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How about calling the show live on 07548 884288 or +44 7548 884288 or Skype MikeBuzz50 or any other way you can think of contacting us!

Buzz50 is completely to join and use in all areas and has social networking for seniors, over 50 chat rooms, discussion forums and much more!

The Buzz50 seniors over 50s is at at rooms at Networking for seniors over 50 at at also have a to join, and match dating at which you are welcome to join if you are looking for romance, love or even more..

good evening buzzes a good evening Miller hello nice of you to join happy new year thank you darling I’m happy Christmas because yes be in Orthodox russian orthodox christmas because i think because we in the West here change the calendar degree from pretoria different gathering so was it yesterday or the day before before they were just this seventh sound of the Christmas having you here to all of you buzzers and happy Christmas if we hadn’t said that before we should have been on yesterday but we weren’t Sunday where were we far away from our way in a car cut your broadcast live from a car not allowed to text in a car you can’t imagine come on Mike was in rush I said don’t do it it can be five minutes before but then we will get there in casting live from heaven or jail Wow but we have got today lots more than we were going to do yesterday because we’ve got the live lottery draw loaded some 150,000 buzzer points as Leon we’re good to remember yeah loads of people loads of people this way ma’am we’ve got always we sent our message day saying that we has really start propping either dating with Mike and villa that doesn’t mean that you date with us Mike always has a reason tour date not a day to day to send their list send messages idea date is like microphone basically what that is is we’ve had some experience of online dating as you probably know we met mom the bus 50 dating site um and so when you got some experience from dating site created titian has come yes and it was success yes for a wild I love small we’ve had two weddings for another one in 2017 will low to pyramides planning and upon tell you until you tell you so we will tell you so you know and well so we’ve got all the experience of the other people of trying online dating so it’s not just our experience is what they say as well what they find works but in the last we drop yes because some people only come to us cheers it to see who’s gonna get these words not to me I don’t buy a ticket and what we do is we use this which is we want to what make this samsung tablet is and everything good we have that and random number generator and mill is going to lean around touch that on the screen that ya ready relic yes and keep your finger curio 50 or 10 9 8 think what’s happened I can’t really can you call the others have gone wrong yes it’s going going oh it’s all good no no there comes or did you see my number yes can you read it to 75 77 doubles that’s right that that 27 photos in 72 75 77 we don’t know yet who bought ticket to sometimes definitely it’s somebody’s somebody and we’ll find out soon if you are the hold of to 75 77 and if you want to contact us you can contact us on skype mike + 50 on my cat Voss if you want to you can dial but be careful if you’re international because we are from all over the world and if you dial a international number it can be a bit expensive but you’re refusing the UK especially 07 540 double 842 ee which translated into international speak is worth KY + 44 yeah 7548 double 842 double eight or as Millar says skype my plus 50 so if you have that winch or call us anyway whoever you are we have I’ve not got virus set up can you set up can you do viber on the computer yes I suppose they could do on the phone anyway ya gotta be real assets to before I political next week went too far this technology yes i will give Verizon now we’ve got other things to chat about yes check after that’s heavy let’s have a little bit more talk about the data with Mike and melody is that something we did promote now I know that nearly all of you aren’t interested in online dating so bear with us while we talk a little bit about it because it is interesting stuff and we’re going to do like the little man as phone is ringing don’t think it’ll be a buzz 51 um we’ve got lots going on on the online dating and on the date with Michael Miller what we’re going to do is we’re going to hopefully help you alarm so that you know a little bit about online dating either before you join or once you have joy are we going to be doing things like how to join how to upload a profile photo please head on reading off a little cheat sheet here how to upload a profile photo and how to choose one paid or free sites it’s big discussions about that and the pros and cons of using I that whether to use a paid site because the Buffs buzz 50 cycles free to join free to match free to use but if you want to take things further and deepen it and I was really massive love oh very good happy Christmas to them yeah lift it would be thick I wish they would talk a little bit about what we’re going to be doing about the online dating how we can help people um what to say well helpful what to say what not to say on your dating profile how to avoid a reading for the cheapest don’t have told them how to avoid dating scams that’s a big one that don’t talk to you don’t get many scammers on proper site on a page for psychical ready to go for is yes interested not to be yeah they interested to get money from young so they are not proper members know and they tend to go for the free science exactly ah a difference is that we’ve done a few things on that that’s a beauty of other dating site is that you can search for what you particularly are looking for and if you’re not searching for someone other than your younger than you they’ll see the gold you’re younger and they were empty we don’t my daughter younger than her husband for 14 years yeah 14 years yeah yeah they won’t know that yes in that cold 11 year little yeah yes and where things other things like where to meet on a first date and how to set up your first day so that’s it on the day I think Neil neutral territory neutral there is my allergic mustard a lot more saved daylight were lot of people and you are saved so we’re gonna tell you all about that we’re gonna go little less sure your private thing for me so you’re saying on your skype your vibe really just know it was surprised how many people it ends up giving her credit card details you know other datos become for all sorts of silly reasons I don’t do it don’t do it I’m the chat rooms chat rooms are doing really really well i’m not sure if you’re a chat room person but when the chat rooms we’ve got two sets really a chat rooms we’ve got the live chat rooms where groups of people going and chat but then we’ve got the one to one chair the one to one chat is the one that’s on every page and you can see it at the bottom of the screen and you can charge us to friends that you’re connected to a buzz 50 but if you want to chat with anybody and everybody from around the world if you click chat at the very top of the screen you will see the chat room homepage and then you can dive in there and chat to people around the world you can even in some of the rooms up a video chat I’d get to know people first before you do that how was you we have live performances and who did we have on the other night Miller we had the one and only Huey plane live yes and the one and only 10 didn’t turn up yeah he apologized and he’s going to perform another day but hearing was great fantastic tax without hearing the virtual gifts are going one in the chat rooms and if you want if you buy buzzer pipes that really helps to support my 50 cuz good points and they chopped what if I seem like they’re nice for you yeah or what happens like a donation but you get points and what happens there is you can use the buzzer point so people sudden eat they don’t have points whenever if people do donate because some people do donate then I offer the points as well because I’m not sure whether they meant to buy points and that but if you buy buzzer points do if you buy ten thousand buzzer points you also get 10,000 chat credits and you’ll don’t need to month or you know in a way very kind of make use three and the forums the forums had come a bit quiet but they’re getting busy again there there’s all sorts of good topic static updated with updated them a little bit yes and what I would like to encourage you all to do is every single time you come on the site or at least once a day find the good morning afternoon or evening copy and just say a few words I hello will do maybe a photo if you can if you have a look at the homepage at the very top you’ll see good morning afternoon or evening you click that it’ll take you that well don’t have a feature on that I’ll tell you a bit more about it and also if you’re getting pure up oh yeah the more you do on the side that’ll take us nicely will segue now into the social site that moved in a talkback the more you do outside the more people see you the best thing to do because you like actively we like active members and other members like active members if they can see that you’re doing those as they see this area they’re more visible where I am if you go to the social recognizable recognizable being movable ‘rememorable and search for the thoughtful yeah yes have you think social at the very top of the site I don’t take you onto the social page you will see loads of things on there to do and you’ll notice that the people that are doing things appear on the page more so if you’re wanting to make friends that’s the page to be on and then go out that your phone find my device don’t see it in jest 30 know if you want to do something just do it on tivo Jarmusch’s where’s my friends don’t sit and wait oh god I don’t give advertisers a big cheese good know in a minute another picture you’ll agree ethyl ester yes just do something if you want something happen virtual gets the Christmas ones have gone bye bye Christmas super by last bye bye to Santa hi Santa yeah yeah next year recent anybody other I think so the Christmas gifts of God the new year’s gifts have gone but we’ve got loads of other virtual gifts for you to send that’s a fantastic way of meeting new people and making friends particularly new members if you go on to the social page you’ll see another menu there and it says new members if you click on that if you welcome new members they’ve no friends you’re going to be their first friend or one of their first friends you’re going to nab those friends really quickly yeah very very important to be fierce yes and if you see other people runs i click on their profile scroll down a bit look at the virtual gifts can send them a virtual gift um that’s a great way of sending a message and breaking the ice so to speak games okay we’ll have a look in a minute so you see who’s won the lottery there i’m looking down there the answer is 10 on the floor on the phone have you are the lottery nobody’s funded don’t forget you can phone in you don’t have to have anything particular to see you just say hello buses do call and if you want to and you can go live on air all around the world we’ve got games and the games that are popular at the moment of blackjack and slot machine we’ve also got some arcade games we doing a little bit of a promotion on those over the next few days but let’s head over to the bus 50 site and have a quick look and see who has wine this wings lottery 150,000 buzzer points or pop this number in here like that that’s the winning number two fought to 75 77 then we’ll run that and then with no time at all we will find out the winner is kami carry bag is the winner of this week’s hundred fifty thousand buzzin that’s what I said I think she deserved because she’s both so firm new members new members team and she spent a lot of time in points so will become a down she does she does Carrie Mae a volunteer as is everybody on here um apologists Charles can you lose active member thank you for that Carrie Mae we really do appreciate it and for your arm which is for buying a lottery some 150,000 buzzer parts and chat credits are coming your way so I think that’s about it you know if we mentioned that we talked about online dating we’re going to carry on with the online data with Michael Miller as from today and do a little bit more about to teach day if you’re interested great if you’re not most of the art I know what would be a good idea is have a go at joining the site if you click dating at the very top of the side the bus 50 cycling take you on to the sister things I just joined it’s free to join have a look around then when we talk about it tomorrow and other days it’ll leave a little bit more to you I think it’s one of the most reliable site I think so yeah yeah it’s run by a British company it’s also it encompasses a lot of sites such as independent newspaper smooth radio Quran loads of other big organizations apart from buzz 50 use it so you’re in a pool of really good and interest if you have a join of it and see what you think and then we’ll talk about it so congratulations to can you make a name for winning this week’s lottery sorry we didn’t do it yesterday I definitely didn’t do it fire tickets for next week don’t forget if you fill out what am I positive that on your profile page you get one free ticket okay anyone anyone they run along the only one they learn in the lethal you need to be in it to win it if you haven’t me if you don’t know what bus 50 years it’s a social networking site for seniors of 50 it’s completely free to join and using or areas and we’re just friendly people who are over 50 from the UK the USA Canada Australia New Zealand and all around the world so come along and join us just google buzz 50 and you’ll find us so goodbye Miller good bae downing goodbye buzzes goodbye for now. .

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