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voila macaques ossobucco animal numero manam allah salla hatun PCSO games what Manuel azaña text messages Lee Heung Boks a telephone on the Nexus a beam of be big a dose Illidan tip caplet nampara or cellphone load mu million tickets Aminah pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on actual draw we believe in a sundial separa being able to know slurp in a degree from a pony people are ready Regina Mc.Cready Tempranillo who disappears a lottery draws gamma D disappear so awkward hahaha among a lot o nsv o Tom imagine be annoying the llama law tort Egypt games on Baba Yaga be map a centralized STL se llama propecia a summer insta I being lineup pea Pilipinas lot of fanatics and STL gamers lahat Cassidy’s acting big time Tuesday Joss December 5 2017 pop or even la raza karate they swear they Ganga be fair on phenomena picket bike an abiding dog oh no one fill our salad hot song games in geek opener an imposter only chance on loving million REO now do not summon a lot of games para sagrado my ticket I always play the advanced draw system play high tech Talega balarama BCSO games and speaking of Pathology at paris a column a la mañana Kirara me like new coming up up an awed by the World Wide Web please check out PCSOs official website and Facebook page and P TVs website Facebook page periscope straining dreaming dailymotion live and P TV about three times a day Boyan 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p. m. and nineties and those innovations were brought about by our continued support in all SSO games not for my access less acting dross using your gadgets cell phones and tablets one krishnalanka our PCSO atomic and the push on poetic waving a punk band economist dross gonna be zero at all para pasar the most sports outlawry players and centralized SEO Jorge D’Avino bola he disappears report I peril among semana lugar or provincial named in a cocoon de Abajo bola young localized STL drawers okay Dean door I’m sure in America about citing gross I give them my nah man I’m gonna be majority okay beanbag without much cyber savvy my thrust funding for women I eat now for your procedure is like eating up Kadena to ensure integrity and transparency in all our Joss tonight by the audience we’re not getting dog psychic an appeal live lotto at small town lottery draws Cena guru Poornima the panel of judges at Pella representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting palisade Ross is in the Guam was using machine inspection and testing parama seguro de Maya sub 20 showed the monodrama sheets they gotta meet him only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support feeding and Poland are committing Putnam something creepy Le.

Ann’s about what game randomly the million chairperson is uncertain official robots take a comedian flat wooden bowl a salmon an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting banth empowered Boland Kagame team but opposed by seguro NATO a competi I’m chairperson llama and a glottal Davos like a gamete instead of the draws properly documented at corporate puddin video empowered redraw activity at trade in our lahat for a second a ping lotto at small town lottery draws generally under love love the players game time now una Hinata Al Amin al multi billion combination on ultra lotto 658 game the lights ultra low the jackpot prize is 121 million seven hundred ninety five thousand two hundred ninety six vessels net of agents prize Commission mr.Bonta please press that button and let’s play holography 58 on external micro sardine chairperson lots of players fatty tuna at me now Bahadur who played football on p. m. Pietro balls numbered 1 to 58 Rezanov nanaki’s war machine at an in the volume of a team pea green and the first winning number here’s the number 39 uncle gelato 658 like his son paramutual game saga happy and to equally and jackpot prize from dalawa only guitar hugging japanese tonight and the second number is the number 57 good news charging all other agents variable by one percent commission in Toyama slapping agent and Aventa then jackpot prize winning ticket and the third number is the number one I’m Jack Harper as agents petition for I my maximum amount of 1 million vessels another fourth winning number is the number 20 Bob Ojeda on a winning ticket to the payment in Crimea via alert Alma butea in Yamaha lotto tickets and the fifth winning number is the number 40 in our control machine code open up also you know a lot of idiots now the sixth and final number is the number 22 regarding tonight’s official vigil or the winning numbers we have in any order 39:57 one twenty forty and 22 for the Jap apprised of 121 million seven hundred ninety five thousand two hundred ninety six pesos nip of agents prize Commission six forty niners nominal yeah absolutely nah I mean uh nothing let’s play the super lotto 649 game Pilipinas energy super others appetizer into the eye fifteen million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net of agents prize Commission Chairman bought dr. face press that button and let’s play he serves a Somali for holding um Amamiya part of a Bristol buttons are adding lotto 642 draw both of and stone tablet to go I’m adding forty nine balls alemana adding draw machine in lamb an aluminum one to forty nine numero Almaty Billy and the first winning number is the number 19 vada pav Salima Hawaiian work for a manual as a text ozawa de las casas bean Cayo Venado Salado Kamali temperature followed scammed boo Yong and the second winning number here’s the number 21 at fully Puli Puli Paulo Enid and cooling uranium of a lot of tickets what Baba Serena pie le de la magia vara intimacy Romina Mahalo gonna get Scylla handy validate a model of the tickets of obtain dominium grêmio and the third winning number is the number 23 para possible my deep honor hahaha I’m a super lotto is a very mature game film dilwale guitars Emma wheeler spaghetti and put it equally the example price nyungan beat and the court winning number is the number 17 harami choking for muhammad relations rises at exciting for amitabha premio from 420 vessels up to 70,000 vessel and the pip winning number is law number 25 he sung beloved album he didn’t have been part of a Dada I’m acting civil of the winning combination there to be para say you know yeah I’m super jackpot have a sixth and final number is the number 37 gonna be zero the official civil all the winning numbers we have in any order 19 21 23 17 25 and 37 for the Jaguar prize of fifteen million eight hundred forty thousand pesos nip of agents prize Commission in vivo booth I read about some old comedian Jeff module other players behind Donald ticket strap let’s play the lotto 642 all of our 6:42 type Mc. Bride’s for tonight is 26 million eight hundred fifty five thousand three hundred ninety pesos depth of agents prize commission mr.

Bonta please press that button and let’s now play BOGO 642 Haram is an optimal exciting chairperson and to the rest of our panel of judges subhanallah horas para Saban coming Magaddino swab a 42 balsam on a Nevada Latino machine and we will be waiting for six people held up first winning number is the number 30 our logo 622 ie serene palomito game halimbawa camisa llama jackpot winner so long so long a bunch of toys para pagar happy element 4 under par price from the lava or he get back on a teen jackpot prize winners and the second number is the number 11 very neutral environment of oscillation prizes salata 642 game ranging from 20 pesos up to 25,000 pesos winners of 20 pesos up to 10,000 pairs of barring payment from yo Sam Bangalow two outfits and the third winning number here’s the number 23 who winner damn my nigga 10,000 pesos or the jackpot prize Magdalene and the long valid IDs and even as a pcso main office tomorrow una a las ocho King Sonoma rihan nura spot we made a novel Mary Mc.Lain non union premier and the fourth number is the number 15 who leading a boatload of agents there for a one percent commission of waiting of of us a song balloon whom sign you come not arbitrary and jackpot prize winning ticket another fifth number is the number 14 he sang numero de la vaca we need another car da da da da da I think jackpot winning combination you know I am Suseela damaging million REO and the sixth and final number here’s the number 21 will be injera the official lotto 642 winning numbers which can come in any order we have the numbers 30 11:23 15 14 and 21 for the jackpot prize of 26 million eight hundred fifty five thousand three hundred ninety pesos Jeanette the region’s prize Commission or incurable our manga digit games with Miss Vilar the players hits your spot after I knew Funkadelic pcso lottery games happy veto I who looked at SIA in a lotta pcso partners episode bad not monopoly veto very Merry Christmas dial back apart Iosefa skull join in support BCSO partner tie a special mini suite explore with our partner organizations on December 8 2017 Mindanao Federation of cooperatives on December 9 2017 senior citizens of Zamboanga City December 15 2017 Santa Monica pocket open multi purpose cooperative and on December 16 2017 whoever I see a high school patch 77 it’s the season of sharing your love and blessings come one come all fire tickets tau theta was a PCSO Alumni Leela hot IBC NASA purga handle Christmas gift list at para to Lu. Ann for your preparation and a by pwetty pwetty for me from regular partner attire instant soup 6 tickets now my instant cash prizes double purposefully and may millions Konami charitable works pop ok on atom partner tired raw cigar gonna be NASA data FINA pls at Salvador that is December 8 and 9 at um so soon my said December 15 and 16 at Samara Sedona micro multiple partners of ESO para Tsakanikas ela outreach projects these partner coyotes and soon shakes is the best for you for more information you make all the pieces of product and standard development departments at equal six eight seven six four okay big game time the Pattaya Luzon players exclusive for sale Yamamoto million first price the next game Madden let’s play the six digit team six digit pants in Japan when upon Aluna and six digit first prize last Saturday at OMA with Nepal making five point 1 million pesos arriving first prize pool Samar first time players fine Obama poppin elunatan Cana number gotcha in human overdoses six digit winning competition in exact order whom delicate feminine Aloha people first prize equally Sibylla now adding first prize winners and there you have it our six digit winning combination for tonight the first digit is 3 the second digit we have 6 the third digit is to the fourth digit we have another 6 v vision is 9 and the sixth and final digit we have another 3 once again our six digit winning combination for tonight is three six two six nine and three in exact order lucky three number seven for Toyota Rena let’s play the evening edition of the sweet rest not a game Luzon Visayas and Mindanao NASA evening drone a quater honest we’re a slaughter game para holy pong game mechanics it ascetic morning and afternoon draws matching the three digit winning combination in exact order wins you the fixed price of four thousand five hundred pesos obtained by the ROM bonito system play wins you 750 or 1,500 pesos at lockup even operating digit machines the first digit is the second digit we have eight and finally the third digit is three double check your tickets our soy press winning combination for tonight’s is two eight and three in exact order lucky numbers necessity Cassiopeia let’s play the evening edition of the easy to launder game my Nana these are so easy to LA to draw obv lana tacky some new middle from 1 to 31 sevilla one subsets on your easy to lotto place lips fix price a four thousand pesos on panel on a bow it’s a poopy Sonia Garro comic mansion the wrong numero sacking easy to lock a winning combination in exact order while playing by the ramble Ito will see two thousand pesos I had a feeling upon am easy to LA the winning numbers and the first number is then number two and the second number we have 29 recapping tonight’s easy to lotto winning numbers we have the numbers 2 and 29 in order wonderful magnificent channels arming palpable e cayuga ban the centralized small town lottery draws ro ro Hindi dam aluminum paura mia longitudinal pcs also some by a young Filipino the new million carbon garden and even a Bahuguna cosas our team Oaxaca papaya Milazzo dato son Charlie assistants Department Omar would post sama he hit 110 million pesos on knife Omaha gang too long non pcs also 3752 beneficiaries for the period November 25 to December 1 2017 36 million two hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred twenty five pesos Paris a hospitalization a 1026 not machetes 31 million seven hundred forty six thousand four hundred twenty four thousand 36 centavos Paris a 692 number champagne an emo therapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation at linear acceleration 14 million seven hundred ninety three thousand nine hundred ninety pesos a month para Cifaretto Niall and hemodialysis some 553 patients at twenty seven million nine hundred seventy three thousand two hundred thirty one pesos and sixty six and pavo’s I’m in Iran on PCSO palace’ 1481 a percentage the homing in on Coulomb para saber from arenas selfish america’s own personal TCS or ipad a serve our philippine Onondaga 11 hang economy is a PCSO empanadas de tolosa almond sudo command adding Danza okay baby that’s not eat enough I mean I belong centralized small salary dough or masa got some uh provincia Tomica John Dingell peripherally muñeca starting my SPL players am resolute upon a centralized STL’s Rostov in Urbana he does a pcso draw hurt a para por semana Garo provision away Langdon Akana the localized Ross okay Bella penis symbol abou Nadine’s STL Paris Samael epoch una caja miss again Neto Marin futong forty official robos nominal numeral 1 to $40 on numeric Oh a mobula he not in Paris on official winning numbers luck STL phonics get ready and good luck let’s play the small salary Paris 40 official draw balls numbered 1 to 40 and NASA no Paora intro machine and we will draw two lucky balls baris a winning combination are the SPL Paris Mayumi we have a wrist number and that is the number 31 thank you sir Rainier Buddha Pallas Athene second number me repairing boat I’m on a localized STR Perez Rose Sahib on a bamboo veinte a Luger severe Aviles good luck before celestial players Sahadeva a localized SPL rod now the second number is the number nine once again tonight’s sto POTUS winning numbers are 31 and 9 ik open up when you’re in the exact order okay next game not in a small town lotteries were three sample ball Aparna saladna acting drama she number is 0 to 9 that long no measurement wow I think Bob Allen Santa Anna Marie Sutton and ranae type Arizona Colorado STS were free tomorrow saladna lugar Mandaue City lapu lapu city province of Cebu later Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental northern samar whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Nevada sewer Davao Oriental Cotabato City Lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Wasabi’s oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur so time for the rod Surrey goddess or Pakistan general santos city vasila misamis occidental north cotabato Zamboanga del Sur at Zamboanga City get ready and good luck Donna let’s play the st elsewhere 3 okay because SEL swirl resample mawlana my mama numero zero to nine own a salon an acting drama shield bobo Laporte ayan na numero neshama geese were three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exam order pootabot ownership among i. OS none but the Cibola number we have done number four okay so ready for the second number please press that button karin sama ooh ha in exact order I’m reading numbers on SD elsewhere 3 para mañana am acting monopoly on not know best say some added invisible rst elsewhere three that’s 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p.

m.at 9:00 p. m. draws another poor ok sir please press that button again number Castle aqueon combinable Anita lo attorney numero Paris at est elsewhere three game now park winner papaya marina Klima in your premier saying you’re soaking str COC Jenkinson honing your panini and in your SPL ticket done number two once again tonight’s STL soy three winning numbers are 4 4 & 2 in exact order last but not the least exciting prizes naman Milazzo SPL two digits sample ballot in poorness alumna adding drama she number zero tonight at 11:00 numero de Montcalm I think Bob Elahi somatically / Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar parasailing upon any combination STL two digit straw hat R&I let’s play the STR two digits tell official robots for Nikita Dino my own and a celeb knocking draw machine remain manga numero zero tonight we will draw two lucky numbers neshama geeking official winning combination now acting STL two digits tonight digit and it is 5 thank you sir heading to Pattaya Paris a second digit buckle again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn or leading the ball and winning combination bonito I para somatically 10 the global city province of Negros Oriental at Jan PO se is very stubborn and the second digit is the number 8 once again STL two digits winning numbers are 5 and congratulations possible lucky winners semana Gabbana the suit in the morning and afternoon gross canina la Befana upon live coverage Tito the PCSOs official Facebook page BCSO website BBC Facebook page peds periscope streaming be TVs dailymotion life PT with account and PCBs official website for a summer winning number it’s not Iike poppin or another the results of our love idiom jaw for the easy to lot on in a race are 30 and 26 in exact order for the Suarez lot or the lucky combination is 5 5 and 1 in exact order parasitic STL Perez we have 36 26 in exact order for the Estelle’s 4 3 5 6 & 8 in exact order that’s adding STL to digits we have 1 & 3 in exact order para so for p. m. draw for the easy two lotto the lucky numbers are 9 and 11 in exact order for the sword press lotto we have 5 9 & 3 in exact order for the STL Paris 33 and five in exact order for the STL swirl 3 we have 8 5 & 9 in exact order and for the STR 2 digits we have 5 & 5 easy easy landmark Lima premio salato at small town lottery who is a pastor Manama swept wing lotto winners a Sulha top Macallan appear mechanically code the winning ticket from the Nollan and 20 pesos handgun 10,000 pesos by adding a flame employer seminar authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the maggots a 10,000 pesos mile events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena ham elapid a PCSO branch say new lugar was a PCSO main office attract the land and the long valid ids from jackpot winner car the Levine and winning ticket at the level valid IPS pygmy Magee new premios a pcso main office 6:05 shabu Department a Lou young city to winner can advance a small town lottery body and Lima premium SPL sales agent for sir SDL draw center Tucson cave would believe any new SPL tickets congratulations poor horrible Salalah tuners to water provailen ball pen a barbell early dinner Poonam illa billah al resultant apostolate animal it was simple impunity entirely easy to lotto we have the winning numbers 2 and 29 in exact order sorry for sweaters all the winning combination we have the numbers to 8 and 3 in exact order for our six digit winning combination tonight we have the numbers three six two six nine and three in exact order are a nationwide lot of 642 winning numbers tonight are 30 11:23 15 14 and 21 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of 26 million eight hundred fifty five thousand three hundred ninety pesos net of agents price commission our nationwide super lotto 649 winning numbers tonight 19 21 23 17 25 and 37 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize 215 million eight hundred forty thousand pesos death of agents prize Commission and our ultra low dosage toward 50 eight winning numbers tonight our 39:57 120 forty and twenty two which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of 121 million seven hundred ninety five thousand two 196 pesos net no pages prize Commission and for the SL Perez 31 and 9 in exact order STL sort three four four and two in exact order STL two digits five and eighteen exact order okay it’s gonna be loud Antonina vanity nina behind my jackpot winner podiatric evocative own agenda knocking data security representative thank you ma’am ah are you folks are do Mahon willis RPCs ho there the senator from ohio well and winners sergeant Rolando 6:58 at super level 649 summit Allen many support I almost love Divina travel what all fix ready to draw mentally ok that’s all for tonight fight up with a pcso feel our appeal cruise a little bit there / how u WC Lobos mo discusses between us enjoy the rest of the evening sir the double LP TV news.


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