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National Lottery draw – John Barrowman.

yes welcome to Nashville as we welcome back the hardest working man in show biz mr.John Barrowman ha ha thank you very much Alan and welcome to tonight’s National Lottery bra and it’s great to see you have you been I’ve been really really good really busy to Alan but it’s so good to be back here with you and my spiritual home here at lottery HQ and listen Alan I hear you got some good news about a lottery funded project yeah fantastic news it concerns Brit flick This Is England the film was co founded by the National Lottery through the UK film Council new cinema fund and on Sunday night it was awarded a prestigious BAFTA award the best British film of the year hey the lottery is creating BAFTA winners that’s kind of cool what about an Oscar last week on TV I wouldn’t say no a cup of sweet yeah I know you wouldn’t but look if you want more information about the projects and schemes that benefit from the National Lottery good causes log on to the website BBC co uk and follow the links so mr. Bannerman without winning news in mind should we get to ich we create some brand new lottery winners tonight absolutely Alan time to get your tickets at the ready then as we play tonight’s Thunderball draw master Matt is here to make sure everything goes to plan tonight good to see you Matt how are you very well thank staying out of the cold weather indeed very very good pleased to hear that Alan it’s over to you okay the mat release for all speeds 34 balls in this first machine in a moment we’ll pick five of them this weekend we’re using Excalibur and seda balls and 5 chosen for us at random early today by Anne Meredith wounds from Twickenham and the latest news from the drawer team is over a hundred and nineteen thousand tickets won a fundable prize on Wednesday one lucky ticket matched with all the balls drawn to win the quarter of a million pound top prize jump soldier ah master Matt are we clear to proceed yes okay the very best of luck to you all tonight please start you to draw and for tonight’s line draws are independent adjudicator is Adam buyer there’s the first one tonight 28 and next this Saturday evening which is it to be well there’s the answer number 7 there to be drawn up she comes that’s number 10 and we need two more from this first machine here is the first of them that’s number 22 and then to complete the sense about that one there 31 are going to match sidle over to the next machine if you would start that one up please and release the 14 red thunderballs now matching with this next red ball could be very good news jump remember if you’ve matched all the numbers drawn so far you need to match with this next one as well to be in with the chance to win the top prize of 250,000 pounds it’s the all important Thunder ball and even if you’ve only got one number so far then matching with this next ball will make you a winner good luck please start the draw could so easily be captain Jacqueline which is it gonna be there it is number 7 so here is a nice Thunder ball numbers again only this time in ascending order 7:10 22 28 and 31 the Thunder ball number 7 jump Hey thank you very much now go green for tonight’s dream number and don’t forget that all the good cause money raised from dream number is helping to fund the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games draw master Matt are we clear to proceed yes we are John okay good luck from all of us here we start the draw tonight we’re using tourmaline it’s edibles number two again chosen by Miss Meredith and abuse of Wednesday’s cream Lambert wrong is that there were over 43,000 winning tickets six of them match the first five holes in sequence to win five grand each so congratulations at you one of those winners back to tonight and live now on BBC one let’s do it let’s have this weekend’s dream number draw shall we let’s look now for the first of those digits which is it going to be worth the wait I hope it’s a one look now you match with that number you’re definitely in the game tonight two pounds is yours we’re off and running there’s a six you max with that one as well winnings are now up to 10 whole pounds next tonight another of those green balls another six for seven tiers of prize money in this game ranging from two pounds to a cool half million here’s the next that’s a one ever get in this game you have a one in ten chance of winning a prize that’s an eight maybe need to match with these numbers in sequence and with no breaks in the chain there’s a two it’s one more number to be drawn last in the sequence this weekend is a seven so tonight’s National Lottery three number is one six six one eight two seven jump Allen how I’ve missed your dulcet tones still to come tonight’s big lotto drop but first before we came on air the draw team alongside an independent adjudicator carried out tonight’s daily play draw and Allen with your dulcet tones please tell me the result I wish I could believe you today’s daily play winning numbers are 8 11 14 21 22 23 and 25 jump and remember for all the latest daily play draw news and results log on to the website BBC Co UK it’s the moment it has arrived I have a Saturday night time check put a new gosh you can go she got just a quarter to nine now oh that can mean only one thing it’s time for the big one let’s play Saturday’s Allen please tell me what your jackpot is looking likely huge we are talking 4. 8 million pounds Wow that would give your bank balance a healthy boost Allen let’s get right to it let’s release those big money balls thanks to an vizi amethyst and settles five and the news from the draw team is that over three hundred and fifty four thousand tickets won a prize midweek but the big news isn’t one lucky ticket scoop the lotto jackpot win over 2. 6 million smackers so you were one of wednesday’s winners congratulations all of us here John draw master Matt how I love calling you that are you clear to proceed yes yeah okay good luck please start the draw tonight’s Lottery update just before match of the day there’s the first one number 48 there’s nothing to beat forward the Wednesday before last hundred sixty fourth time is a lot o main ball for that one next tonight out comes that one there number nine lottery winners of scoot nine hundred fifty million pounds in prize money in Scotland since the game began to over two hundred millionaires as well 37 is the next one last drawer three Wednesday’s back at the 40th time now it’s been a lot o main ball and the fourth to be drawn it’s right there number 21 21 million pounds of good causes cash will help with the conservation and the building of a museum around the Mary Rose next is number 24 third never drawn midweek that one Hyundai teeth motto appearance now and the sixth one that could make you very rich it’s right there number 1850 fifth time as a lot of maple for that one we saw the weekend before mask as well the bonus tonight is number 22 so this weekend’s winning lotto numbers in ascending order up 9 1821 nice suit 24:37 and 48 the bonus 22 mr. bean I bought it just for you well now that’s it for tonight so but don’t forget to join Bradley Walsh on Wednesday at 10:45 p. m.

for the midweek draws Tim Vincent will be your host right here on BBC one for the euromillions draw at 11:35 p.m. on Friday straight after Jonathan Ross and I’ll be back for more fun and games at lottery HQ right now on bbc1 stick with us because it’s casualty good night everybody and medical emergency in an unusual venue puts a drunken Toby on the spot cash. .

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