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PCSO 9 PM Lotto Draw, 4, 2018.

while an makka pakka’s a bhikkhu Adama boomer O’Bannon allah salla Hatem PCSO games what many Wallace among a text messages Leehom without satin upon on the Nexus having must be bigoted Oh salon and tip kappa Lipton para or cellphone load boo million ticket semana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches Bhagwan actual draw good evening lotto Philippines Umaga top one again join the popular players nothing exciting process at the morning and afternoon Ross thank Bob Mollica on pcs O’Fallon Amasa evening edition on pc i saw a lottery draw manga billion Eric at it some of us in fact party for Stella has a mulatto at SL there’s nothing on TV at the live stream welcome boss a pcso lottery draw is a mass wedding web is fernanda be january for 2018 Magen dumped Elena mono parcel 2018 last Tuesday Miren putas in Japheth winner satting lot of 642 draw a my apollomon a pinko sample beanie I’m a swapping ticket yeah I’m poppin I mean a green box a favourite PCSO games male imaginary capella gonna happen John what winner by a London fauna hang out on my booty young in your ma Pickett’s why why Puma pasa oh my eternal take a smell uniforms you know a lotta tickets he says before Maya and at Lila and Puma validate I’m winning ticket para Mc.Namee poem in your premio at PAGASA Musa by buys a pizza so lottery draw by a livestream mug subscribe we follow or an icon for a PCSOs official website and Facebook page Vanden mptv’s official website Facebook page very stop streaming dailymotion live at P TV’s account Thursday on Queenie the performer I think it’s the how I feel para sorry easy to lotto what best photo six digit king swot Oh 642 super lotto 649 centralized small town lottery Paris STL swap Riyadh STL two digits Valentini a Manhattan forgot it none slept it tonight the mapping panel of judges is led by our son is epicness imagine I mean he does appreciate you drop a seizure is spinning up an oriental woman I be psychic and having live lotto and small town lottery draws Sydney guru Poornima the panel of judges at the her representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines they gotta meet in Paris at Ross is in the Guam massing machine inspection at testing pharmacy guru anima is on Wendy Shawn the monodrama shields they gotta meet him only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support feeding and boiling gaagaa meeting not long sets and pinning PP leanza power game randomly the million chairperson is an acceptable facial grobotz tiger gamma team black wooden bowl a salmon an appealing double set item in ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting banth empowered : gamma team but a post Massacre on a play competi and chairperson llama on a glutton Drobo snag a meeting similar draws properly documented at corporate puddin video empowered redraw activity at regional hot for a second can happen lotto a small town lottery draws all the players video premiere on I ain’t put that in let’s play super lotto 649 tonight super lotto jackpot prize is 44 million six hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred and sixteen pesos net off the agents prize Commission mr. Delatour a sir please press that button then let’s play super lotto 349 thank you sir Ramy salamat po mr. della Torre SACEM Angie pakka me Mommy I starting lotto 640 to draw but in the meantime lot of fans don’t play at the point forty nine bottle of the madding draw machine numbered 1 to 49 and one of n numbers of moppy Billy good luck whoa first number is the number one reminder Santa Monica Bob iron will who pay money no Alice I’m gonna take so towel Alexa sobbing Ian and Alison loto peeing and pooping in a para or cell phone dials Campo Yan second number is 41 at slag economy paella what boom Baba say no pop Blanche a hit on a lotto tickets time as you see it upon my an Callahan my validate and lotto ticket like clean for viola and premio third number not in 35 but a possible independent 11 super lotto i pari mutuel game Oh hiccup and Japheth winners vighati and Piniella equally I’m adding jackpot price and the first number is number 10 Pyrrha mutagen for my consolation prizes at exciting Wamba premio de tomar e Manilow moola 20 pesos mari whom about than seventy thousand pesos 50 we have sixteen example and then appointing Dana ten parama completa napping super lotto winning combination good luck super lot of layers there you go the sixth and final number is 13 Philippines here are the official super lotto winning numbers in any order 140 135 10 16 and 13 with a jackpot prize of 44 million six hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred and sixteen pesos net of agents prize Commission guy yovan Anna sobbing of Annina up when Amana Paris above Anton we have the 1st 2018 welcome Internet courtesy of the local 6:40 to go that’s Tuesday are winning ticket for a double e sub Matranga city congratulations for senior ok part of any tournament a are big time jackpot in gimme let’s find out let’s play lotto 642 tonight’s lotto 642 chopped our prize is five million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents prize Commission mr. Delatour a sir please press that button and let’s play lotto 642 Thank You mr. dilatory thank you Tim for setting panel of judges epochal including horas para Samantha mimic a Tita so aptly tonight this time 42 volts one lemon adding draw machine we will be waiting for six lucky balls and the first number is 26 and a lot of 642 paramutual games in Palembang is a lemon jackpot winner soul opinion Jafar price pero ha happy Antoine’s apothem de loja oh he get paw on jackpot winners we are waiting for the second number there you go the second number is 16 pari mutuel lymphoma consolation prizes a lot of 642 yo Mary Manilow moolah 20 pesos Atma re Ummah bottom 25,000 pesos winners of 20 pesos up to 10,000 pesos played in a play me and subhanallah thought that’s not a nationwide the third number is 33 0 the winner gonna make it’s a 10,000 pesos of a jackpot prize Magdalena popayan and 11 valid ID putin who paid it as a PCSO main office 815 m Omar Ganga for 13 upon freedom acclaimed and premio fourth number is 19 bullet in tupelo two agents Merrick a one percent commission of waiting umma would say Sam will you be so pulls out the cooling unit billion ticket Nana na LAN and jackpot price yeah good luck team boxer in yo and the fifth number is number five is a number data point is a nothing but I’m a complete on and jackpot winning combination good luck lotto 642 players there you’re the sixth and final number is number 11 Philippines here are the official lotto 642 winning numbers which can come in any order 26:16 30 19 5 and 11 with a Jap apprised of five million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission pcs is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partnered bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a PCSO product and standard development department third floor PCSO main office shaw boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO a partnership agulu advocacy so davao a filipino it you elected PCSO battery games happy veto it who look at SIA Kuwata pcso partner Safavid not Mojave libido important announcement BCSO assumes processing of new applications for small town lottery operations or SDL in the following areas without SEL operation Zamboanga del Norte Kalinga sigani Apayao botanist Winnicott island the notice or Maguindanao mountain province salut and Tommy Tommy interested parties may submit their applications with complete documents to the office of the assistant general manager for branch operation sector located a third floor of the sun plaza building shop oliver mandaluyong city deadline of submission of application is on January 15 2018 for more information you may call telephone numbers seven zero six seven five seven one or email us at st l SMG at pcs or golf eh okay game time on a tie or get ready in the zone it’s time to play your 6 digit games 150,000 pesos na young I think six digit first prize bull as of our last straw Paraiba mobile phone aluminum first prize banana love of matching and Yo Ma numbers a six digit winning combination in exact order Gonzalo a wicket ba I’m on another no first prize havi info on first prize equally Sabina no first prize winners there you have it our six digit winning combination for tonight the first digit to the second digit 3 the third digit 6 the fourth digit number five the fifth digit number one and the sixth digit number nine once again our six pitches winning combination for tonight two three six five one and nine in exact order lucky three numbers is another nothing haha let’s play the evening edition of worthless north or the zone Visayas and Mindanao hub Amanita nothing I’m lucky three numbers from evening edition on sweared risotto bargain pong game mechanics at us are the morning and afternoon draws Kahlan and Lamech match on three numbers gnosis worthless no the winning combination in exact order para maana luna four thousand five hundred pesos and saying viable rambly position play may win you 750 or 1500 pesos hot lava Pina I think digit machines the first digit number 5 the second digit one and a third digit number 9 double check your tickets our starter s winning combination for tonight 5 1 & 9 in exact order two numbers from entire saga let’s make the easy Palazzo game easy easy level ro Atman an OD tossa easy to a lotto chameleon take is some number from 1 to 31 to the bomb subsets memmio easy to lotta play slips fixed price 4,000 pesos and penelo neva wasabi similar mo comic match on two numbers nothing easy to not a winning combination tonight in exact order n playing via the rumba little wins you 2000 pesos an opinion upon an easy to a lot of winning numbers the first number 31 and the second number number 3 recapping tonight’s easy to Lata winning numbers we have the numbers 31 and 3 in exact order up next SEL games right after this break ro ro Tillman numa numa premio on hot eaten pcs also Samba and I’m Filipino Balu million carbon gowardhan Albina Bahuguna Tosa RT maja kebabian Milazzo datos and charge the assistance department a knife a mahogany too long numb PCSO Samaha palette not in kebab aya from december 23 to 29 2017 I AMA could for so many get eighty million pesos a knife Omaha is a 2,401 beneficiary’s 32 million seven hundred sixty three thousand four hundred sixty six pesos para saw hospitalization and 790 tuna passion takes 24 million eight hundred seventy nine thousand one hundred pesos Paris of 515 Napa shelter chemotherapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation at linear acceleration 2 million 60 4625 passes naman palace’ peritoneum and hemodialysis than 160 for patients at 21 million forty seven thousand six hundred pesos of Anila annum pcso pass at 913 epicenter Nahum Nina Tula para save upon or enum servicio medic Alex and also non pc SOI Paris of our Filipino Ganga Ilana I got bonhomie it’s a PCSO I’m in a bit on too long Salman sue look now at in Bangkok see Lola Lydia is animals and a baccarat me naughty kebabian not to Lu. Ann a PCSO saponify given a PCSO medical and dental mission poor the PCSO are my parenting a doula medical as a demon of abeyance sulo Pilipinas Suffolk Billy bought a lot of tickets pick a lot of VCs Oh Papa Malaga somebody that let’s play ok are as far as the preeminent centralized small town redraw or STL reminder non porous Alton centralized SL draw Sabina bola give us a pizza so draw forth I apart a postman oh god of prevention or lanky noggin of the localizer for a median of wienie oh I enumerate wa asila madinat in Munda Queenie ah ha ha Martin helix a SPL game they flick the stick photo in De. Land etirsa metro manila release semana propecia yeah Miami salamat po senior Sonapur leepu nothing support van I’m on a PC SUV once again thank you ok see similar nothing sir sv l Paris summer in Japan ha ha lan Sogeti metal metal but I am of 40 official draw balls numbered 1 to 14 that long numbers form of a lineup in Paris official winning numbers down STL Paris get ready Angela let’s play the small town lottery Paris 40 official grumbles numbered 1 to 40 I’m Macedonian a nothing draw machine and we will draw two lucky balls far as a winning combination adding STL Paris good luck awesome animated gets parasitic STL Paris young Gabby okay we are waiting for the first number there you go the first number is 10 thank you sir ready in a tie for the second number please press that button again once again a nothing first number is 10 Marin polyfit I’m localized STL Paris trois a but even propecia Alou garza Filipinas yeah good luck team for semana SEL players jan 7 a localized Ross we are waiting for the second number and the second number is 38 once again tonight’s STL Paris winning numbers are 10 and 38 Kuna behind apartment numbers man in exact order Pocoyo 3 sample ball a momento I’m Marcelo of non drama she numbered 0 tonight that low number in Manhattan Bo Callahan Vandana Susannah Granito I baaga sanic la aurora st elsewhere threesome illusion of the nagas Monda obesity lapu lapu city province of Cebu later Taliban city province of Negros Oriental northern samar Mahal eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City double the sewer Davao Oriental Cotabato City Lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City misamis oriental Compostela Valley Agathon the sore Sultan Kudarat so regardless or bukidnon general santos city Basilan misamis occidental north cotabato Zamboanga del Sur up Zamboanga City STL players get ready and good ma para let’s say the SEL swear three okay so Estelle’s to our three sample born and numbered zero to nine and NASA love nanomachine wanna put the numbers neshama geeks were three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order food Appa or NASA Tom Elias lompoc AHA bola now the first number number three okay sir we’re ready for the second number please fast doc Cochran’s falafel Mc.

Coy an exact order on winning numbers like SC elsewhere 3 para maana on APPA premio Columbus essays an Aerodyne Covina bola on st elsewhere 3 doing 11:00 a.m. of 4 p. m. at 9 p. m. draws now the second number is another three okay sir please press that button again is a third country pasado en camino bola I got no opening number Paris and elsewhere three game ku winner papaya poisoning acclaim Oprah me on your cooking STL sales agent co signing of vanilla and STL naked Nino and the third number number two once again tonight’s STL smart three winning numbers three three and two in exact order last but not the least exciting prizes c’mon Manasa STL two digits sample borne upon mass elope non drum machine number zero tonight up to numbers some inform adding Babylon somatically the top movin city province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar person upon winning combination on STL two digits Tropea para and let’s say the STL two digits then official drop espana my own NASA load nam draw machine FEMA numbers from zero to nine we will draw two lucky balls neshama giegi official winning combination and adding small town lottery two digits okay we have the first digit and it is there number six making sure we are gonna put I apply as a second digit please press that button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn Oh lead in kupuna on winning combination Toledo I para somatically the Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental a shame people on Eastern summer and the second digit number three once again on STL two digits winning numbers six and three in exact order Oh Marvin ordinary school panel morning and afternoon lottery draws canina Papa fun enjoy the services of official website and Facebook page PTDS official website Facebook page very stop dreaming dailymotion live and account finest of all winning numbers municipal there’s also for 11:00 a. m.

draw for the easy two a lot of the winning numbers are nine and four in exact order for the Suarez north or the winning combination is 9 3 & 3 in exact order and for the morning SEL draws for the SAF RS we have 37 and 2 in exact order for the SDS burn three the winning numbers are 7 9 & 1 in exact order and for the SEL two digits we have 3 & 8 in exact order there’s also the 4:00 p.m. draw so the easy to alotta the winning numbers are 29 & 7 in exact order for the Suarez for the winning combination is 7 1 & 9 in exact order and for the afternoon SL draws for the SL Vargas we have one and 29 in exact order or the SEL spurn 3 the winning numbers are 6 7 & 7 in exact order and for the SEL a digits the winning combination is 4 & 6 in exact order easy easy landmark lima premier salvato at small town lottery who is a possum on of us a swept wing local winners issued a Tom Kha Colin appealed Manhattan we caught the winning ticket from the talented twenty pesos handgun ten thousand pesos by adding he came from previous I’m gonna authorize lot of outlets some of the winners the make it to ten thousand pesos while events a jackpot who want a subpoena Kamala Peter pcs of brats Jim lugar was a pcso main office attract the land and the low one valid IDs to jackpot winner cut the linen winning ticket at the level valid IPS in Pima he knew previous a pcso main office 6:05 shop Oh departmental ooh young city to winner can demands a small town lottery Bonnie and Damon premium SPL sales agent for sir SDL cross Center Poussin table even in you SPL tickets congratulations Paul okay baccarat and Arica palma winning numbers Eric and Yaya Han unit insula nominal or thought STL tickets farting pcso lottery 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p. m. at 9:00 p. m.

draws and for a jumper update tomorrow’s older a lot of 6:58 chocolate fries is estimated to reach 185 million pesos not popping junk but body by Eric yeah make sure my mama tickets for coyopa gramma Casali samara snap in bougas okay recap time queen a stimulant palatinus a easy to lot of winning numbers we have 31 and 3 in exact order selectors lotto we have 5 1 & 9 in exact order it’s a six digit game and winning combination two three six five one and nine in exact order the local 642 in any order we have 26 16 30 19 5 and 11 with a Joppa price of 5 million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the ages price Commission for super lotto 649 in any order we have 140 135 10 16 and 13 with the jackpot prize of 44 million six hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred and sixteen pesos net of the agents price Commission Queenie okay Eric Baggesen esta el para spend and 13th in exact order st elsewhere three three three and two in exact order Adso SEL two digits 6 and 3 and exact order we need the log in adapted and I think a data security representative para madama not inform a jump up in the sky tonight aye sir good evening thank you thank you okay according boss I think data center while Apple tying jackpot winner para su super lotto 649 good intense a lotto 642 no jackpot winner that’s all for tonight Mariposa PCSO aquatic mini Bonita what’s the area Gibson enjoyed the rest of the evening accessing the poem BTV news headline thank you you..

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