Pa Lottery Drawing 10/28/85 Video

Lottery Draw Live

But first the final story on World News Tonight with Peter Jennings about the Kansas City Royals’ victory parade. I hope you enjoy this nostalgic lottery drawing.

I do not own the rights to The Pennsylvania Lottery or WPVI. This is uploaded for nostalgic and historical purposes.

three games to one to Willie Wilson whose person will come back from drugs was as dramatic as the team more than 200 miles to the east down I 70 that was no parade no ceremony nothing but dark headlines to greet the Cardinals who slumped back into town they had not only lost the series they have lost their poise their stature Saturday night at critical call went against them George ordered called safe on a play that night as the Royals lengthening rallied and made a seventh game impossible when the same umpire don dankinger moves behind home plate last night the cardinals tumbling tune 11 nothing defeat erupted in fury and frustration angry words living to the ejection first of Cardinal manager Whitey Herzog then of Cardinal pitcher Joaquin Andujar the Royals rinsed themselves in champagne and last night and in love today from some 200 thousand people who hadn’t cheered a champion since Kansas City’s football chiefs 15 years ago from old George Brett to young Brett Saberhagen it couldn’t have happened to a nicer team in a nicer town dick schaap ABC News Kansas City that’s our report on World News Tonight I’m Peter Jennings good night from Washington from ABC this has been World News Tonight with Peter Jennings one day the church finds himself on the wrong side of the law I’m like a jailbreak to take your heart on Hardcastle and mc.Cormick then the Los Angeles Raiders try to run up there Monday night record against the San Diego Chargers on ABC’s NFL Monday Night Football you’ll love it tonight complete national and local news weekdays at 6 a. m. good evening it’s time for the live drawing of the daily number and the Pennsylvania lotto numbers for Monday October 28 1985 first the daily number dumped the balls and mix them please each of our daily number machines contains 10 balls numbered 0 through 9 will draw one digit from each machine tonight senior citizen witness is Lynwood Cheatham now draw the first digit please 8 the second digit eight and the third digit three and there you have today’s daily number eight eight three now Pennsylvania lotto dump the balls and mix them please the bottle machine contains 40 balls numbered 1 through 40 will draw six winning lotto numbers and one off to the number tonight slaughter a security official is from a Mc. Mullen all right select the waffle numbers please 24 26 11 1925 and the alternate number 40 and there you have the Monday’s pennsylvania lotto numbers 24 26 11 1925 to and 240 the numbers selected our unofficial until they’ve been validated for the biggest names in tires like general. .

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