[Lotto Live] Monday Night Lotto Draw 1995 Video

Lottery Draw Live

With Alex Wileman

Recorded off WIN Television in 1995

Ripped from a Polaroid E-180 VHS Tape

‘Congrats to the winner’.

welcome to Monday night’s lover draw with Alex whalemen thank you good evening everyone and welcome to tonight’s draw would you like to push that magic button so you can get started for tonight’s draw we’re playing for a total prize pool tonight of two million two hundred and thirty eight thousand nine hundred and thirty dollars and the first division prize tonight to kick start a week 1 million and seven thousand two hundred and seventy six dollars our first ball has landed we starting with 43 five lucky players came up trumps on Thursday night when they share the first division cry million dollars each when i received a four hundred thousand dollar boost their bank accounts wouldn’t that be wonderful our second wall number fourteen one winner was a 53 year old father of two from east maitland has been playing a standard game since a lot they began he chose his numbers at random and plans to share his winnings with his children a third board number 36 the winner says he can now fulfill his lifelong ambition to play golf at sand Andrews in Scotland that sounds great when new south wales lotteries informed him of his win he claimed he’d just scored a hole in one our fourth for number 12 a 56 year old winner from bottom girls cried with happiness when his numbers came up the unemployed father of three now plans attempt to the country town where he was born he lost out of it off his ball number 40 the other three winners were unregistered players two tickets for standard entries purchased from gorkon on the Central Coast and warrior South Wales the fifth winner purchased a system 7 entry from kaylene in the acct well done a 6 Paul number three remember next monday / 14 and Thursday the seventeenth his lockers double dividend week where division 4 and 5 prize money will be doubled tickets go on sale tomorrow so get those entries in our first supplementary number 21 so recap recapping tonight’s winning numbers you need 43 1436 1243 a first supplementary of 21 and every one of 39 well congratulations if you’re a winner tonight I’ll see you again on Thursday night have a great week good night.


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