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But first a look at the final story of World News Tonight reminiscing the past year and looking forward to the next. I hope you enjoy this nostalgic lottery drawing.

I do not own the rights to The Pennsylvania Lottery or WPVI. This is uploaded for nostalgic and historical purposes.

it began with such good wishes I wish you all a happy unhealthy New Year I wish good hell are they the peace and happiness wishes that didn’t come true our astronauts died before eyes and one awful incident among those aboard was a teacher the schoolchildren spoke for all of us I was horrified I didn’t think that would happen I was I didn’t think that would happen the Russian suffered a different calamity the meltdown at Chernobyl worried everybody on this very small planet there were other things to worry about terrorism the White House blamed it on Libya and acted accordingly purpose of the attack was to hit the nerve center of terrorist training and that’s what we hit South Africa they just come in and she’s more of an outcast society than ever if we are forced to go it alone then so be it AIDS the World Health Organization said ten million people are carriers drugs especially a bad new one crack the first couple even tried some moral suasion when it comes to drugs and alcohol just say no when you you could look on the bright side of 1986 you could tell everyone you saw Halley’s Comet barrel a bright star on the top and the fuzzy thing below I think I saw it all right you could say you saw the Bears beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl with a refrigerator saw the Red Sox booth the World Series Willie shoemaker wrote a Derby winner at age 54 Jack Nicklaus won the Masters at age 46 little Caroline Kennedy all grown up got married her cousin Maria Shriver married a muscle man an actress Tatum O’Neal married a tennis star and a commoner Sarah Ferguson married a prince some old familiar faces disappeared there were some who died much too soon Len Bias our own Joe Spencer and his producer Mark Mc.Donough some history was made this year Voyager flew round the world on one tank of fuel there were some transitions the burger court became the Rehnquist court Kurt Waldheim became president of Austria despite some ugly things he was said to have done while he served with Hitler’s army Cory Aquino became president of the Philippines thanks to people power Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos wound up in exile in Hawaii she even had to leave her shoe collection behind there were some comings and goings baby doc Duvalier had to make a quick getaway from Haiti the Russians released their dissident Anatoly Sharansky the Nicaraguans captured Eugene hasenfus and later let him go the Russians released Nick Dano of American journalist we released Gennady zakharov soviet agent it wasn’t a trade they said just a coincidence for Ronald Reagan five sweet years in the White House suddenly turned sour he wanted a summit to make an arms deal with the Russians he got his summit he didn’t get a deal he wanted to keep the Senate Republican just wing one more for the Gipper the Gipper lost he wanted the Contras to win in Nicaragua and he desperately wanted to get our hostages out of Lebanon he got two this year but those two presidential preoccupations caused the biggest White House scandal since Watergate damaging his presidency and his good name the polls show that a lot of American people just simply don’t believe you the president promised no secrets but the president’s man who knew the secrets just said no so I respectfully and regretfully declined to answer the question based on my constitutional rights a year that ended badly yet full of evidence to show that we remain one nation indivisible we joined hands almost all the way across America the drought ruined the crops in the south so the Midwestern farmers brought some of theirs the country was so darn proud of is able to pull together and we fixed up Lady Liberty for another couple of centuries and reminded ourselves why this place of ours this America is so special Richard Threlkeld ABC News New York and that’s our report on World News Tonight I’m Tom General in Washington see you next year and have a happy new year these tight senior citizen witness is hazel Quigley now drill the first digit please 5 the second digit for M the third digit for the daily number is five four for the unity value of Friday’s lotto jackpot is at least 1 million dollars now super 7 will draw 11 winning numbers from balls numbered 1 through 80 lot of crying’s are audited by kmg main hurkman CPAs tonight’s lotto rate security official is dere only knew now select the super 7 numbers plea 57 13:50 thirty two 7931 52:27 8061 and 46 here again our tonight Super seven numbers number selected are out of the show until they’ve been validated and the lottery staff wishes you a safe and happy new year. .

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