[Lotto Live] Saturday Night Lotto Draw (Nsw) 2001 Video

Lottery Draw Live

With Alex Wileman

Recorded off WIN Television in 2001

Ripped from a Maxell E-180 VHS Tape.

welcome to Saturday night’s lover draw with Alex while man good evening everyone thank you for joining me this evening and tonight we’re playing for a total prize full of ten million six hundred and eighty eight thousand four hundred and twelve dollars our division one prize tonight two million eight hundred thousand three hundred and sixty four dollars best of luck to our New South Wales players tonight let’s hope that we have a local winner our first call a small one number four with all the rain that is forecast across the state this weekend it would be nice to brighten someones day with a lotto win and a second ball number 12 looking over tonight’s Saturday lotto board proceedings are a lot of officials and government representatives for the third ball number five there’s now only one week to go before lottos at sixteen million dollars Super Saturday which is next Saturday night for for number 24 remember that for a minimum of one dollar and 80 cents you could be walking away with some serious lotto loot a fifth pick for number 36 and you can play with your favorite set of lotto lucky numbers or why not try a Saturday later also pick entry classics for number seven either way be sure to get your entry in before next Saturday for your chance to make your dreams come through our first supplementary is 33 tonight’s winning lotto numbers are 412 524 boom 6 7 our first supplementary 33 and our second supplementary tonight is 15 congratulations to our lucky lotto winners this evening as usual lotto will be back at approximately 8:30 on Monday night but until then best of luck and have a great weekend good night Hey.


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