Pa Lottery Drawing 12/17/87 Video

Lottery Draw Live

I hope you enjoy this nostalgic lottery drawing.

I do not own the rights to The Pennsylvania Lottery or WPVI. This is uploaded for nostalgic and historical purposes.

last week’s person of the week was the hard nosed American lawyer who negotiated the historic arms treaty who will it be the sweet Friday watch ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings they came in search of a miracle give us the sign everyone thought they were crazy start but they just one of the world to believe do you know who we are a different kind of Christmas Carol The Pretenders Thursday what morning news weekday is 6:00 a.m. good evening it’s time for the live drawing of the daily number and the big four number for Thursday December 17 1987 tonight senior citizen witness is Ralph layman now let’s play the daily number draw the first digit please to the second digit four and the third digits for the daily number is two four four and the annuity value of tomorrow’s lotto jackpot is at least two million dollars right now it’s time to play big four don’t forget watch Saturday spin and look for your name to win lottery drawings are audited by the professional accounting firm KPMG chief our WIC tonight’s lottery security official is sue bany now call the first digit please for the second digit eight the third digits six and the fourth digit one man there you have it the big four number four eight six one and again tonight’s daily daily number is two four full and the annuity value of next week’s Super seven jackpot is at least two million dollars. .

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