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PCSO 9 PM Lotto Draw, 22, 2017.

while an Makka pakka sabi ko an imam abu marumanam allah salla hatman pcso games what many wallace among a text messages Leehom or alex a telephone on the nexus a big mug be big a toe salon and dip caplet nanpara or cell phone load boo million tickets and on a PCSO authorized outlets at pcs or branches bago on actual draw Vega Philippines in Manalapan a low art mugging lotta millenarian are eaten upon the table in Yokosuka to Guadalajara for you know I can be in the zone besides that Mindanao I’ll never eat a pear salad put about someone I mean because a PCSO Doughboy didn’t say your area sharply good evening pencil Hatami BC fnatic deepest estudio pneumococcus Aminata Mc.Laren and Lord SEL games someone analyze the moon o happen again show yet man another come on Tom upon gain from NATO para say no it’s another Muslim region Friday night December 22 players at my events a lot of a premiere Bernardo while Larry padded and servicio público Nam pcso be dumped OD tossa main office at the satellite office map in succession City convenience among the branch offices nothing saying buddy bum propecia suburban soccer dr. portnow PCSO die it’s about Millican unity cat than pcs or games to developing tulum Cueto starting malibu by assign a Samana Peninsula blue minutos para sus left a say yeah at final on the line and PCs all are three games that’s right Eddie must not repeat us a young I think but the sama sama Dan Akaka salmon in our incoming and life it’s a worldwide web by a live stream at ESA sauce official Facebook page on that site also over P baby’s official website FB page periscope steaming dailymotion dive account yeah you know nothing but a tequila bar a lot all at STL players get ready with their tickets for tonight’s big price games easy to lotto and swept us motto Montse cemolina abrenio pero began again upon sofrito procedures canina honoring Pomona knotty psychic an appeal live photo and small town lottery draws cine guru for the mapping panel of judges at the her representatives from PCSO and commissioned an audit is I’m gonna draw machines forgot the meeting a draws is in the Guam massaging machine inspection at testing para más seguro de Mayo some twenty showing the monodrama sheets they gotta meet him only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support pd nim Boland got a meeting Pat loom set sampling feebly and Sabbath game randomly the million chairperson is an acceptable facial robots like a gamma team blood puddin bolus among an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting band empowered Boland gamma team but opposed by seguro NATO a competi I’m chairperson llama and a glutton Davos leg again meeting some of the drawers properly documented at covered puddin video empowered redraw activity at trade in our lahat for a second appeal Otto Earth’s Malta lottery draws flamey o similar Coon opinions an appalling jihad La. Hood a lot of 6:58 tonight Super Lotto jackpot prize is 157 million six hundred forty one thousand three hundred seventy two pesos net of the agents price Commission and became Yuba mr. suhaka answer please press that button and let’s play ultra lotto 658 Rami salamat buzzer lot of players that it can come in a behalf vote a lot of draw complained upon 50 troubles numbered 1 to 58 cell of the Hadean bro machine and in the bowl upon adding any hint ie in any order code and the first number is 51 volt a lot of popery neutral game paga hottie and equally on java price bucyk adding the lava pool oh he give paw and zakat winners second number is 22 reduce my regard for pc assertion a lot of agents me removing 1 percent commission to film asserting asian Vanek ventolin jackpot winning ticket third number is 32 jackpot priceless estimation i’m a maximum amount of 1 million pesos and the fourth number is 43 Palala palin and and winning tickets a 15 the Premio pea peanut and puma booty and in human a lotta tickets and the fifth number is 9 some number nothing drama scene with the procedure hotel other tickets good luck ultra lotta players the station final number is the number 2 recapping tonight’s official ultra lotto 658 winning numbers in any order fifty one twenty to thirty to forty three nineteen and two with a Jaffa prize of 157 million six hundred forty one thousand three hundred seventy two pesos net of the agents price Commission before you move on we would like to first congratulate our latest a popular last Wednesday December 2011 that will now make it for 8. 5 million pesos example price congratulations for saying you’re already a I mean gonna be upsetting yet let’s find out let’s play mega lotto 6:45 good night’s mega lotto jackpot prize is eight million nine hundred ten thousand pesos net of the agents price commission once again mr.

suhaka answer please press that Bucky and let’s play thank you sir hi mr.lammeter closer savvy panel of judges and representatives for joining us tonight six out of 45 postponed Peabody in the knocking draw machine in no particular order and the first number is 11 a mega lotto ball very beautiful Gillian ha ha T in equally and jam packed reveal important jackpot winners for surveilling Maura Mc. Mahon a loophole al jihad and the second number is 44 0 exciting for constellation crisis now a mega lotto you can win from 20 pesos at Maruyama bottom fifty thousand pesos 30 number we have 23 don’t a pin and a load and 10,000 pesos and below whether you eat clean I’m premium on a lot of outlets nationwide wala hotel toss at deco Chanukah pop some premium in Ahmedabad Hamakua fourth number Kuna 10 we have number two while 11 post have to put the subpoena so mean office where the who’ve a Mc. Lean the Premio do this and embarrass 815 them about an exam for 13 and happen what cockily Putin and 11 valid the ID the fifth number is 28 it’s 8 million peso mega lotto combination good luck mega lotto players the sixth and final number is number 17 Philippines here are the official mega lotto 645 winning numbers in any order 11:40 23 to 28 and 17 with a Jaffa prize of eight million nine hundred ten thousand pesos net of the agents price commission potentional Karim in a four digits what is not easy to lot oh yeah depuis le fais sorry possibly a new font an elegant pcs or battery games happy veto eight who looked at SIA now at a PCSO partners episode bad dot maja Filipino pcso is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partnered bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a PCSO product and standard development department third floor BCSO main office sha boulevard Monteleone city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcso gov dot php’ CSO partners Pegula advocacy so da Bao a Filipino owner I call the players who have an important announcement for all of you on schedule bone and adding draw sodality letting go december 24 2017 i’m attack are wound up costing adjustments the regular 11 a. m. draws will be conducted at 11:30 in the morning while the regular 4 p.

m.draw so can be conducted at 12:30 in the afternoon at Parana months a regular 9:00 p. m. draws tournament i bobl iron ii apna las dos monkeybone sadhana tina Lunas December 25 2017 there will be no selling of tickets at when I boot I am Dagon apena draws regular setting in for n draws her resume on Tuesday December 26 30 70 so don’t forget to buy your tickets early ok allowed the players it’s digit game time the cat’s paw decimal digit games in a bus na similar nothing soffit maneuver on on for a chess game okay not supported in the pot i/o app at Nanami Obama Ahriman and anon Hindi papa sir 10,000 pesos per 10 specified a bhakta poem or an appealing four digit winning combination in exact order Ramallah system placed in unavailable parasite in four digit game Maryann enroll one rule for travel four digit winning combination the first digit 5 the second digit the number 4 and the third digit the number seven in the fourth and final digit the number one ladies and gentlemen our four digit winning combination for tonight is five four seven and one and exact order luckily numbers Senora Correia Burana let’s face Word. Press lotto I see the pony la loi matting’s worthless lot oh ma police own desires or windin oh c’mon where did AMA join seller Oh neato matching the three digit winning combination in exact order Vince you four thousand five hundred pesos per ten passively at some Ahava Molina Bannon tickets using the Rambo liter system play 750 pesos or 1500 pesos per 10 best play and play mignon at Mojave Lina adding digit machines the first digit 6 the second digit 2 and finally the third digit 0 double check your tickets are syrtis winning combination for tonight 6 2 and 0 in exact order Sassoon is non Viva diva premium Manasa lucky to enough personal feasible other day oh he NASA is still op Adina I owe two numbers from 1 to 31 Kailah and para Mc. Laren an ec2 lotto but net master Domino marina no sir easy to load the winning numbers in exact order 4,000 pesos per tempesta play on premium 2,000 pesos per tempest plane a monofin Alamo for you I’m a planner or using the ramble ecosystem play again at the hop adenine an easy to lotta winning numbers for the first number the number 2 and the second number the number 1 recapping tonight’s easy pelota winning numbers we have the numbers 2 & 1 in exact order amicable egghead namah namah exciting prizes some centralized small town latter decades ro ro in genome aluminum for NGO algorithm pcso sambaiah Nam Filipino million million Kabongo Joaquin Albin Abedini Tosa edema acaba buyer will apricot sauce on charity assistance department at night Palma in Tulum noticias osama of his pilot nothing kebab aya from december 9 to 15 2017 i AMA would force among eat 137 million pesos Amna yamaha Giza 3912 in officials 49 million five hundred twenty two thousand three hundred pesos Paris utilization of 926 Napa chantix 41 million twenty nine thousand six hundred pesos part 799 epicenter nanaii dominant chemotherapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation of linear accelerations ten million four hundred thirty nine thousand eight hundred fifty pesos naman para separate owner and hemodialysis 410 patients at 36 million three hundred twenty eight thousand four hundred pesos from India annum PCSO versa 1777 of a shanty town inna to loan Potter series of a movie themself affirmative guys kosuna pcs for a virus of our Filipino na na ha ha ha ha ha bounnam in people’s a pcso are inevitable of Salman Suleiman happy birthday solola Lydia Visayas or as a centralized Lockridge or STL I’m sure excited nacelle players Airy paradise langkawi paella hot now may be suitable non centralized SL josma beam ability to search CSS or report i para la ma osama lugar or provincial now Valentin hard enough in a localized SEL draws people that were not in a pub whereas the SEL games SPL Paris Segawa NATO maritime 40 official dramas numbered 1 to 14 Delavan new metaphor of a bola in at a palace official winning numbers na SC l palace get ready and good luck let’s play the small solitary palace gorky official troubles numbered 1 to 44 I’m Macedonian Latino machine we will be drawing to lucky boss platypus a winning combination laughing SPL palace we are waiting for the first first number nothing 18 thank you sir localized STL paris draw us a map even provincial a lugar superior Kyah good luck Oh Samana SPL players Jenson a localized Ross second number coming up and that number is 18 once again tonight’s STL POTUS winning numbers are 18 and 18 Latisse were three artists again NATO sample bola de Montparnasse dog nanomachine numbered 0 to 9 but the new me tournament from asking Bob Ellen when the iron angry spoken enthroned foi Paris an Atlanta unum SEL sweaty service emotional tell you God and our CP lagoona posea province of Cebu later become open city province of Negros Oriental northern samar football history summer Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental Cotabato City the now del Norte Davao del Norte so regarding Lord de Cagayan de Oro City the Sam is oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur so thank you dot surigao del Sol of ignoring general santos city Basilan misamis occidental north cotabato soup on the del sewer at some bhangra sea get ready and good luck Sara let’s play SEL sorry voila pottery my own and Segundo middle on Mc.

Ghee swirl a winning combination for tonight straw by La Manga numero in exact order but NASA common is Tompa Kappa boules para mañana el premio and for our first number number a serve please press that button again basis I some arrow then P Nevada SES were three doing 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p. m. at 9:00 p. m.

draws the done by Lancome ahora in exact order of winning numbers on SES were three para mañana poppy mio for our second number okay sir please press that button again Paris a third number salut umv Napoleon it has no a pool in the middle para sodding ser every game a pub winner tyoma ru acclaim am premios am Sookie STL sales agent concerning you vanilla young SEO ticket Nino or our third number one once again tonight’s St elsewhere winning numbers are eight five and one in exact order my exciting prizes Milazzo SL 2 digits sample ball upon nozzle of nanomachine numbers 0 to 9 at the dome nobleman formatting bobo lion this game is for the SEL areas you may take Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar hand on upon the hot pea Tehran let’s say the SEL food dishes then official doubles for now even in you may own a salon and raw machine my momma domeoids zero to nine will draw two lucky boys mishima giving official winning combination SEL food digits okay we have the first digit and it is zero thank you sir they’re gonna put three of us I can reach it while waiting for the second digit to be drawn old eating football on winning combination for the toy artisanal attack Aditi Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar for the second digit once again an sto two digit winning numbers are 0 and 2 in exact order before you finally say goodbye we’d like to remind everyone that you can watch our morning and afternoon draws live over PCSOs website and the official Facebook page PT B’s official Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion life account and website congratulations pasta mama lucky winner is now adding mama draws tonight at semana Adina papanoida morning and afternoon doors not is apology sorta but already nothing the results of our 11:00 a.m. draw for that useful load the winning numbers are 15 and 15 for this hard to solve out the winning combination is 0 2 and 0 in exact order and for the morning SEL draws for SEL POTUS you have the numbers 4 and 19 in exact order for SEL sorry we have the numbers to 9 & 6 in exact order for SEO two digits you have the number 6 and 4 in exact order and the results of the 4 p. m. draw for the ec2 lot or the winning numbers are 12 and 14 in in exact order for the star just load the winning combination is 5 9 & 9 in exact order and for the afternoon SDL draws for ser POTUS we have the numbers 9 and 39 in exact order for SEL soil he may have the numbers 2 0 & 9 in exact order for SEL two digits we have the numbers 2 & 9 in exact order easy easy land Mc. Clean the previous alato at small town lottery who is accustomed aanapisis wedding local winners issued a topical an appeal Omaha degree code the winning ticket filled another than 20 pesos have got 10,000 pesos but are deeply my previous I’m gonna authorize a lot of outfits some of the winners the maggots a 10,000 pesos on events a jackpot who would a subpoena develop with the PCs of brand new lugar was of India so main office attract the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner cut the hidden winning ticket at the level valid IPS in FEMA in Ukraine osa PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city winner can advance a small town lottery Bali and NEMA premium SPL sales agent for sir SDL draw center Sante will believe in he knew SPL tickets congratulations Paul movers for maracas Polanco melanin and crickets Paris AMA exciting Lord small town lottery games Saturday morning and afternoon draws at chakra pulsating evening draws that help back to before and multi million jackpot prices and lotta 642 at granddaughter 665 game estimated chocolate for our lotto 642 is thirteen million pesos so make sure to have your tickets for those games for those who’ve just tuned in here’s around out of the results of tonight’s draw starting off with our easy to lot of winning numbers we have two and one in exact order just what was lotto long winning combination 6 2 and 0 in exact order Palace a four digit game we have five four seven and one in exact order some developer 645 in any order we have 1140 23 to 28 17 with a jackpot prize of 8 million nine hundred ten thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission so ultra lotto 658 in any order 51 twenty to thirty to forty three 19 and two with the jackpot prize of 157 million six hundred forty one thousand three hundred seventy two pesos net of the agents price Commission fair okay Eric Barron amongst a small town lottery Paris we have the numbers 18 and 18 or si else were three we have the numbers eight five and one in exact order or SL two digits so have the numbers zero and two in exact order I’ve been acting a data security representative platter service is done according to the data center allopathy jackpot winner for the ultra lotto 658 cannon it’s a mega lotto 645 no jackpot winner okay that’s all for tonight para pasa pieces so festive rather differ hiciera came son socially the Pompey TV news headlines enjoy the rest of the evening good night everyone good night Merry Christmas.


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