Pandemondium Erupts As Powerball Jackpot Reaches $1.5 Billion – Winning Numbers 1/13/2016 Video

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The Powerball lottery jackpot climbed to billion on Tuesday, making it the largest-ever U.S. lottery prize as well as the world’s biggest potential jackpot for a single winner, according to lottery officials.

The payout has increased due to strong ticket on Monday, said Texas Lottery Commission spokeswoman Kelly Cripe.

The Powerball lottery drawing will be held on Wednesday. The game is played in 44 states, Washington, D.C. and two U.S. territories.

The jackpot is worth million if a winner chooses an immediate cash payout instead of annual payments over 29 years, according to the Multi-State Lottery Association.

Props to Prof. Doom & RT for their feature on.

tonight’s jackpot has climbed up to a record breaking estimated nine hundred and forty nine point eight million dollars I hope you have your Powerball tickets good luck what’s the idea mr.Tipton purchased the winning ticket at the Kwik Trip store on North East 14th and later attempted to claim the prize with the assistance of other individuals prosecutors believe Tipton tampered with security cameras in a room housing the computers for the lotto drawing and use a thumb drive to install malicious software which enabled him to pick the winning numbers the jackpot is now 1. 5 billion dollars yeah hold on though what’s this an investigation into an ex lottery worker convicted of fixing jackpot numbers for self gain could be expanded to dozens of other states the case concerns a 52 year old ex lottery worker Eddie Tipton who was convicted in July of fraud for attempting to claim a sixteen point five million dollar jackpot in Iowa Tipton was a security director at the multi state lottery Association and was accused and convicted of installing malware in the software program that draws the numbers he allegedly collected jackpots in four states over a six year period so Eddie tipping off Tipton was convicted tried and convicted of installing malware in the program that draws the numbers so what you’re seeing here is a set up this whole show the drawing machines the presenter the microphone the glitz the glamour it’s a setup there’s a program drawing the numbers so what the fuck are these balls for they’re just floating around coming out one by one but they’re not coming out one by one randomly oh no they’re coming out after a program picks the numbers that’s what it says there in black and white the numbers are being picked out by a program and then the program makes the ball come out how do they do it are there magnets in these balls is that why they come out the way they do we don’t know but what we do know is they don’t come out of this machine by chance they’re picked by a program and the program tells the Machine which ball to choose and that’s how come Eddy tip him off Tipton could pick the numbers ahead of time and score the jackpot jackpot Tipton imagine the smile on his face when he was gonna go buy that lottery ticket his golden ticket now look at this these are the odds of winning the Powerball one in 292 million that’s basically one chance for every person in America that sounds fair doesn’t it what doesn’t like a little fair play now let’s cross reference those odds with the amount of tickets sold for the last few power ball’s 440 million tickets were sold for the January 9th drawing alone 440 million tickets divided by 292 million odds means there was a four in three chance that a winning ticket should have been sold on January 9th now let’s look at the drawing just before that one on January 6th we’re a little more than a hundred and fifty million tickets were sold that gave us a one in two chance in winning as a country as a country we had a one and two chance on the six and a four and three chance on the ninth the odds were way in our favor but nobody want and why didn’t anybody win it’s because when you get issued a lottery ticket those numbers get entered into a database into a data farm somewhere and the program the program that mr. Eddie Tipton hacked is programmed to pick numbers that nobody gets you get a number it goes to a database and the program doesn’t pay that number and it keeps going on that way until they find a patsy that the system likes for one reason or another whoever wins wins when the system is programmed the pickle winner for one reason or another whoever wins is picked by a program a program that can be accessed by people that work in the lotto commission either officially or through backchannels we saw the very same thing late last year in a lottery in Europe when they started calling numbers during a live lotto drawing before the ball even appeared they called the number then came the ball and people are like wow how could that happen a clip of that report that we did was featured by Professor doom which ended up on RT I want to send them all a big shout out for that that’s a big compliment I want to send a big shout out to everybody that reposts our videos as well thank you but that report showed what everybody was thinking the lottery is rigged the numbers aren’t being picked by air blowing through a see through container that’s just a show it’s misrepresentation but it’s just a show there’s nothing transparent about this lottery process nothing at all the worst thing here is is that they make you believe it’s random they go through the trouble of setting it up so that you’ll believe it just like what you see on TV just like in the news it’s one big scam have you ever bought a lottery ticket and wished for better days there’s a reason those days never came and this video is gonna show you undeniable proof that the system is rigged you buy your ticket you turn on the television the tension is high your dreams are about to come true pay attention to the numbers the 27 ball rolls up and then they display the numbers 21 and 27 you wouldn’t know it yet but you’ve just witnessed a which in the matrix now pay attention to vana she know something is wrong somebody tells her stay strong keep going is just a coincidence there’s nothing to pay attention to here she swallows hard she holds her breath and here comes the last number 21 big surprise they called the number thirty seconds before it came out it just magically appeared for your viewing pleasure and this just hit the news today so let’s see how this scheme works they pull the numbers one by one you look at your ticket you look at the TV you look at the ticket you look at the TV first number the second number the third number imagine the mind fuck those better days they’re gone Gone with the Wind your hopes were dashed they had a nice laugh and they took you to the bank now who’s responsible for this scheme this is mental abuse as much as it is highway robbery they add insult to injury by putting this stuff on TV what do they think we’re stupid or something that’s exactly right my friends the system is predicated on our stupidity and the thing that’ll get you later the most is who’s pickin the winners how don’t think for a second that these winners are random you can bet there’s some kind of kickback scheme going on here but at least they put on a good show there sell any other dream and you’re thinking to yourself maybe next week maybe next time it’ll be me get real the next question we should be asking ourselves here is who’s making the software that runs this scheme this machine on TV with a beautiful girl right next to it it all looks the same and at the grocery store at the gas station where I buy my ticket that scam looks pretty similar to somebody is responsible for this ladies and gentlemen somebody is making a lot of money on this lottery business and it’s the same system everywhere you go it begs the question how does this kind of program get on TV in the first place somebody approved this for the wider public imagine the scale of the lie it’s huge it makes you wonder about voting machines it makes you wonder what’s really being put on television these days seriously if the lottery is a scam what makes the news so real this whole forecasting of random business with the lottery reminds me when the BBC covered the demolition of building seven twenty minutes before it happened and it does 80 percent reality 20 percent fiction that’s what is on TV these days the system is rigged from coast to coast the system is rigged presumably there were very few people in the Solomon building when it collapsed I mean there were I suppose fear as a possible further collapses around the area pretty much as cities still in chaos the phones are not working properly the subway lines are not working properly and we know that down there near the World Trade Center there are three schools that are being turned into triage centers for emergency treatment I know that over in New York Harbor where the papers naturally everything about the UPP investigate 9/11 9/11 was perpetrated by people within our own. .

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