Lottery Jackpot Draw Live 5Pm Sunday Video

Lottery Draw Live

At over 50,000 Buzzer Points this week’s Jackpot is worth winning!.

hello that my dear from bus along with yes is Mila is almost always from bus trips with her same field huh this is the sunday 5 p. m. bus 50 lottery jackpot draw have you bought a ticket you still Christine happy no really you’re really really quick then click games at the very top until ever if you have enough money okay so we leave it for 2 minutes if we want to buy more tickets yes peace yes ok well let’s tell you how to do that if you go to the buzz 50 site and it shows error and then go to the top of the page then you should see the actual we’ve got an error on the site at the moment don’t be good Yeah Yeah Yeah right we’re gonna go try and fix that so you hold on that just a minute and let’s see if we can fix this error with login here it is 5 p. m.

according to the park sunday the thing when I first of all just 2016 we’ve got 50,000 buzzer pines fill in the jackpot 50,000 is the prize well over 50,000 per let’s have a quick look see what’s going on because we’re getting an error on the site so you might not be able to buy tickets so we dive you across into the admin area and we’re going to have a look at the database to see if something has gone if it has we’re going to try and fix it it’s not looking good at the bar but it’s not looking good at all that you can you call sister will redirect in a moment too many connections so many people and that’s very hard so of quick buck or one side it’s good and one side it is good from another side it’s not very good at all yes so let’s have a look and see what we’re going to do see if we can run this 6606 was the last ticket bought that we can see here there’s a brush that so let’s go back across to see if we can mend the site this is a little bit broken little Romans happen there you’re watching this on and you can’t get onto the bus 50 site it’s good it’s broken something’s gone wrong we not sure how to fix it so let’s just do the draw are you ready mother to do the drop all the 30 okay well the first ticket bought was 57 86 that was bought after the 5pm show last Sunday the last ticket bought that we can see is 6606 so it’s a cool funded they’re loaded into this because I’m quitting something like that they’re loaded into them Miller clicks the start but now now we should get a winner for over 50,000 other bodies not Mike not Nina and the number is can you read that River yes 66 3163 31 are you the winner of over 50,000 the supplies we have this assistive we try to find out who it is why sevens broke Oh we’ll find out additional eating fish this shirt and they will come back and let you know one way or another we’ll put it on the site if you have played if you did buy some tickets good luck it’s 6331 is the winner and if you were trying to go does anybody can cheer their tickets everybody knows what tickets are so they’ll know if they bought 633 watch how are you doing this sunday member oh no son song beautiful flowers youthful flowers from Bosque is wrong how kind fun very nice well I hope you’ve had a good sunday you laugh out of that um with any luck you’ve won the jackpot your $50,000 points better off with a little luck we’ll get buzzed 50 working again within a few minutes mentioning eventually and see you then bye for now oh my good luck goodbye..

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