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PCSO 2 PM Lotto Draw, 24, 2017

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while and makka pakka’s a bhikkhu Adama número mañana low Salahuddin PCSO games what many Wallace among a text messages lahum without setting upon on the nexus having must be big a dosa Lenin tip Kapali tempura or cellphone load boom million tickets a mana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on actual draw good afternoon ozone messiahs at Mindanao welcome for Sonic is a multi million game showdown Pilipinas Romi maha kassapa de la mala Rajjo he be searched at the Internet is somewhat slurping post a new garage hello boss of a monoid sat in via livestream Japan PCSO water across a PCSO official website and Facebook page Canada pops a ppb’s official website Facebook page very stop streaming dailymotion live at account and today is Sunday December 24 2017 this is our special Christmas draw from me it last minute shopping ababa my last minute shopping bizarre name do you have any multiple billion an Indian when I think it’s part exhausting job but prices coming at night are open and bingo della Pugh nominee Eddie I’m an exciting prizes now fixed price game easy to not all to Word.Press not all parameter deeds the super lover 649 the ocean water 650 images centralized Motor Lodge in Paris SDS wrestle and SPL too busy for another 400 Fulton and centralized SDL Josephina boiler Depot superior for Joe court I Paragon some of a Luger or prevention and windy for no cop under Obama ball on a localized SPL draw correct para Samantha Yamagata the swept in and heat upon a key panel of judges led by our chairperson Hysterium Jane a boost on Casa Marina topography non orthogonal doe I’m gonna representatives from pcs now heed enough now pre draw procedures canina psychic a napping vibrato and small town lottery draws singing guru for the mapping panel of judges at the representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is a melodrama Sheen’s they got the meeting parisa drawers was using machine inspection testing para más seguro and Amaya sub 20 showed the melodrama she’s gotta meet him only the operation after anymore switch button and by human intervention Suffolk PD Dan Boylan got a meeting Putnam sets up connect PPD and separate game randomly the millions a person then is gonna set the official draw balls Academy team flag with a bolus among an appealing Drobo said I didn’t bomb para más seguro the Hollis para para handsome Bank empowered : Kagame team but apostasy guru nato a complete oh and chairperson llama and a close and robust lega can be Vincent of a draws properly documented at covered puddin video of our three drawer activity at trade in our lahat for a second a ping lotto a small town lottery draws million let’s play ultra lotto 658 tonight or this afternoon autoloader jackpot prize is 160 million eight hundred fifty thousand eight hundred seventy six pesos miss a boost and man finally man please press that button and let’s play ultra lotto Cena guru Poornima the man who had enough about 150 troubles numbered 1 to 58 sallow podium adding drama Sheen and we are waiting for six lucky balls and the first number is 57 I watch a lot of pop paramutual game paga hottie and equally and jackpot prize comes appalling deloa oh he get back man an alone and Java price second number is 37 you adjust a lot of agents fear of a 1 percent commission to pay for my shifting agent and I put Benton and Pickett than annelid and jackpot third number is 35 and jackpot prize agents Commission poll I’m a maximum amount of 1 million pesos fourth number we have the number 5 I’m a lotto tickets for my security features at my Peru Sam but assessing the moment I’m Tom Mc. Clean the Premio gummy and fake Orton ampere in a ticket fifth number is 49 is a number in a la penita not in puting winning combination good luck also lots of players the sixth and final number is 36 recapping today’s ultra lot of 658 winning numbers in any order 57 37 35 549 and 36 with a Jap a prize of 160 million eight hundred fifty thousand eight hundred seventy six pesos the agents price Commission Google either Mary Mary and Pascal about that ship one point in you I’m winning Java combination good let’s play super lotto 649 this afternoon super lotto jackpot prize is twenty eight million eight hundred six thousand one hundred fifty seven pesos net off the agents price Commission once again miss up with Stan ma’am please press that button man let’s play super lotto members and panel of judges for joining us today selamat impose upon Kulina on kill example dr. Putnam PCSO this time six out of 49 was a Papillion I’m adding draw machine in no particular order Rumble and the first number is five I’m super low topo pari mutuel game from the low wall heated pan when another ninja quad haha teen who equally I’m Japan price and our second number is 35 bleating Apollo two agents Marin gave one percent commission Amari umma boots a 1 million pesos come same outlet for EE I’m ticket nananana and Zapata and the third number is 31 boom winner Pocoyo not twenty pesos up to 10,000 pesos spread in your claimants among a lot of outlets nationwide completo heilige PO at Wallin pal tasks and the fourth number is 21 Sam up open the post appreciate so main office video game acclaimed and premio Lunas and young bareness 8 1500 Baga hangar for 13 an apple Oaxaca Halliburton and a long valid ID fifth number we have the number ten is some golden elephant ah he need a matin param bhavam Platinum adding 28 million plus super lotto combination good luck for summer lotta players the sixth and final number is number four Philippines here are the official super lotto winning numbers in any order 535 31 21 10 and 4 with a jackpot price of 28 million eight hundred six thousand one hundred fifty seven pesos net of the agents price Commission reported announcement for MUFAs December 25 Bastogne there will be no selling of tickets and no draws will be conducted normal lot operations resumed on Tuesday December 26 2017 that’s a substitute for nailing goal December 31 2017 the regular alluminium Ross will be conducted at 11:30 in the morning while the regular four p. m. draws will be conducted at 12:30 in the afternoon at platinum and post a regular 9:00 p. m. draw sister for Ebola in second up Dallas Austin happen on January 1 2018 there will be no selling of tickets at all a pataga gonna pin that ross normal selling and ross will resume on the following day january 2 2017 sami public or 2018 rather salmon family yacht intimate pune near ami and exciting prizes double digit gains you a covert one I see Lola Vidya is a llama Siddappa Aravena become a buyer not aluminum pcso tsubame bahadin a BCSO medical and dental mission katana gang main mission vision and a purpose for I should say for for some pcs or London Napoleon charity services for assistance for Minami common problems and assistance in Korean you need hospitalization operation papa reporter Allison are cancer patients and support of medical and dental mission we give free medical consultations and treatments kissimmee medicine for Amidala and also free dental services so particularly more more unsafe extraction phone and food it’s a LAN in the program we thought my PPK for PCs own and be brain checker at Lieber Awards am a resident in a parent i antibiotic lugar have had port a PCSO and my parity and Paloma Nogales a tea mother a papaya Monsuno and Pilipinas suppose millivolt and lotto tickets the coward of pcs Oh Papa Galaga Kalugin and some by a man let’s play lotto PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partnered bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third floor BCSO main office sha boulevard man tuluyan city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO partners Pegula advocacy soda bow a Filipino panel oh let’s play Richard the zone desired says Linda no that’s 1/3 wonderful final sweat just lotto game matching the three digit winning combination in exact order went to the fixed price amount of 4500 pencil and play in via dell’Amore eat efficiently 2,750 texture 1,500 pesos ethnic appeal inna adding digit machines the first digit 7 the second digit 5 and the third digit 3 again our sweaters winning combination 7 5 and 3 in exact order La Veta numbers and I know mocha cream yo let’s play easy to lotto easy easy Lama Bureau at Mahalo digital age’ to not engage comedian honestok is a movie no from 1 to 30 once available substrate flung in an easy tool not a linked list fixed price the 4,000 pesos empanadas and our sample people who must March and the lava luminosity is to local winning combination today in exact order arctic appealing opponent easy to lot all winning numbers the first number 27 and the second number 23 recapping today’s easy to lotto winning numbers 27 and 23 in exact order well on us and Gonzaga though I fought for our governor beshear so far as remarkable by innothing Nagila Adam too long Naruto Pula sincerity assistance department phenomena if Amagi too long on cbs4 ro ro Dylan million million program Johanna did them pcs or somewhere am Filipino million me live Kabongo I didn’t even a baja Guinea tosod even acaba my aunt who la città toast and charity assistance departments and a Papa hugging too long than pcs awesome caboose pilot Atacama bian from December 16th to December 22 2017 hi OMA booth possum I get the 96 million pesos and a former hockey it’s a 3070 beneficiary 31 million nine hundred seventy two thousand six hundred pesos Paris a hospitalization 671 a percentage 30 million 177 thousand eight hundred pesos far as a 619 a patient a nanana nanan team would there be about brachytherapy radiation at linear acceleration six million five hundred ninety four thousand five hundred pesos Tamiya Paris a peritoneal and hemodialysis than 437 the passion takes at 27 million five hundred fifteen thousand five hundred 80 pesos and Anila and pcs o Partha 1343 in a passion d the homing in a new lung Paris a Baba Booey does every show medically I’m pushed on a PCSO I Paris of our Filipino Nevada and had phenomena the sufficeth oh and my hair didn’t too long Salman sulo can happen but sir centralized small town lottery games or Masha Allah okay centralized ipara for sahaja yoga of Rhodesia now while in our Ghana the localized straw similar not in Rome ISA SPL Paris beautiful cicada to Meredith I am forty official Bravo’s numbered 1 to 40 then along the Maricopa line at in Paris official winning number is down STL Paris get ready and good luck let’s play both our lottery Paris worthy official troubles numbered 1 to 40 M a salut young NASA Lupo Manhattan raw machine we will grow to lucky balls but as a winning combination and adding SPL virus mean tape without detonating a first lucky number and the first number is 21 thank you sir Eddie Natalia part us a second number please again Marin / input I in localized STL Paris draw semana propecia yeah good luck awesome AHA STL players than Ange Epona Glaros a man a localized Ross nothing even we are waiting for the second number and that number is 14 once again two dice today’s STL paris winning numbers are 21 and 14 gonna want you for my numbers day on in exact order congratulations panel Ohio Ronnie thank you Eric okay next kidnapping on small town Latrice well three sample boiler furnace will often draw machine number zero tonight at a clue Newman Amanpour I’m upping bubbala hands and I’m Susan on journée so I para pasar la Llorona SC elsewhere threesome assume ooh saladna lugar Mandaue City lapu lapu city province of Cebu later Poplarville City province of Negros Oriental northern samar Koval Ethan Thomas Agusan del Norte Davao sticking double the shul Davao Oriental Cotabato seeking another Norte Davao del Norte to rego del Norte Cagayan de Oro City nice a miss oriental Compostela Valley a good sign del Sol Sol Park odor are to regard a stool book it non General Santos City vassalage misamis occidental North Cotabato Zamboanga they’ll soon as someone got CP okay SPL players feed numbers of entire let’s play se elsewhere cream so LCS well three sample ball anime maja numeral zero tonight I’m NASA new orleans your machine the wala bhutta nurse at laguna de la chambre giggling 20 winning combination for today’s draw in exact order to depart or NASA tama iost some punk rocker boards and the first number four okay sir we’re ready for the second number please firstnet was a panda an element of Mahua in exact order of winning numbers and SP l 2 L 3 para maana Honoka premio button versus I some Arabic in a bowl of FTL 12 3:11 a.

m.4:00 p. m. at 9 p. m. fine okay sir please press that button again Firebird number Castle William Covino bola a Cosmo actually numero Parishad e st elsewhere three games cup winner Kyle marry me claimant annual training cooking SPL sales agent concerning a beanie on SPL ticket me no good luck for selahattin my ticket than the hurried number poor once again today’s st elsewhere three winning numbers for five and four in exact order SEL two digit something boiler for nasa lows and drove machine over zero tonight at 11 human element for a pinball Bella handsome article a terrific mobile teaching province of Negros Oriental art eastern samar particles in your own winning combination SDL two digits draw Cayetana let’s play de sel two digit tell official draw vote for a la villita in Yuma Union a solvent row machine by maja numerator 0 to 9 and we will draw two lucky ball to somebody get official winning combination and SPL two digits this year thank you sir ready nobuta Oh Paris the second digit is red button again and while waiting for the second digit to be drawn moon eating football on winning combination will enjoy Paris Omaha budget rent a car Louisville city province of Negros Oriental at Eastern baba six once again STL two digits winning numbers 2 & 6 in exact order regalo from PCSO sawanaga Ivana result in the morning and afternoon George sadena papanoida formulas coverage to toss a PCSO official Facebook page DTS or website CBeebies Facebook page CT beats periscope 3 mean PD beasts very much alive ppb account and T TVs official website by report similar winning number Naruto the results of our morning draw for the easy tool although the winning numbers are 25 and 23 in exact order for the sweaters not on the winning combination is nine nine and six in exact order and for the morning sto drawers for the SD of RS we have the winning combination seven and 24 in exact order for the SDS were three the way numbers are two five and nine in exact order ever SDL whose digits winning numbers we have seven and two in exact order and the results of the afternoon draw for the YZ equal although the winning numbers are twenty nine and seven in exact order for the sweaters although the winning combination is zero five and eight in exact order and for the afternoon sto draws for the SDL Podesta winning herbs are thirty five and eight in the exact order for the STR sweating winning numbers are six five and four in exact order and for our STR food the dis winning combination we have six and one in exact order easy easy landmark lima premier salato at small town lottery who is a pastor man of us a swept wing lotta winners he soon atomic Alan a pill man Adam Lakota winning ticket from the island and 20 pesos have got ten thousand pesos body heat beam employer Samana authorized local outlets some of the winners the make it to ten thousand pesos on events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena Hamill up with a PCSO brand new lugar was a PCSO main office attract the land and lol valid IDs from jackpot winner car the win and winning ticket at the ROM valid IPS him he knew previous a PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city winner can advance a small town lottery Barney Lima premium SPL sales agent for sir SDL draw center Sante would believe any new SPL tickets congratulations poor bah boo boo nominee Rika Pamela winning numbers reminder lamp available selling them tickets at Aladdin poem dragon open jaws focus our own APIs calm leepu time Maximus Amasa Marquez Nguyen December 26 far as I exciting prizes and lotto at small town lottery draws people mob what’s a draw starting any nap one who paint employment at Apple who lived in when I mean you know me I’m Anna winning numbers tenement atop was London among a draws similar parati Nyanza easy to lotto winning numbers we have 27 and 23 in exact order far as a sweat risotto and winning combination seven five and three in exact order para pasar the nationwide super lotto 649 in any order the winning numbers are 535 31 21 then and four with a jackpot prize of 28 million eight hundred six thousand one hundred fifty seven pesos net of the agents price Commission attacking ultra lotto 658 in any order 57 37 35 549 and 36 etymologically tow 160 million eight hundred fifty thousand eight hundred seventy six pesos net of the agents price commission 21 and 14 in exact order st elsewhere three four five and four in exact order at SPL two digits two and six in exact order okay we need a not in Sundanese a job cause winner I’ll be the banana I think data security representative by reporting data center Olaf will tie in jackpot winner for the ultra local 658 gettin Vince’s super lotto 649 no jackpot winner that’s all for today’s special Christmas raw butter pizza PTSO I’m including Co draw me see phone some pcs although Filipinas funnel FOC area game son enjoy your Christmas Merry Christmas foster you love the guy you. .

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