just how many we’ve made this year amazing stuff okay my friends tickets at the ready as it’s time to head over to Paris for tonight’s massive euromillions draw now check the National Lottery website or app later on this evening for the confirmed draw results and of course to find out if you’re one of tonight’s guaranteed 10 New Year UK millionaires so they’re just one thing for me to save Michael if you wouldn’t mind thank you very much always very good here’s to a very prosperous and lucky 20 and over to you my friend come on Michael let’s party what’s your tipple come on welcome to this special event euromillions draw tonight’s jackpot is an estimated 33 million pounds let’s start the draw and the first ball out and the second poll out the third ball out the fourth fallout and the fifth and final main ball details of tonight’s 10 new year’s UK millionaires are coming up shortly but first those lucky star numbers the first lucky star is okay the second lucky star to appear tonight is those numbers again in ascending order but that’s not all we’re making 10 new year’s UK millionaires to check your results and see if you’re a winner visit national lottery coat UK or scan your ticket with the national lottery app the best of luck and here’s to a very happy new year bye for now you.


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