Pcso 4 Pm Lotto Draw, January 6, 2018 Video

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PCSO 4 PM Lotto Draw, 6, 2018.

while on baka baka sabi ko Adama boomer O’Bannon allah salla hatun PCSO games one many Wallace among a text messages lahum or doubts a telephone on the Nexus a beam of be bigoted Ocilla and dip a pallet nampara or cellphone load boo million tickets a mana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches Fargo on actual draw dumb hop on the Sun Visayas admit the now Narita polygamy Paris an afternoon edition and pcs Olaf redraw I am tapenade January 6 2018 will a new phenomena papanoida live internet over the official websites and Facebook pages new PCSOs PTV theyand in say twitter at dailymotion live account snappy TV kaya Pilipinas iya and an Illumina lucky numbers in your Paris ah digital lotto straight press waffle a small town rock regimes nopales 23 add two digits to nothing maja Kazama an active aloes Burgess my hot latina Miss Elizabeth Miguel at miss Maria Amanda in fact ATO their dynamic emo official representatives philosophy CSO at Commission on audit Achtung Achtung pcs or assisted draw coordinate or magandang hapon impossible Apopka Wadena pcs ordinary tomoya’s neshama nothing mother is no premieres among a lot of players at SEL players soccer on Monza bhagavata mclaren re to Pomona unmanned Agena gonna find a printer procedures canina psychic adiphene live lotto and small town lottery draws Cindy guru for the mapping panel of judges at the representatives from pcso intermission an audit is a mullet roe machines they got the meeting virus a draws in the Guam must using machine inspection I only showed the blood draw machines only the operation after me mode switch button and by human intervention support PD the Boland got a meeting Putnam sets I’m feeling PPD and SAP our team randomly the medians a person that is an acceptable facial robots Lockwood a bolus among an appealing drop off said I didn’t burn para más seguro the Hollis periphery hunting banth empowered polum got a meeting Fatah was passing urine a toy competi Advo.Care present llama and aglow the Drobo snag a meeting some of the drawers properly documented at corporate puddin video empowered redraw activity a trade in our lahat for a second a pinky okay similar nothing I’m gonna be gaining pop rap yo let’s play the easy to lotto simple m4 mechanics no easy to lotta game for made along the Tiki song numero from 1 to 31 patella one subset Ling young each new game panel come while on appealing numero it dry and swell to the LP or lucky pick fix price to 4,000 pesos on panel au niveau a sample piece of Miller room oh who could match on mono memo somebody feeling is a lot a winning combination in the exact order mm testament premier cumin olive via the rumba little system play at 92 Nagre Sousa palace’ 4:00 p. m. he’s do loco for the first number we have the number 18 and the second number is the number 27 bullet in Kapaa I think is do lot of winning numbers now hop on I 18 and 27 in exact order the AMA cacophonic Hadid Naaman and lucky three numbers nice rarest lotto pcso is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in the CSO’s partnered bio program response for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third floor BCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest BCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO the partnership a ghulam advocacy sonam bow a filipino okay lots of players philately nanaki no sweat pants let’s now play this right Russell three times a day now I enjoy Poornima a lot of players and pop Ram your dance worthless local new tournament game NATO fix price not four thousand five hundred pesos on panel o non powered Sam pump is on combination the magma match to spread the slot a winning combination in exact order 750 pesos or 1500 pesos naman and premium my you we know who koe mo na na no using the round Alicia sister playing aunt neva Penang I think digit machines for the first digit we have 5 the second digit 5 and the third digit is 6 Filippo acting swearest lot the winning combination nyam hop on i 55 and 6 in exact order stay tuned for planning on small town lottery games to throwed last army it’s sto game time similar not enough awareness now SEO Suffolk B’Elanna STL Perez Yongsan boobala pot I own indelible numero moolah one 240 get ready and good luck it’s now time to play the small town lottery Paris okay party official draw balls numbered from 1 to 40 and NASA logo play on an atomdraw machine and we will be drawing two lucky balls out of the winning combination than a ping SD Elphaba’s rice add a pony Leggero an STL Paris okay we have the first number and that number is the number 19 thank you sir within a papaya palace a second number please press that button again Otto Otto Kuhn Athena Balan I’m Mona lucky numbers non small some lottery Paris vetoes a pcso lottery draws doing 11 a. m. or p.

m.at 9:00 p. m. and on for Keylong and not one in your anvil número in the exact order are a man alone and premio and the second number is the number 27 I’m opting STL paris winning a young hop on i 19 and 27 in exact order okay I’m next game nothing I am small Sandlot three straight three but loom numero uno month on adding Bobo lights again Leto and dad pop angry Susan Ross NATO I para semana glad aronia STL spray three Sebastian was not ladoga Mandaue City lapu lapu city Cebu Province latest the global city negros oriental northern samar mahal eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao del Sur Davao Oriental what about Oct lana del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City miss I miss oriental from pas Stella Valle Agusan del Sur Sultan Kudarat sorry Gaucho sword bukidnon general santos city Basilan miss Thomas Occidental North Cotabato some huaca del Sur add some wanker city Iraq is ánotá not in amongst Rampling three numbers now you’ll have fun let’s play the stos were three asado pooyan Pamina hallo ensemble anime numero zero to nine saladna a tigre machine mobile opponent at long número neshama gigging sway three winning combination for this afternoon straw in exact order for octopus na sitamma i. OS and pocketable apparel for imma nanos and the first number is the number one okay sir we’re ready for a consumers free press stop button Halon upon Makua in exact order and winning numbers l’m esta la 3 para mañana para me on Columbus is an Aerodyne papi no Paula and STL spray three cooing a las Orangina Umaga a las cuatro na hop on add a last webinar appeal and the second number is the number six okay sir please press the button again piranha bands like a plum numero down STS Row three colloquial put a new mobile app Arase I got low at fooling numero than adding STS Row 3 game superb winner for IO na re new extrema in you from your sin your cooking STL sales agent or companion and apana Billy and sdlt get mignon and the first number is the number 9 muli for an STL spread three winning numbers neon hop on I won 6 & 9 in exact order system is nominal exciting price Islamic moola it’s a small town three two digits sample ball upon a solid and drum machines numbered from 0 to 9 Abdullah Wong numeron went for IP PPD in an STL two digits i. Pod on a man for Somali gardening later Tacloban City Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar Daraa now let’s play the STL two digits then official Global’s for an epiphany on the NASA automatic drum machine I’m Melissa for I’m a new me room 309 Mariposa SDL two digits the Loom número form Babylon up in the Samba gigging official winning combination at an Onan digit who i am number three thank you sir read in a Pattaya palaces seven digits please press stop button again and while waiting for the second digit to be drawn again unless tell two digits I bought a course among address the global city Oksana prevention and later Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar and the second digit is the number four once again I’m opting STL two digits winning numbers are three and four in exact order from the allotted for maneuvering lamp in exact order fanatical failure congratulations to all the winners at Fatima lemon from Panama cleaning a new premium Naruto fun or in happen easy easy land Mc.

Clean the Premio salvato at small town lottery who is a fast Manama sweating lot of winners azul atop a gallon appeal mechanically caught the winning ticket from the dollar than twenty pesos handgun ten thousand pesos by adding a flamin flame here are some other authorized local outlets some of the winners the maggots at ten thousand pesos mile events a jackpot who would a subpoena from a la Fitte pcs of brad saying you look at was a PCSO main office at like the land and LOL valid ids from jackpot winner cut the live in and winning ticket at the level valid IPS nickname again you premios a PCSO main office 6:05 shabu departmental ooh yum sippy cup winner can advance a small town lottery Bonnie Clemont premium SPL sales agent OSA SDL draw center who sank a bubbly Menino fractionation spore platypus Amalia knob on Nicktoons in there is the pond recap nothing more winning numbers now hop on let’s start off with our easy to lotto we have 18 and 27 in exact order for this worthless lotto we have 5 5 & 6 in exact order for the centralized small channel lottery draws for the STL palace we have 19 and 27 in exact order for the STS Row 3 we have 1 6 & 9 in exact order and for the STL 2 digits we have 3 & 4 in exact order Melina examine ominous Lebanon Gabby palace’ evening edition and PCSO lottery draws from poppin info and easy to lotto Threadless local six digit finding for unlock of 642 306 55 at small town lottery games napadas swelled 3 add two digits and for our jackpot estimate tomorrow super lotto 649 drop at price may reach up to fifty million pesos but opposite pcs acqua Pazza cherubim into an good day to all you..

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