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PCSO 9 PM Lotto Draw, 5, 2018.

while an Makka pakka sabi ko Adama numero Bannon allah salla hatman pcso games want many wala Savannah text messages the hum or doubts a telephone on the Nexus a big mug BB Gator salon and Pitka palette nanpara or cell phone load boo million and tickets and Ana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on axle draw Luzon Visayas admin Darrell is our Messiah Parvati boo saying la la la música sat among a lot on STL players stuck I need a panic Abba nemesis melting numero rocketboom co host tonight good evening fair game in post elaheart not gonna be seasonally deciding studio our guests here in the studio salamat po support Liliana horas para Mikasa Minami marketed inserted for a massage among a lot or SEL fares for your hair is not garbage and warty 52018 Olivia sub sub on your book ma 30 minutes Tama portable ice AMISOM Amidala row hasta la la la semana bobby donolato and STL games I’d beaten up with a VCS of vodka memo hugging military okay a relaxed operation how our young in your mother gets absolute when a PCSO okay Sam began a new note post Athenian via livestream over possessive official website that Facebook page made in so facial website Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live at account on PTV but polemic brows Nami BAM website a reading an Aryan pong in your manga tickets dial Miami appointment CC Milan on carambola nanba minami row okay I’m.I’m study tonight for our fixed price games we have the easy to lotto and the Swiss motto our paralegals lose tonight for this in mental over 6:45 Oh loco 658 and a centralized walls are Laurie Perez SP elsewhere three and STL two digits oddvar a salmon for Donovan across North America by adding panel of judges led by our chairperson tonight miss Jackie Lou balangay also here with us our representatives to the PCSO and the Commission Nordic and of course this is withered Ross right we have our pcso assistant Rob Ford later acknowledged the repo bars on my Honda and Yamaha cusamano Anita PCSO maraming maraming salamat all saying you were hot Oh Reba no conscience and Alina Lange maxi see mallanna premio pero bag Wien Menaka gain upon superior procedures Karina when or in Pomona Nadi psychic an appeal live lotto and small town lottery draws cine guru for the mapping panel of judges at Maha representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit Timaeus I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting palisade Ross is in Agawam masseuse in machine inspection at testing para más seguro de Maya some condition the monodrama she’s Sega gamete in only the operation of the remote switch button and mine human intervention support feeding and boy language a meeting Putnam sets and feeding people E and sub our game randomly the million chair person is uncertain an official global stagger Committee black wooden bolus among an appealing drama set item in bon para más seguro de Hollis para para her and him band empowered Pollan gamma team but apostasy guru NATO a competi I’m chairperson llama and a glutton Bravo snag a meeting Sevilla draws properly documented at corporate puddin video empowered redraw activity a trade in our lahat for a second appeal Otto a small town lottery draws okay lotta players excited now a young man a no Amira me so excited namaskara me oh yes I Malibu Nuggets alumina in jackpot lang also another 658 the Nights alt another check mark is 187 million five hundred fifty six thousand nine hundred ninety two pesos net of agents prize Commission miss barangay please press that button and let’s play hugging chairperson little players that he put out enough enough also local draw complete upon fifty eight troubles numbered one to fifty eight and as an older machine at Arnhem double a bow um people eenz now the first wedding number is the number 21 also another 658 is a pari mutuel game bhagavati info equally on jackpot prize kuntala wha oh he get vomiting jackpot prize winners and the second number is the number 57 good news by Rogalla Bobby CSS and melago ages better for a one percent commission Komiyama sweating agent an event an and jackpot prize winning ticket and the third number is the number 26 I’m Jack were prize agents Commission for I my maximum amount of 1 million pesos and the fourth waiting number is the number 29 Bob Ojeda had Puma validate on winning tickets about Magnum premio fayeen Adam OT young young Bahamas wedding lotto tickets and the fifth number is the number 16 he Seminole community at Avenida the Java she wo ma ultra lotto tickets and the sixth and final number is the number for recapping tonight’s official ultra lotto winning numbers we have in any order the numbers 21:57 26 29 16 and 4 for the jackpot prize of 187 million five hundred fifty six thousand nine hundred ninety two pesos net of agents prize commission is upon multi million jackpot is uno de la dee da da da let’s play the mega lotto 6:45 game oniton mega lotto jackpot prize game to me aria 8 million nine hundred ten thousand pesos net of agents prize Commission once again chairman belong c’mon please press that button and let’s play Thank You Baba Booey Baba Booey another mother phoenix selling a product on a PCSO six out of 45 balls for me Polina at intro machine in no particular order yeah good luck for Salah hot an art among a lot of players and the first winning number is the number nine the mecca logo 6:45 is also a pari mutuel game party who equally a jackpot prize Nabil Amina our team jackpot winners Naomi we are listening to me and the second winning number is the number 38 who leading of all other agents verify a 1 percent commission nodding over what’s a son William P so cool aside from La Table Vanilli um jackpot prize winning ticket and the third wedding number is one number 16 punk are you boy winner no 20 pesos up to 10,000 pesos Mario meekly millennium premios from globalization why dwell on calhfa’s ID compared to halakha bottom frame young de Botton young ma coo ha and the fourth winning number mr. number 34 Babu Contessa PCSO made of a smile in anemic limonium premium ooh la luna Sangam Bernays Morales soaked in sin Omega hang on a las cuatro a million upon Magdalene and alabang Valladares and octave winning number here’s the number 10 see some wood on the level beneath it at the bottom of a bit that I’ll I think ever cries mega lotto winning combination lucky number W automobile eager and the sixth and final number is the number forty Philippines here are the official mega lotto winning numbers in any order we have the numbers 938 1634 10 and 40 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of eight million nine hundred ten thousand pesos net of agents price Commission exciting prizes ramallah digit games Suzuno the Booya I mean bubbly PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partner tayo program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit the pc SL product and standard development department third for pcso main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest pcso branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs LVH pcso the partners of a Coulomb advocacy so the power filipino dynamo chiller probably on PC you put the silicon PCSO battery games happy veto it who look at SIA now at a pcso partners about the bat not Mohammed Oh important announcement visa solutions processing of view applications for small town lottery operations or STL in the following areas without SEL operation some Banga del norte Kalinga Sarangani Apayao botanist the nugget island the now they’ll soon but in the now mountain province salut and powie town and as the parties may submit their applications with complete documents to the office of the assistant general manager for branch operation sector located at the third floor of the sun plaza building show boulevard mandaluyong city deadline of submission of application is sunshine water 1528 een for more information you may call telephone numbers seven zero six seven five seven one or email us at SC l SMG at PCSO dot dot dot p h okay love the players game time Aleta off he gets para Samaha digit games in a Bosna similan events ah but the new tadhana four digit games Cimino medical my re parent Omarosa pieces o shahe assistance department luna sangun sabado from 8 a. m. to 5 p.

m.ok nasa four digit game diputado a patent innumerable ha Ahriman a luna mini bah bah bah so 10,000 pesos admiring AMA but saw 100,000 pesos per tempest play Patna cuomo in exact order of the heating for egypt winning combination and here’s our four digit winning combination the first digit 7 the second digit 0 the third digit the number 5 and the port and final digit the number 9 ladies and gentlemen our four digit winning combination for tonight 7 0 5 & 9 in exact order lucky three numbers Samantha yo Paris our evening edition elsewhere tres motto swear tis not the players nothing if you saw the Sun hand on Visayas admin the no la semana tickets matching the three digit winning combination in exact order Quincy 4,500 pesos worth ten passively at some honorable million Amman and tickets using the ramble ecosystem play 750 pesos are 1500 pesos per and peso play and play in your Nepean on adding digit machines the first digit to the second digit 1 and the third digit the number 3 double check your tickets are sweet ass winning combination for tonight is to one and three in exact order believe impregnable animus a jockey two numbers not easy to navigate okay NASA easy to la pagina bowtie oh well I the Sonia Gandhi size at Mindanao nakahara me from the Ganges again NATO the hill easy easy languidly row at monado who numbers from 1 to 31 hi Donna I took Nebojsa Mohammedan osa easy to know the winning numbers in exact order 4,000 pesos for tempesta playin by using the Apple ecosystem play a yen at Maha pd9 I’m easy to load the winning numbers for the first number we have 15 and the second number the number 23 recapping tonight’s easy Coolatta winning numbers we have the numbers 15 and 23 in exact order centralized small town lottery games ro ro d domino manuka premio of Haditha pcs also samba and I’m Filipino Billu million carbon Govardhan alpena Bahuguna Tosa a Pima Hakka papaya Milazzo datos and charity assistance Department on navimag in two long non pcso Samaha pilot not in kebab aya from december 23 to 29 2017 i AMA before so many hip 80 million pesos on night Omaha is a 2,401 dem accessories 32 million seven hundred sixty three thousand four hundred sixty six pesos para saw hospitalization and 792 napa shelters 24 million eight hundred seventy nine thousand one hundred pesos para surprise 116 Napa shelters and are 11 and chemotherapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation at linear acceleration 2 million 64,000 625 passes naman palace’ peritoneum and hemodialysis from 164 patients at 21 million forty seven thousand six hundred pesos on Amelia Island PCSO palace at 913 epicenter now hominem too long father save upon or enum service committee cogs on posted on PC SOI Paris of our Filipino Ganga Ganga Ganga Cunanan capacity CSO aunty happy dance along Salman Sulak now adding bands are solola Lydia is a LA Manzana baccarat mean a peekaboo Bayan not aluminum pcs osaka mama even a PCSO medical and dental mission of a biood pseudo that millipede us it’s a pug Billy bought a lotto tickets the coward of PCs o pharmacologically sugan that’s a fire that let’s play in painter far as a centralized small phone battery Joe SPL without the signing of the sysadmin the now again show him a players not in Suffolk land aronia SEO games inaudible sto players angry suitable and centralized STL drawers Navi nobodaddy tow the PCs or draw or a Parliament plus a manga lugar or Provenza now Alan Gina grab the localized STL drawers at una empanada and STL Perez Seguin Neto Marin photon 40 official robos Nobunaga numeral 1 to 40 are Telugu Morocco amber Buddha hi Nadine far as to officer winning numbers knock STL for asking get ready and good luck let’s play the small town our reference 40 official troubles numbered 1 to 40 and NASA low pay on now at Indra machine and we will draw two lucky balls para sodding winning combination and STL Paris a young business Nanga me we have our first number and that number is the number 23 thank you sir all ready to give Anisakis second number Marilyn booth I’m on a localized STR Forrester’s I believe on provincial or lugar a sevilla kya good luck in Posada Mama’s cooking STL players sardine monopolized STL for the second number we have the number 24 once again tonight’s sto TRS winning numbers are 23 and 24 Kanako Hanako onion in exact order panel on up superb all up on NASA logs and row machine numbered 0 to 9 that the memorandum on formatting Babylon but the enemy Sultan and drone a toy Arsenal an Iguanodon SDL surgery some of us emotional Caligari monday we see e lapu lapu city province of cebu later hoppin city province of Negros Oriental northern samar the whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental what about the city lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte the beyond the hora city Misamis Oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Silvan Kudarat Surigao del Sur book it knowing general santos city Percy lad the Simas Occidental north cotabato sub on the del Sol add some Banga see get ready and good luck Cara let’s play ser swear tree okay SEO swarthy sample boiling am I’m an aluminum zero to nine an ass aluminum raw machine vocal a putana autonomy Rhonda Schonberg insert a winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order Papa on NASA comma highest number Cibola and for our first number it’s the number one okay sir we’re ready for the second number mahua in exact order of winning numbers non st else were three paramanandam for premio but the basis is an Aerodyne winnable on s else were three doing 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p. m.

at 9:00 p.m. jobs for our second number main office 6:05 shop boulevard mandaluyong city winner can advance a small town lottery body and mainframe usage of SPL sales agents force against the nth row center who’s on tape we believe any new SPL tickets congratulations Paul okay Dean doba Gwinnett in Eureka Pomona winning numbers Anaheim una not insulin abou million and ticket para SE SEL I thought the games for tomorrow’s 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p.

m.at sherry parasitic 9 p. m. draws para pasar ting jackpot estimate for Sunday super lotto 649 it’s chocolate price may reach 50 million pesos hey America Polanco Bouboulina Hyuna Nina Mona tickets at Barcelona in London soon in Narita Bakri Sultan on a team throws name to be starting off with our easy to lotta winning numbers we have 15 and 23 in exact order a lot in from sweaters lotto evening Joe winning combination I 2 1 & 3 in exact order for our four digit winning combination tonight we have the numbers 7 0 5 & 9 in exact order and our nationwide mega lotto 645 winning numbers said I’d are 938 1634 10 and 40 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of eight million nine hundred ten thousand pesos net of agents prize Commission and our ultra low 658 winning numbers tonight our 2157 26 29 16 and 4 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of 187 million five hundred fifty six thousand nine hundred ninety two pesos net of agents prize Commission for our small phone lottery POTUS we have the numbers 23 and 24 in exact order for SE elsewhere 3 we have the numbers 1 2 & 4 in exact order for SEL two digits we have the numbers 9 and 5 in exact order okay fella Benenati income a jackpot winner bottle tonight Oh Aggie definitely regarding data security representative Barbosa adding resulta thank you you. .

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