Pcso 11:30 Am Lotto Draw, December 24, 2017 Video

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PCSO 11:30 AM Lotto Draw, 24, 2017

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while an makka pakka’s a bhikkhu Adamo numero manimala selahattin PCSO games what many Wallis among a text messages Leehom without setting upon Alexis having must be big a dose Illidan tip kappa lipton para or cellphone load boom million tickets I’m on a PCSO authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on actual draw Visayas mug and Umaga mindanao welcome for some morning edition a pcso Vadra god today is a Sunday December 24 2017 I decided that para Samanya and Christmas regalo para saying in the hot lab univille some on an annoyed Gale overs the Internet’s our official website and Facebook page gained it was a Facebook page Twitter and dailymotion live account some PT b RT and a lipoma lucky numbers in your para sadi easy to lotto lotto small town rural games the poorest sweat free to digitise to do I’m asking panel of judges map in a moment on me miss a Lou Jean abbastanza before a team official of a senator’s with as a PCSO at permission nodded at seven about arriving PCSO assistant draw for dinner odka peeling the poo nadira nadiya muhammad is he bugged at Misawa ha need is a PCSO data lymphoma Gardena swept they may own Baga little basketball diamond aerodrome high end balloon and at the in Alma gonnigan highlights Artem Fedor procedures in an app Karina like a canopy vibrato and small town lottery draws Cindy guru Poornima the panel of judges Anton are representatives from PCSO in Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting a draws he was using machine inspection and testing pharmacy guru and amaya some Wendy showed them on a drum machine they got a meeting only the operation after a mode switch button and by human intervention support feeding Anne Boleyn got a meeting Putnam sets up in experience a power game brands of me the millions a person then he’s gonna set the official draw balls at the meeting blood puddin bolus on an appealing Bravo said I didn’t bomb para más seguro the Hollis periphery hunting band empowered Pollan Kagame team but opposed massacre on a play competi and chairperson llama and a glutton Davos mega gamut in sadhana draws properly documented at covered puddin video empowered redraw activity a tribunal aha for a second a ping lotto a small town lottery draws a yellow the players unum salvo number premium upon velocity memory Tom easy to lotto Seve de lama pomegranate some easy to lotto game me de la mano de sel numero from one two three one syllable subset and in young easy to game panel at column appealing numero israel swear pain and lucky pick it’s about some Compeyson and in the Rooney no a fixed prize the four thousand pesos is rated Santo play a 2,000 pesos a month um guy you’re in a little using the rumble Eva sister play varsity morning easy to LA to draw the first number we have the number 25 and for the second number we have the number 23 re gabbing are easy to love the winning numbers this morning we have the numbers 25 and 23 in exact order but ba polygamy Valley Vista ban on Elance and Lily BCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partners nya program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a PCSO product and standard development department third for pcso main office sha Boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO the partners of a culo advocacy soda bow a filipino okay Pilipinas saleroom tres números naman die oh let’s not play the Suarez lotto game we believe on cash prizes in for honky Pina Mimi guy then sweat let’s not those among us weapons other players not in sub alone bonza fix fries the four thousand five hundred pesos and penelo then bow watson poopy so miller only yoga mat mat semana literally no somebody beating suet risotto winning combination in exact order quite a clever Tamaki using the humbly to system play 750 s also 1005 as though something fairly readable I’m adding the two machines the first digit is the number nine the second digit we have another number nine and the third and finally it is the number six again nice weather saw the winning combination this Sunday morning is nine nine and six in exact order exciting prizes without violence along a lucky numbers of small town lottery games so I mean la Pucelle AHA drove us December 25 Christmas Day there will be no selling of tickets and no draws will be conducted normal Lhasa operations will resume on Tuesday December 26 2017 when an opponent of awareness an stl Svoboda stl Paris comes on Bobo Laputa una de la ville nouvelle hula ports a forty draw balsam a monomial mula one to forty on Donna papaya beautiful ceviche sort and Antonella hockey come on let’s play the small salary Perez forty official draw balls numbered one to forty an SLO play not in draw machine and we will draw two lucky balls Paris a winning combination erotic sto Paris my young fish spear estampa square Omega and we will have our winning combination in just a few seconds now the first witty number is the number seven Otto are abou nothing in a banana lucky numbers none small town Laurie Perez our diva morrow he double servicios allall their jaws twinkle a swan sin Omega a las cuatro hop on out a las nueve angry for the second number we have the number 24 Filippo adding a steel pot as winning numbers go back i7 and 24 million in exact order para una pelea okay I mean XK do not delay and small salaries were three that dumb dummy run upon adding bubula hints again a tote and on PO angry pseudonym joe nato i para Samanya at La Llorona St elsewhere tree Samaha somos uno de navarra Mandaue City lapu lapu city promise of Cebu Leyte Tacloban Negros Oriental northern samar whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental Cotabato City now del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City masami’s Orient ala Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Sultan Kudarat Surigao del Sur Hitmonlee general santos city Basilan miss Sam is Occidental north cotabato someone else or at sub 1 the city aim time now let’s play the st elsewhere tree heathyr was a steals worthless a fumble on American 1109 and as an opening draw machine for boiler booth iron and aluminum arrow neshama gigging STL swell three winning combination for our Sunday morning draw our first number is the number two okay sir were ready for my second book mawa in exact order on winning numbers and st else well three bottom analyst of a premier but long basis an Aerodyne be no bola adding sts were three soccer and even arrow doing Alice on cinema Maha a las cuatro Don harpoon at Alice moving angry our second number is the number five sir please based upon the third number colloquial Puritan bonobo Lapera sardine Partlow are tolling numero starting a steel so every gaming Umaga about winner tyoma are uniquely millennium premios are you soaking a steel agent Tom Karenina Vanilli I’m in yo STL ticket number is the number nine bleep oh nothing a steals were three winning numbers game Omega i 25 and nine in exact order come on exciting prizes the Macumba las a small town lottery two digits some punk volleyball Agnes an open to a machine numbered from zero to nine Dellavedova nevada mobile Ahana STL two digits for adding babu Naheed I Parliament Savannah lugar non latex Tacloban City Negros Oriental our eastern samar la la let’s not play the SEL two digits official draw Bosco and I Ethan young’uns hello knocking draw machine name on the numero Python 0 to 9 and we will be drawing two lucky balls NASA Mc.Gee official wedding combination starting STL do Bridget strong young lingo Baga okay we have our first digit and that is the number 7 thank you sir I’m gonna put a team Abu Dhabi caliban numero bar assaulting a steel do digitally Picabo on drone a toy Paris at the global city at Savannah Lala vegan and late a Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar four second digit we have the number two once again and I think STL two digits winning name winning digits name Omega i7 and two in exact order congratulations to all our winners at Palomar Rama Lama and campano modding agreement in your premier panel in Pune in Edo at small town lottery who is a pastor Manama swept Inglot the winners issued a topical an appeal Mohannad lakota winning ticket from the naland and 20 pesos have gone ten thousand pesos by adding each Lehman previous I’m gonna authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the Maggie gets a ten thousand pesos mile events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena ha malapa the BCSO branch sign new lugar was a pcso main office at like the land and the long valid ids from jackpot winner car the live in and winning ticket at the long valid IPS nicknamed Aminu premios a PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city winner can a man say small town lottery money in plano premium SPL sales agent for sir SDL draw center Pusan capable even in young STL tickets congratulations poor at Sarajevo Bosnia de Madrazo needing Bernardin I’m acting among all wearing numbers similar punitive sodding easy to not a winning combination we have 25 and 23 in exact order on a terrible sweater so the winning combination Agha nine nine nine and six in exact order and our small town are they winning combinations for our STL Paris we are the numbers 7 and 24 in exact order Mariposa the STL swell three to five and nine in exact order and last but not least our STL two digit winning combination this morning is 7 and 2 in exact order Mele una camisa mamma mias yes those imagined and tan holly parables afternoon edition a PCSO Laredos the popper in an easy to lotto sweaters not a lot small town Laurie Perez swear three are two digits fully butterball at maraming salamat single are you you. .

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