Pcso 11 Am Lotto Draw, December 30, 2017 Video

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PCSO 11 AM Lotto Draw, 30, 2017.

while an Makka pakka sabi ko animal numero mana mellow Salahuddin PCSO games walk manual a Samana text messages Leehom or dogs a telephone on the Nexus a big mug BB Gator salon and typica palette nampara or cell phone load boo million tickets a mana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on actual draw welcome back on the zone Visayas and Mindanao welcome for morning edition of Lycia sold on redraw today is a Saturday December 30 2017 at balaclava hot on pcs Oppo ayan na keiki saw somebody am Filipino seppuku Nita Asahi case and Donatello on foot isn’t own alibi any Han and our team from bansemer Yanni she got Jose Rizal a kite holiday for my own live new Bobby mop up an old say internet over the official websites and Facebook pages some PT PCSO at tpb yep Italian thoughts on Twitter Dailymotion live without slang PPV a liar he put a team popula he named on a winning numbers part of the centralized small sound Lorenzo I appeal apenas he hand Ana Alma a lucky number Z or Paris are easy to lotto Suarez lotto hot small salary games the Paris swore three are two digits after somebody Pune decided studio at the panel of judges now Cena mr.dextry Mariano mr. Rolando Allen Cappadonna rainy kanakam Oh mr. de persand arrangement as a PCSO at commission an audit acceptable hockey pcso assistant draw coordinator at Narita Limbaugh SEC pal nothink appoint players in a pcso far as Omaha time agreed nice were thing is Sabatino Madonna or emu Nadine I’m managing highlights RT procedures not given up Karina psychic and Epping live lotto at small town lottery draws sin guru Poornima the panel of judges at Burma representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting palisade Ross is in Agawam us to sing machine inspection at testing pharmacy guru anima is and condition the monodrama shields they gotta meet him only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support PD Dan Boylan got a meeting Pat loom sets and pinning pavilions about game randomly in a million chair person is an asset non official robots they gotta meet him black wooden bowl a salmon an appealing Drobo set I didn’t ban para massacre on the Hollis Perry Perry hunting band empowered palanga committee but opposed messy guru NATO a competi and chairperson llama and a glutton Ramos leg a meeting some of the drawers properly documented at covered puddin video empowered redraw activity a trade in Ala hot for a second appeal Otto a small town lottery draws ok lotta players pub when Amano Stuart in a monogamous go moolah Savannah lucky numbers are easy to lotto see if to the bamaca accident easy to lotto game Oh me neither I wanna take you some numero from 1 2 3 1 so the unsub settle in you easy to game panel a coil of appealing numeral III and swept they’re not lucky Beck so powered sub bumpy so nannies are owning your my picks prize the 4,000 pesos the straight to standard say a 2000 pesos and I’m going for a little using that Rumble ecosystem play the first twenty number is the number seven now the second number we have the number 29 recapping our easy to blow the winning numbers this morning we have seven and twenty nine but Baba Lacroix pieces over Oliver salmon on Elance and le lot of fans subway subway nothing sell aluminum boggle tone multi million swept it as penelo philosopher buoy to your motto at STL games than pcs Oh on December 31 the usual 11:00 a.

m.broth of the AC to bottle sweaters not all centralized STL Paris sweat three and two digits will be drawn at 11:30 in the morning and adding 4 p. m. broaden easy to Votto sweaters photo centralized SPL Paris swap via two digits I got an F in the bottom a las doce immediate and Tahiry at second after a las dos de jamón opaline pong winning numbers that easy to lotto sweat phesmatos super lotto 649 at otro lado 658 centralized STL Paris sweat 3 add two digits and on January 1 New Year’s Day salad the form of a lotta love it’s a toilet in Punta Cana ping draw thermal operations will resume on January 2 2018 ok believe in us Sal our own presto stone tile let’s play the sweat risotto game we believe on cash prizes before sweaters are the players not in sub ohm but Sir this fries are for the house in five minutes awesome panel Oh number what some completion will ruin your perfect match I’m on aluminum appealing sweaters or the winning combination in exact order magnums are you using the ROM bolita system play 750 pesos or 1000 pesos on your premium jeans the first digit is 1 number 1 the second digit we have the number 8 and the third and final digit is the number 6 again our sweaters although any combination this morning is 1 8 and 6 in exact order exciting projects without a month of our lucky numbers no small town lottery games to sit at the ball I mean okay a steel players attainable on heaney Hindery no daya banana sabi KO Vanina and a Papa no deponent alive and centralized small town Laura doors or STL he similar Pune teen and pop when astanga steals of a bowline and STL Paris Busan Bobo Laputa and Alabama numero moolah one to 14 under PCSO and then a bow a PCSO drop Lord Hyundai the Book of Enoch come on let’s play the small town Laurie Perez warning officials all balls numbered one to forty and a salami rocket draw machine and we will draw two lucky balls bar as a winning combination nothing sto Paris naoms sabado first number in that number is the number 13 or second thank you Otto Otto food adding of Milan I’m a lucky number is some small town Laurie Perez see this a PSLRA goes to be a las once y nevada las cuatro Mahabharat alice women angry for the second number we have the number 28 Balibo are adding SEL Perez winning numbers may Omega I 13 and 28 in exact order okay our next game una Daly in a small town Lori’s were three not lumira naman po a dingo bola hints again a thought and an go hungry pseudonym drona ito i para Salmonella road an stl swirly Azusa road ‘no lugar Mandaue City lapu lapu city province of Cebu Layton but loeben Negros Oriental northern samar the whole province eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental ah what about ah city lanao del norte travel del norte surigao del norte cation in the oro city miss uh miss oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Sultan Kudarat so regard else or bukit non general santos city pozzolana we Sammis oxidant ala north cotabato someone little sore at someone the city game time at all now let’s play the st else were three beautiful sir STL swiftly sample Poland I’m even a numeral zero tonight I’m NASA open and raw machine for polar Putin and that long numero nishang Mc.

Gee SDL swirly winning combination for this morning’s door this first number is the number one okay sir buddy ready for the second number hey lemon boom up one exact order on winning numbers and steals wordplay para maana premio that low holding numero para soething STL super free gaming Omega but we’re at Omaha didn’t we claim on your premise in your Sookie STL sales agent come Kadena in your beanie I mean you must wear thing STL ticket number two bully boy I’m acting STL super three winning numbers game Omega I won three and two in exact order prizes the muhammadans a small towns re two digits some foam ball upon a salute and row machine and numbered 0 tonight at the Louisville tomorrow a PPD in adding on STR two digits a parliament for Savannah lugar now Leyte Tacloban City Negros Oriental Eastern Samar Allah let’s play the STL 2 digits then official robots born of even in a myo inositol nothing jaw machine my mother no matter boy comes 0 to 9 and we will be drawing to lucky balls the Shivaji official winning combination nothing SDL two digits wrong sabudana vada first digit is the number 7 thank you sir we’re ready for our second digit a Bellini they put a t mobile on I call upon numero parasitic sto 2 digits Huli de como el dinero para to the global city at semana de la viga and late a Negros Oriental our Eastern summer the second digit is the number 2 once again adding STL two digits winning combination named Saba de la Vega i7 and congratulations to all our winners at bottom element campano barring a claim on indian premier pan or impunity easy easy land mclean the Premio salato at small town lottery who is a fast man of us a swept wing lotto winners issue a topical an appeal my handedly coat the winning ticket from Dan Allen and twenty pesos handgun ten thousand pesos by adding if a man plane here are some of our authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the maggots a ten thousand pesos mile events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena Hamill up with a PCSO branch say new lugar was a PCSO main office at like the land and the law one valid IDs from jackpot winner cut the linen winning ticket at the level valid IPS nickname again you premios a PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city to winner can demands a small town lottery Bonnie Clemont premium SPL sales agent OSA SDL draw center who sang capable even in you STL tickets congratulations poor Akbar as a mind even Amador’s director believed in a teen on a team on a winning number similar Potti sathi easy to love the winning combination n po i7 and 29 in exact order sabatello hottie pool sweaters of the winning combination Umaga I won one eight and six in exact order para pasar are teeing STL draws of our sathi STL Paris and not in Hong winning combination i thirteen and twenty eight in exact order sudden boom st elsewhere playing winning combination i won three and two in exact order I thought it was adding a steel two digits and Harding winning combination named Vega i7 and two in exact order unbelievable swami man a squatter on Hawthorne para mas afternoon edition Adam PC as a larva coaster perrito an easy to lotto sweat Lesotho and small town Laurie Perez swear three up to 30 para pasar damar jackpot estimates amiable sodding lotto 642 draw an article estimated jackpot I’m adding robots at 22 million pesos Samantha la tzadikim grande Lago 655 five ippolito mama boats at twenty nine point seven million pesos a part of a Buddhist angry arrival estimated jackpot price panasonic super lotto 649 draw are in robots are 39 million pesos estimates Nguyen repent people support Kirino para pasar rebo noche para possibie CSO mug inaudible our Tongan Sabri Kaname Salam you you..

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