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PCSO 9PM Lotto Draw, 07, 2017.

while on baka boxes a bhikkhu animal numero Manolos a Lahontan PCSO games what many Wallace among a text messages lahum ma to accepting upon on the Nexus a big mug be bigoted Ocilla and tip kappa Lipton para or cellphone load Boumediene and ticket semana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on actual draw delivering lots of Philippines Malhar good evening it’s not with a salmon happen because a PCSO draw a lot of players then I got above them on the winning numbers is so much think of people say to the hi magandang Gabi ring say yo Erica champion also has an active viewers set TV and Internet welcome for pts or lottery draw it’s another multi million Thursday night December 7 2017 the adding Christmas countdown on a mobile we only have 18 days before Christmas can a Panamera gallery after the Republic’s are shopping Villa anyway dial Lupita’s quorum the random de Poitiers and Christmas rush Verisign a pop I gotta be cm on a towel you know America lotto sorry I didn’t a fairy mother is seeing it’s a schedule upon billion in your mom a lot o at STL and imaginary Naga Polanco meeting on Omaha teacups para saying my favorite pieces o games male no a sock is working at ménage à la paga por esta página 10 de Cali muta and pillar para pasar malam koala hope a TV mari new map another corporation dot org centralized SEL draws lime streams the PPS official website and Facebook page getting the post a ppb’s official website Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live @ PG BC account life that I before mop up another operation pcs a lot we draw every 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p. m. and 9:00 p.

m.imaginary marami intelecom options no para must abide by in our pcs or lottery drop gamma gamma gamma PC cell phones or tablets my internet connections Papa no genealogy numbers nominal Oh Perry Penelope Nadine Erik a panel of muzahim a small town lottery players I like superior procedures can in a pan or improve another like Auto and small town lottery draws Sydney guru for the mapping panel of judges at the representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines that got the meeting parisa drawers is in the guavas oozing machine inspection at testing para massacre anima is on condition the monodrama shields the gotta meet him only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support feeding and boiling gog a meeting tantalum sets and pinning Papillion separate game randomly the million chairperson is an acceptable facial grobotz Tiger committing black wooden bowl a salmon an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting band empowered Boland gag a meeting but apostasy guru NATO a competi I’ll chairperson llama an igloo almost like a gamete Vincent of the drawers properly documented at covered puddin video empowered redraw activity at trade in our lahat for a second appeal otto at small town luckily drawers I’m not him who nothing and super million jackpot super lotto 649 game tonight super lotto jackpot prize yes 15 million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents prize commission miss Clark was ma’am please press that button and let’s play super lotto ramming salamat Thomas corpus as a man become Amamiya citing a lot of 648 draw here in the meantime lot of fans complete of 149 boss aluminium acting drum machine numbered 1 to 49 Antonov and a novela numbers I’m a bikini I am appealing a bhushanam first number there you go the first number is 37 reminders applicable by and will do you many new Alessandra text italics in a sobbing Kanan a low salute Oh Anamika Pollack Lapera at cell phone Lodi Hills Campo Yan second number we have 28 at La Quinta Inn Palala in the artist pool I mean him on a lotto tickets welcome papa say nope a neat animal a and parenchyma Silva da hey Kalin and what validate and lotto tickets pugna claim for viola and premio the third number is forty five para Samanya pop una batalla mom super lotto i paramutual game whom de la he get fun jackpot winners and Pinilla equally and jaffa price force number nothing we have 22 re mute oldest one consolation prizes at exciting for premium moolah 20 pesos Bulma more than seventy thousand pesos v umber we have 23 some ball and Allen Poe we need a nothing Varma who Platinum having super lotto winning combination good luck for super lotta players and the sixth and final number is the number nine Philippines here are the official Super Lotto winning numbers in any order 37:28 45 22 23 and 9 with a Jaffa price of 15 million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net occasions price commission single atom wearing Marion past pendant is Sangma swept a lot of 642 player in another photo we go Elma hegets are 26 million castles satting 642 game last Tuesday I didn’t listen for no money left Singapore congratulations okay hey I’m so slapped in Ganga me oh let’s find out let’s play lotto 642 tonight’s lotto 642 jackpot prize is five million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents prize Commission once again this score for spam please press that button man let’s play lotto 62 I’m celibate formally miss corpus thank your insulting panel of judges panel including horas para Samantha mimic that in turn swept it tonight this time 42 volts and Amana nodding draw machine we will be waiting for six lucky balls and the first number is 21 a lot of 642 papyri people gained in Alibaba miss 11 jackpot winner solo Cunha and Joppa fry Sparrow Agra hottie and Punjab attuned Aloha Oh hiccup path and jackpot winners second number is 24 by mutagen a consolation prizes give us a lot o 642 Mary who manalo Ola 20 pesos up to 25,000 pesos and the third number is number 10 whom winner gonna make it to 10,000 pesos at jackpot price of a motel and Hovind 11 valid ID at home on Casa PCSO main office Panama claim 815 Umaga hangar for 13 and half on wet in Ukrainian our fourth number is 37 water agents mironov a one percent commission Amari umma Bootsy Sal Mineo to say upon local all techni billion jackpot winning ticket and the fifth number is 27 is a number the Nepali needs a nothing pharmacopoeia tonality chopped up winning combination good luck lotto 642 players the sixth and final number is number nine Philippines here are the official lotto 642 winning numbers which can come in any order 21:24 1037 27 and 9 with a Jaffa price of 5 million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission lucky number seven digit games yeah I think we any philosopher globally lumpy she has a lottery draw a new person elected pcs or battery games happy veto I to look at SIA in our BCSO partners episode bad not monopoly veto very Merry Christmas dial back a partner chaos of Moscow join in support PCSO partner Thai especially sweet explore with our partner organizations on December 8 2017 fentanyl Federation of cooperatives on December 9 27 be senior citizens of the Ponca City December 15 2017 santa monica pukka pukka multi purpose cooperative and on December 16 2017 12 I see a high school patch 77 it’s the season of sharing your love is blessing tickets Tao supported when Athena PSO partner Dyer special mini sub 6 Drona galloping feluccas na isla sunset on Vega in partnership with the Mindanao Federation of cooperatives important announcement in boss typing today after Saturday December 9 the BCSO operations at the satellite office in the lung center of the Philippines catering to the individual Medical Assistance Program or IMAP shall be limited to the processing of cases for discharge and other urgent and emergency cases meanwhile the outpatient clinic operations shall be suspended on the sedates yo voy para Mc. Cadden Saguna pink gender and development training program officials or charity sector my family from normal operations Segarra Tina Lunas December 11 2017 okay game time Molokai or at good news for Diana that Beckenham island is done a lot of me Leonardo my yummy Panasonic’s widget player and I get five million pesos six digit for his price cool last Tuesday for yang congratulations for hoping his own players personal our next game Madden Hyatt arena let’s play the six digit game 62 fans since we had the winner we are going to start our six Bishop press price pool with 150,000 pesos Samaras time players Fatima panel una no first prize Kalon anomic match angel my numero six digit winning combination in exact order cook on low heat famine an Aloha happy forest price equally Sibylla nom a team first prize winners and there you have it our six digit winning combination the first digit is a zero the second digit nine the third digit is five the fourth digit we have eight the fifth digit is 2 and finally the sixth digit is six once again our six digit winning combination for tonight’s is 0 9 5 8 2 & 6 in exact order lucky three numbers Easter not Napolitan Donna let’s play the evening edition of the sweetness not a game Luzon Visayas and Mindanao and as the evening drawn upon Iona Suarez lotto game para whoring from game mechanics because adding morning and afternoon draws matching the three digit winning combination in exact order wins you the fixed price of four thousand five hundred pesos and play invited a bolito Wincy 750 or 1,500 pesos at NACA pedina piloting digit machines the first digit is 8 the second digit we have seven and a third and final digit we have a zero double check our tickets our soy dress winning combination for tonight is eight seven zero in exact order to lucky numbers NASA pkp na kaya let’s play the evening edition of the easy two lotto game easy easy now Magloire Oh Atman an OD tossa easy to LA to draw homie dilemma Pocoyo at a gisaeng numero from 1 to 31 said 11 subsets a new easy to lotto place lips fixed price the 4,000 pesos on final on about sample piece of mineral Kumud match in the level numerous acting easy to not a winning combination in exact order while playing by the durability wins you 2,000 pesos I am appealing upon an easy to lot of winning numbers and the first number is the number 2 and the second number is 16 we think upon I think easy to lot of waiting numbers game the BI 2 and 16 in exact order what the Puma typical channels are me papa Bali and Nina a bomb on a centralized small town lottery draws ro ro indeed Aminu minima premio on Habib Nam pcs also Samba young Filipino million million carbon guardian’ amoeba na Bahuguna cosas RT maja kebabian Milazzo dato sincerity assistance department oh ma good for sama he get 110 million pesos on i palma hugging too long non pcs also 3752 beneficiaries for the period november 25 to december 1 2017 36 million two hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred twenty five pesos para saw hospitalization and 1026 nappa shelter 31 million seven hundred forty six thousand four hundred twenty four passes and 36 centavos far as a 692 nappa champagne an angle anima chemotherapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation at linear acceleration 14 million seven hundred ninety three thousand nine 90 pesos demand for a separate oniel and hemodialysis some 553 patients at 27 million nine hundred seventy three thousand two hundred thirty 1066 and pavo’s in ela and on pcs offers a 1481 epicenter the homing in on Coulomb para saber from orion and selfish america’s own personal pcs or a palace of our philippine Onondaga eleven hang economy is a PCSO empanadas de tolosa Almanzo dog man adding Venza see Lola Lydia is animals an epic our immunity kebabian not to Lu. Ann a pcso superb a given a PCSO medical and dental mission port a pcso and by parroting a doula medical a demon a cover by Azula that Pilipinas Sepang Billy bought a lot of tickets he cowered on PCs Oh Papa Galaga Kalugin that’s somebody that let’s play a centralized small town lottery draw Oh Massa got some approaches a team is tell players on a suet and centralized STL drawers Nibiru quality toaster pcs or drawcord i. Pad app Osama lugar or provision o along hiragana the localized drama okay she symbol and penitence SPL Paris Emma rained upon our columns again NATO Mellon who dying forty official draw balls numbered 1 to 40 numero polo bowline knot in Paris official winning numbers now STL Paris get ready and good luck let’s play the small town lottery Paris 40 official troubles numbered 1 to 40 and NASA logo Manhattan raw machine and we will brought two lucky balls parse a winning combination of adding STL ok we are waiting for the first number your first number is 35 thank you sir ready the Pattaya Paris a second release press that button again thank you Marilyn who died in localized STL para esto se but the doctor beanson or lugar Sepideh penis hey al good luck impose enough players for STL players dulcimer localized draws and the second number is 33 once again tonight’s STL paris winning numbers are 35 and 33 in exact weather cool nepali for my numbers man another prevail congratulations Bakalar thank you Eric okay next game not in a small town lotteries were three sample boil upon us and often adding drum machine number eight zero to nine but no no marina manpower I’m a keen bobble ie the night for miss Walton and Rona Ito I para semana glare on an st elsewhere 3 Samar solution or the lugar wend our city lapu lapu city province of Cebu later the global city province of Negros Oriental northern samar the whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Nevada sewer Davao Oriental Cotabato city lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Misamis Oriental Papa Stella Valle a gusandjess or so time for the rats so regardless or bukidnon general santos city bacilli misamis occidental north cotabato Zamboanga del Sur at Zamboanga City get ready and good luck Savannah let’s play the SDL cirthree okay boss SDL swirl principal ball up oh no my mama numerals 0 to 9 and Ocelot and add in raw machine boba lapataia on numero neshama geese were three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order pootabot or NASA Tom on i.

OS Nong vodka Cibola and first number is the number 2 okay sir we’re ready for the second number button Alon Pumbaa hua in exact order and waiting numbers and SD else were 3 para poem on ilana malapa premium but no basis is an arrow t.EEN TOP in a bowl on st else were three that’s 11 a. m. or p. m.

and 9 p.m. draws and the second number is the number six okay sir please press that button again for our current numbers casino current will be noble Amit has lower cooling numero operatic st elsewhere three game kappa winner Pocoyo maripily no Elena in your premiere say he was talking STL sales agent co signing ability I mean young STL chicken and the third number is then number four once again tonight’s st elsewhere three winning numbers are two six and four in exact order last but not the least the exciting prizes demand for Milazzo STL two digits sample wallet in prognost alumni adding grow machine number zero to nine at the level numero Naaman poem in Babylon in Samata Goleta Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar Paris and upon winning combination of acting SPL two digits my apartment let’s play the STL to teach it San official drawers for unallocated in Yayoi Nina’s aluminum adding draw machine my my new marathon 0 to 9 we will draw two lucky numbers to Chemeketa official winning combination acting STL two digits nyunga be okay we have the first digit and it is 9 thank you sir Athena Katya par as a second please press that button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn o leading to pole and winning combination bonito I para somatically a Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Schembri pajeon say Easter in summer and second digit is to once again at the STL two digits winning numbers are 9 and 2 kun abu hanifa manu million in exact order banana papaya congratulations possible lucky winners oh my final result and a warning and afternoon Ross Vanina papanoida found live coverage she saw the piece esos official Facebook page PCs or websites ppb’s Facebook page speaking this periscope streaming pcbs dailymotion live BBC account a champion pasa ppp’s official website at Paris of a winning number is not a kpop fan or another the results of our 11:00 a. m. draw for the easy to lotto the wedding numbers are 29 and 5 in exact order for the surahs lot of the lucky combination is 8 2 and nine in exact order for the stl Perez we have 11 and 18 in exact order for the STL’s or three six four and seven in exact order I’d say stl two digits we have two and three in exact order para so four pm draw for the easy two lot all the wedding numbers are 12 and 19 in exact order for the Suarez lotto we have five four and four in exact order for the stl Perez the lucky numbers are 23 and 39 in exact order for the SDS were three we have two eight and nine in exact order and for the STL two digits we have four and zero in exact order easy easy land mclean the Premio salato at small town lottery who is a customer novices webdings local winners is una caja Colin a pillar and then we code the winning ticket from the dollar than twenty pesos and got ten thousand pesos by adding each payment previous I’m gonna authorize local outlets some of the winners the maggots of ten thousand pesos I’ve even said jackpot who won’t a subpoena Hamill up with the pcs of brand new lugar force of India so main office attract the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner car del real and winning ticket at the level valid IPS it even in Ukraine osa PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city the winner can advance a small town lottery body and NEMA premium SPL sales agent Foster the ldraw center who sank a would believe any new SPL tickets congratulations Paul okay papa time a Greek apparent naman winning numbers bukas marga pala boom eating a papaya in hamachi cats butter some exciting prizes not allotted small town lottery Paris of morning and afternoon draws I’d share about Paris acting evening grodd i’ll back to back how multi million chocolate prices now make a lot a 645 but ultra local 615 now my estimate a jump at price of 125 million pesos so make sure to have your tickets for those games ok recap times similar now they say is it a lot of winning numbers we have numbers 2 and 16 in exact order far as a sweater slaughter we have a 7 and 0 in exact orders a six digit game 0 9 5 8 2 & 6 in exact orders a lot of 642 in any order we have 21 24 1037 27 & 9 with a aqua price of 5 million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission sat in super lotto 649 we are 37 2845 22 23 and 9 with a Jap apprised of 15 million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission until our parasitic STL Paris 35 and 33 in exact order for the SEL sort three to six and four in exact order at sake STL two digits nine and two in exact order you are to log in and attend a representative not until the security Parimal Amana they’d go my jackpot winners died tonight leaving sir thank you sir gentlemen from data security thank you according to the data center well a battalion jackpot winner inside in super lotto 649 convinced a lot of 642 no jackpot winner ok area gets a key Monica panel that’s all for tonight but it was a peace SOP LARPing a cruise game son enjoy the rest of the evening so that the ball um Pv.

P news have died thank you..

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