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PCSO 4 PM Lotto Draw, 29, 2017.

you voila Makka pakka sabi ko Adama boomer O’Bannon allah salla hatman pcso games want many wala Savannah text messages Leehom without setting upon on the nexus having Mulvey big 8 o salon and tip top elite nampara or cell phone no boo million tickets and on a pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches Fargo on axle draw magandang hapon ozone Visayas up mindanao nanny Taku Monica me Vargas afternoon edition a pcso not read Romeo be honest aha on December 29 2017 when you pull me now promenade 9lives the internet over the official websites and Facebook pages now PCSO at ETV but against a twitter up procedures canina psychic and having live lotto and small town lottery draws cine guru Poornima the panel of judges at the representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting piracy drawers is in the Guam was using machine inspection at testing para más seguro and Amaya some condition the monotron machines they gotta meet him only the operation after a mode switch button and by human intervention support PD Dan Boylan got a meeting that long sets up in experience a power game randomly the millions a person is a septum official draw Volstagg alchemy team flag wooden bowl a salmon an appealing drama set I feeling ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting band empowered Pollan Kagame team but opposed massacre on a toy compared oh I’m chairperson llama and a glutton Davos leg agony Vincent of the drawers properly documented at corporate puddin video empowered redraw activity tradin are lahat for a second appeal lot of us both out lottery draws okay Samantha nothing album you gonna pop Remy oh let’s play the easy two lotto deep enough for mechanics and easy to auto game for million on the get some number from 131 so the Lewan subsets now in young easy to game panel who i am appealing number two I am swearing LT or lucky pick fix prize in a four thousand pesos on panel on abhava Team Umizoomi La.Rue mo full Mc. Math mama number small Sam Bobby feeling easy to exact order a soul top aggressive 4 p. m. easy to lotto for the first number number 5 and the second number 13 only think upon at the easy to a lotto winning numbers here hop on 5 and 13 in exact order nominal lucky three numbers no swear that’s not all lotto falsa by Sabrina this aluminum began to own a multi million swept it as Palolo philosophically to Yamato and STL games than pcs Oh on December 31 the usual 11 a. m. dross of the AC to bottle spotless lotto centralized STL Paris swell three and two digits will be drawn at 11:30 in the morning and batting for be abroad an easy to lotto sweat raspado centralized STL Paris swap we are two digits I got an apple banana las doce immediate and Tahari at second after a las dos de jamón popular for winning numbers that easy to lotto sweat phesmatos super lotto 649 lat Votolato 658 centralized STL Paris swiftly add two digits and on January 1 New Year’s Day salad the form of a lot of our pets as well are in Punta Cana Pedro formal operations will resume on January 2 2018 okay now the players Italy nothing I’m suerte let’s not play the sweetest lotto three times today nee enjoying among a lot of layers of a program you know swear dress coat OD tournaments again NATO this prize the four thousand five hundred pesos on panel o sabaha cevapi some combination a magnum Asha mirthless thought winning combination in exact order 750 or 1500 vs.

Amana grêmio pune drum buddy towards the sky waves are not building digit machines for the first digit 6 the second digit 7 and the third digit number 5 muli pong ethics worthless not winning combination yaja point 6 7 & 5 in exact order my lucky numbers now small found lottery games so sort of nothing get ready and good luck it’s now time to play the small town lottery bias okay for the official draw balls numbered 1 to 40 on a salami on an outing drum machine and we will be drawing two lucky balls Pyrus a winning combination on adding stl paris teresa de peau de niro a small town lottery paris the first number and it is the number 39 thank you sir fucking number please press that button again Ro.R upon athena bommana my lucky numbers from small town lottery Boggis he suppose a pcso lottery draws doing 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p. m. at 9:00 p. m.

stand on phenomena for my numbers in exact order Pergamon a youkai ohnaka premio as a second number number 40 on SDL Pyrus winning numbers here one hop on 39 and 40 in exact orders okay I’m next am nothing I am small town North East where three Putnam number seven Fong a team Bob Pollin Seguin NATO sat down for Nam result and Andrew NATO I para Samanya hollering on sts 132 most emotional millibar when thou is City lapu lapu city Cebu Province later Tacloban City Negros Oriental northern samar Mahal eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Nevada sewer Davao Oriental what about the city lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City misamis oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Sultan Fatih God Surigao del Sur book at no no general santos city Bastilla misamis occidental North Cotabato Zamboanga war artim Wonga city saga let’s play the st elsewhere three salomina hallo I’m sample banana meme our numbers 0 the 9 salon and raw machine whoa boy la putana that long numbers neshama gigging sweary winning combination for this afternoon straw in exact order food Appa or NASA tomorrow Sampada habala para i’m monado and the first number number okay sir were ready for the second box I’m headin for Mahone exact order of morning numbers like SES were three phenomena known on supreme notathome basis is I’m honored in Covina bowling st elsewhere three doing Alice owns an Omega Alice platinum upon an honest weapon on the beach Erica second number number seven okay sir please press that rock randomized like a flow number nine SAS were three Costello who important Bo mobile app Argos I cap low appalling number parasitic STS we’re three game con winner Ohio poison acclaim on premise and your souping STL sales agent who came in your vanilla on STL day kappa neo number number nine Molly PO on STL so our three winning numbers neon hop on to seven and nine in exactly come on exciting prizes some iguanas a small town lottery two digits sample borne upon NASA Lebanon drum machine numbered zero tonight a two numbers a month on a DVD in long SPL two digits knocking from Babylon hey I fire an immense amount of gardening late a Tacloban City Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar piranha left lady STL two digits then official Dobis wanna repeat anyway on the nozzle Oldham draw machine a mojito I mean my numbers 0 to 9 Pyrus SEL two digits two numbers for mobile AHIMA sham monkey king official winning combination I’m number two thank you sir reading a Pattaya Baggesen second victory please press that button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn once again i SEL to a digits i parka for my area smell of lovin city otsuma prevention on Leyte Negros Oriental art Eastern Samar there’s a second digit another to once again on SD l 2 digits winning numbers 2 & 2 congratulations to all the winners Muhammad claimed in your premio Nandita Papa nor energy easy easy land Mac.Lean a previous alato at small town lottery who is a passable of us a swept wing lotto winners Azula taka Holland appeal randomly coat that winning ticket from the dollar than twenty pesos and got ten thousand pesos for re same employer seminar authorised lot of outlets some of the winners the make it to ten thousand pesos mile events a jackpot who would a subpoena Kemal up with the PCs of brand new Luger was a PCSO main office attack the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner cut the linen winning ticket at the level valid IP nickname again you premios a pcso main office 6:05 shop o departmental ooh young city for winner can demands a small town lottery Bonnie Lima premium SPL sales agent OSA SDL draw center console table believing in you congratulations Paul Vargas Amalia Lamanna tune in indeed upon recap now adding more winning numbers he’ll have on let’s start off with our easy to Lothal we have five and thirteen in exact orders word risotto six seven and five in exact order SDL Paris 39 and 40 in exact order st elsewhere three to seven and nine in exact order AXA STL two digits to and to Mali Pune Yagami Samaha and Mama an Austrian anga beat Paris evening edition a PCSO lottery draws from Papa Danang easy to a lot o sweet risotto four digit mega lotto 625 and author lots of 650 whatever info on STL bar SSD elsewhere 3 and LCL 2 digits and perch upon estimate tonight’s older local 658 job prize is estimated to reach one hundred sixty nine million pesos camión para por vous Manila in Omaha lotto tickets para pasar Peter Sweeney Phyllida am I gonna have fun you. .

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