Pcso 11 Am Lotto Draw, January 16, 2018 Video

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PCSO 11 AM Lotto Draw, 16, 2018.

while Ambika foxes are bhiku animal new Barrowman and allah salla haha pcs of games 120 wallace among a text messages lahum on our satin upon open accessible must be big a dose in an antique cabinet nampara or cellphone load boom million ticket semana BCSO authorized outfits at pcs or branches fargo on actual draw Bogota vomega Luzon macadam Agra Visayas and Mindanao well compose a morning edition of VCs old lottery draw it’s Tuesday January 16 2018 live new becoming a pop annoyed by a live stream over the official websites and Facebook pages then PCSO ad PPV gained in San Twitter at dailymotion live accounts and PPV at livelihood adding mobile a hint about winning numbers far as a centralized rosslyn small town battery yeah Pilipinas and Adamawa lucky number Apsaras are easy to lotto so what press lotto fall down lottery games Nepal a swirlie add new digits the summer pool nothing because the studio mapping panel of judges in a mr.ray Rica bar at sea miss Mori Ella Kyle Sullivan maybe formatting official representatives philosopy CSO at Commissioner got it that’s simply I’m happy pcso assistant drop ordenador been waiting for say yo better bugaboo time and let open or even a night in amman again highlights and I think redraw procedures they get a napkin inna Sangha can happen live lotto at small town lottery draws singing guru Poornima ting panel of judges at the representatives from BCSO and Commission on audit number is a mama drama she’s still gotta meet in Paris across he’s in the Guam us using machine inspection testing panama seguro nama is on condition the monotron machines the gaga medium only the operation of the remote switch button and mine human intervention support pd nim Bolin gag a meeting that long sets and Finnick PPD and Sabaoth game randomly the million chairperson is unset the official robots mega committee lat bounnam bola Simon an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro Nahal espera pero anthem band empowered : Gaga meeting but that was passing Gurunath recompete oh and chairperson llama and a glutton Robotnik agony pin similar draws properly documented at covered puddin video on our free draw activity at ravine a lot para sacar can happen lotto Earth’s Malta lottery draws lots of players pub when a man I’m sweating Oh Makka Moo Moo Lapua ants a lucky number is not easy to lotto simply Lumpur mechanics none easy to lotto game committee London Tiggy some number from 1 to 31 set the level some sets angel easy to game panel fuckin appeal in the poll numbers I in that match the easy to lot a winning combination in exact order but a loop of aorta 4,000 pesos for every 10 peso play at don’t pay pour in a little via the ROM believe the system played well women a low hand lol V boom he so appealing upon adding machines and winning numbers the first number is 14 and the second number is 11 once again this morning’s easy to lotta winning numbers are 14 and 11 in exact order a wobbly from pcs oh ma Philebus Lana Alanis and le PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partners bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third for PCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest pcso branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO cabarrus of a ghulam advocacy soda bow a Filipino Solaris numerous Thomas Pattaya let’s play swap s lotto we believe on cash prizes tip off in a Pamina swept us lotto satin players nationwide be tournament oh fuck magma engine trina versus Watrous not a winning combination in exact order Honolulu Fiona fixed price the 4500 pesos pretend peso play donkey boy declaró using the rambly tow system play party game and a letter 750 pesos OD gaya 1,500 pesos not appealing a formatting machines the winning combination the first digit is number 3 the second digit is number 8 and the third digit is a 0 once again the 11 a. m. so what does not a winning combination 3 8 0 in exact order exciting prizes for lana wa subhanallahi numbers and small town lottery games Susan in the family I eponymous a big open ena Papa Panov in alive and centralized small town lottery draws or STL similar forgotten about 9 STL’s upon : an STL paris cusan mobile app with iron and aluminum arrow mula 1 to 4000 peter was a PCSO and Dyna lahat hey let’s play the small town lottery games Peter say STL palace 40 official robos numbered 1 to 40 and NASA logo my animatic raw machine and we will draw two lucky balls part of us a winning combination of adding STL Paris Paris or magnet oh good la pelota me tickets satting a centralized STL paris draws the first copper is 23 thank you sir please press that button again for the second number Otto Otto pune ting a bananamana lucky numbers now small town lottery Paris DDo. S a PCSO lottery draws three Alice once apon Ibaka Alice quatrain and have fun at mommy and Alice Rivlin let me have a meaning they put that in a nothing second lucky number for this morning there you go the second number is 40 fully an STL paris winning numbers game Umaga 23 and 40 in exact order at the point a pond on the numbers they are congratulations Penelope next game packet and small town lotteries were three fat low numerator man poem a t mobile is a game that oh and then a resuit opponent Juanito a paris a mechanic dollar and an st elsewhere three savannah somos uno de lugar and our city lapu lapu city Cebu Province slated the globe and city negros oriental northern summer behold eastern sour Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental pootabot Oh city lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Miss a Miss oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Sultan surigao del sur bukit lon Jennsen city Basilan misamis occidental north cotabato Zamboanga del Sur add some Wonga City game by default let’s play STL sewer 3d tournament was a STL swap free sample voila numbered 0 to 9 and a saladna Martin raw machine hopefully put Iona that new numbers national gigging STS were three winning combination for this morning straw good luck fossil at the movie dhinam tickets parasitic STL’s were three Napa Alice unsafe than Umaga first number is the number for surveyed in the tie for the second number Thank You Kayla homeboy in exact order I’m winning numbers and SD elsewhere 3 para mañana poppy mu died upon an stl paris that long basis is an arrow bonobo lon STL swell 3 Alice all sin Omega a las cuatro pono happen at Mamiya Aleister Bain lambda B the second number is the number 7 thank you sir please press that one again for the third number a Saluki impunity manobala it Catlow at hooli numero Paris at est elsewhere 3 game a winner pave America a Mc.

Lean a premios in soaking STL’s STL sales agent Johnson phony non abelian in your ticket the third number is the number 3 Filippo st elsewhere 3 winning numbers game Umaga for 7 and 3 in exact order salut demeure exciting prizes llama bumble has a small town lottery two digits sample ball upon us alone the drum machine numbered 0 to 9 the little numbers of informatn Mobile.Iron an stl two digits naughty for mobile ahem i. Pad animal savannah lugar non leap a Taliban city negros oriental at Eastern Samar let’s play STL two digits then official grumbles I’m gonna hit upon you my own cell ultimate in raw machine numbered 0 to 9 we will be drawing two lucky balls neshama gigging official winning combination of adding STL to digits we are waiting for the first number good luck Samuel at the moment in a thicket for the two digits first number is three thank you sir II read in a tie for the second digit a bimini paper nothing and finally one winning number bleating Apple and grown a toy parts at a global city Salmonella Wiegand and late a Negros Oriental ha ha Eastern summer and the second digit is number 6 once again an STL two digits winning combination a omega 3 & 6 in exact order congratulations to all the winners at para Malamud Cabana a flamin premio pan or even a little easing easy land mclean the Premio salato at small town lottery cohesive as anonymous a swept wing lot of winners azul atop a gallon a permanently code the winning ticket from Dan Allen and twenty pesos handgun ten thousand pesos by adding each Lehman premier semana authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the make it’s a ten thousand pesos mile events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena Hamill up with a PCSO branch say new lugar was a PCSO main office up like the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner Coeur d’Alene and winning ticket at the level valid IPS pygmy Molina premios a pcso main office 6:05 show Boulevard mandaluyong city the winner can a man say small town lottery barring implement premium SPL sales agent osa SDL draw center comes on capable even in you STL tickets congratulations Paul the mine be Puma but suck at the top Astana Madras latina tenable winning number similan phone at insa easy to lotto winning numbers we have 14 and 11 in exact order SAS swept us lotto 3 8 and 0 in exact order sodding STL paris we have 23 and 40 in exact order say st elsewhere 3 we have 4 7 & 3 in exact order and finally satting STL two digits we have 3 & 6 in exact order will be put in jaffa missamma an analyst Quattroporte have one forward prices via the easy to lot on swatters lotto add small table to the paris swap three and two digits jackpot estimates will not import tonight super lotto 649 and jaffa price but allah would only get panel 65 million pesos at Daytona so ultra lot of 658 Obama BOTS or who begin then 218 million pesos care of your family bootable billion tickets Mamma Mia Rami selamat all good morning you you. .

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