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PCSO 4 PM Lotto Draw, 13, 2018.

while on baka boxes a bhikkhu a new roman and allah salla Hatem pcso games what many Wallace among a text messages rehab on outs a telephone on the Nexus album will be big a dose inland and tip of a leaf tempura or cellphone load boom million tickets a mana BCSO authorized outlets at pcs or branches Fargo on actual draw down half on this on Visayas at Mindanao narrative of Monica me Paris afternoon a different and PCs all are three draw play in Salvador January 13 but 18 clean you for coming a popular than live Center lip over your special websites and Facebook pages leg PCSO at P TV standing Fox a Twitter dailymotion live accounts and P TV by a filipinas here and Anna on mother lucky numbers in yo palace’ easy to lotto stress response mall town lottery nopales crazy add two digits I think assemble a team panel of judges neuroanatomy straight win Alvarado fainting form a team official representatives velocity piezo add Commission on audit as an acting pcs or assistant coordinator good afternoon impostor Makka pakka Bunyan and pcs off the naughty list on my own actress harmonizing bucovina a premium tomorrow a lot of players Provenza paka paka a mclaren re Kahuna I’m Melina Gingka gana pants capri drop procedures canina Zeca gonna ping live lotto at small town lottery draws sydney guru Poornima ting panel of judges at the representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m on a drama shield Academy themed bad acid Ross is in Agawam us using machine inspection a testing pharmacy guru nama is on condition demonic draw machines the Gaga meeting only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support meeting and Bolin gag a meeting but long sets appealing people ears about game randomly a million chairperson is unsettle official robots mega committee bounnam bolus a banana feeling drop on set I didn’t ban para más seguro Nahal spa referee hunting ban a power pole and gag a meeting what a post Massacre on a toy competi and chairperson llama and a glutton robos Nogami fiends similar draws properly documented at covered pudding video on how a three drawer activity at ravine and lahat para sacar got a ping lotto ATS Mota lottery draws I’m vegan on top Remy oh let’s play digital lotto simple a fog mechanics not easy to lotta game Oh merely long acting is on numero from 1 to 31 patella one subset hanging young each new game panel boom while I’m appealing numero he try and swell turn an LP or lucky pick fix price the 4,000 pesos on final Oh some bouts of Compeyson ela romo combat match on mono Marimo some appealing is the lot of winning combination in exact order mm as from a nap lemme oh come on Olivia the rambly to system play at Mandi turning resulta palace’ 4 p.m. each new logo for the first number we have the number 21 and the second number is the number 14 who lead in the poor and I think East a lot of winning numbers neon hop on I 21 and 14 in exact order sounding photo colleague had it nah mean unlucky three numbers next rarest lotto pcso is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partnered bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department but for PCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest pcso branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO Quebecers Pegula advocacy so da Bao a Filipino ok lots of layers please lean and a pin ox welfare let’s now lay the spread of awful three times Adeena and joy poon among a lot of players and premium tanks Word. Press logo ether Newman’s PC game NATO fix price not for a thousand five hundred pesos on fine a no sub our sample piece on combination the Mohammad Shah spreads the slaw the winning combination in the exact order 750 pesos or 1500 pesos naman a premium my you we know come kom el nana low using the rambly to system plane Aetna appealing and adding digit machines for the first digit we have six the second digit 2 and the third digit is eight Filippo and I think’s right last lot a winning combination I am hopin I six two and eight in exact order exciting prices Milano mine Samoa lucky numbers next small town lottery games salute NASA get ready and good luck it’s no time to play the small town law three pallets okay forty of special draw balls numbered from 1 to 40 I’m not gonna play on an atomdraw machine and we will be drawing two lucky balls for the first opening combination than adding stl Perez try sedae ppalli ladder on a ping stl Perez ok we have the first number and that number is the number 14 thank you sir reading a Pattaya pilot the second number please press that button again Otto Otto phonetic began unga bunga lucky numbers now small town lottery fattest beautiful PCSO lottery draws doing 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p. m. at 9:00 p.

m.and on pop Kalyan and one in your on maja numero in exact order para man alone and premio and the second number is the number 28 I’m acting from STL palace winnings now hop on i 40 and 28 in exact order okay and next game nothing a young small town lotteries free three but long numeral man pong I think over lines again I talk then dad pop I’m gonna suit alendronate oh I Palace a Mahanagar on an STI three seminar sumos little gap when thou ect lapu lapu city Cebu Province place a tough love lct Negros Oriental origin summer the whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City davao del Stewart Davao Oriental fought the Battle City Lana Del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Ave Endora city Miss a Miss oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Sultan Kudarat so regardles word with Adnan general santos t boz ela misamis occidental north cotabato someone goodell sewer add some Bunga city para now let’s play the STL try three artists and aqueon from Minah Hollow and sample bola from a penguin emiram zero to nine Salaf negra machine Bobo Laputa on nang talung numero national Mc. Gee King sprayed three winning combination for this afternoon’s draws in exact order for or de facto a nasa sama Iost man AHA bola para Pocoyo I Manilow and the first number is the number seven okay sir we’re ready for the second number he pressed a button Kalon tomokawa in exact order and winning numbers 9 sts were 3 para maana luna from yo that bloom pesticide some eroded Peppino bola on Estelle’s were three doing Alice on China Umaga a las cuatro no happened at a last web and angle B and the second number is the number 8 okay sir please press that button again para esta hablando meruna s tra 3 a salut who yell cotton boom abuela para sa’iqah blow at cooling numero the acting SE already game cup of winner Pocoyo ma adding new from acclaim and premiere Senor cooking STL sales agent or a companion in a pub in Ely and STL ticket minyan and the threat number is the number three Mele Po and I think STL spray three winning numbers maíam hop on i seven eight and three in exact order socialism on angela exciting prizes namikawa las a small town lottery two digits sample wallop on nacelles and drum machine numbers from zero to nine abdullah von neumann tournament for on acting bo Callahan’s an stl two digits knocking from bobblehead my parinibbana somali Gottman later the flop in city negros oriental at Easter in summer Sarah now let’s play the STL two digits ten official global spot I’m not even in Omaha on the National opening drum machine emulator for I’m a number of zero to nine at para pasar SL two digits hello on Newman on demand for on Bobo Lahaina ten neshama gigging official winning combination Adam mooning digit for eyes zero thank you sir reading a book I open a second digit please press the button again and while waiting for the second digit to be drawn again on Estelle two digits i. Pad a pot semana areas not to clobber city ID similar prevention and later Negros Oriental at Easter installer and the second digit is the number three once again I’m opting STL two digit winning numbers are zero and three in exact order from pneumonia for a minute in exact order finale Pocoyo congratulations to all the winners at bottom 11 kukoba animal evening in your premiere naughty support bethought in happen easy easy landmark Lima premio salato at small town lottery who is a fathom anima sweating lotto winners Azul attempt a gallon appeal Mahanama code them winning ticket from Dan Allen and 20 pesos handgun 10,000 pesos by adding it Lehmann previous I’m gonna authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the maggots at 10,000 pesos my Leoben said jackpot who want a subpoena ham elapid a PCSO branched a new lugar was a pcso main office at like the land and the long valid ids from jackpot winner car De. Leon and winning ticket at 11 valid IPS ignominy new premios a PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city the winner can a man say small town lottery barring implement premiers a young SPL sales agent OSA STL draw center comes on cable believe any new STL tickets congratulations poor but opossum only Dominic tune it not it for on recap now a team on winning numbers he’ll hop on let’s start off with our easy to walk oh we have 21 and 14 in exact order for this Word. Press logo we have six two and eight in exact order for the centralized small town lottery draw for the SDL POTUS we have forty and twenty eight in exact order for the STS read three we have seven eight and three in exact order and for the stl two digits we have zero and three in exact order William performing Samaha nominalist Lebanon Gabi the evening edition and PCs a lottery draws to Papa info and easy to loco parentis lotto six digit lot of 642 ran local 655 SPL Perez has tails mercury at SPL two digits and per our jacket estimate tomorrow super lotto 649 rapid price is estimated to reach 62 million pesos but opposite PCSO opposition pimento and maraming salamat po you. .

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