Lottery Live On 5 (Wcvb) – Dawn Hayes – 2/13/96 Video

Lottery Draw Live

MA daily number drawing from 2/13/96 on WCVB with Dawn Hayes.

good evening everybody I’m John Hayes welcome to this Tuesday night drawing of the daily numbers game well I hope your week has gotten off to a great start you know it could get even better if you hit tonight’s mass millions jackpot why because it’s estimated at 15 million dollars and we’re gonna have that drawing later this evening at 11:10 if you don’t have a ticket yet bundle up and go out and get one you have till 1030 to pick one up now also remember that tomorrow night’s mega bucks jackpot is estimated at 1 million dollars now these rules overall twist up let’s check out tonight’s daily numbers game our first number for this drawing is 2 next is 8 followed by another 2 and finally for once again the winning daily numbers.


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