Lotto Live: Saturday Night Lotto Draw (April 7, 2001) Video

Lottery Draw Live

With Alex Wileman.

Hey welcome to Saturday night’s lover draw with Alex while man good evening everyone and thank you for joining me tonight as we are playing for a total pride full of ten million in twenty two thousand six hundred and seventy four dollars a Division one prize tonight as two million six hundred and twenty five thousand nine hundred and forty one dollars he is hoping we can make a few people’s week ended at the prizes on offer tonight and our first fall here it is starting with number ten there’s only one more week until Easter so if you’re planning to get away next weekend please remember to drive safely or on the road and our second goal tonight 233 and of course stick to the speed limit looking over tonight Saturday lotto draw proceedings are our lottery officials and government representative our third ball number 20 when you’re planning your Easter holiday away remember that a lotto multi week entry will ensure that you don’t miss a draw our fourth for 27 which means that you can enjoy a well earned break and not worry about missing out and winning the big one a fifth fourth night reading number 32 lotto multi week entries are available for Monday Wednesday and Saturday watch out with the easy is sitting out an entry coupon or picking in all 50 and 6 for 21 and just a reminder that Easter on to Tuesday night due to the Easter holiday period our first supplementary 18 tonight’s winning lotto numbers 1033 20 27 32 21 Arthur’s supplementary 18 and our second sacramentary in lemon congratulations to all of our lucky lotto winners this evening as usual lotto will be back at approximately 8:30 on Monday night but until then best of luck and have a great weekend good night.


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