[Live] Pcso Lotto Draws – January 20, 2018 11:00 Am Video

Lottery Draw Live

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while and a Fox’s a big coup Roman and allah salla hasta pcs of games what manual a Savannah text messages he hung on outs at the level accessible must be big a dose in an antique comedy Tamara was cellphone load boom million tickets I’m on a PCSO authorized outfit just Paco on actual draw okay Duncan boggle is on Mergenthaler Baca Visayas at magandang Umaga mindanao welcome for some morning a different pcs a lot redraw today his Saturday January 20 2018 Tamar Hindi vicuna bop a lop let me becoming ma Papa knows the internet over the official websites and Facebook pages the pcso at PTV failed inputs a Twitter at dailymotion live account MPTV live now info napping Bob Houlihan hangman winning numbers Paris a centralized draw a small town la 3k a Pilipinas key hon Donna Ann Miller lucky numbers in yo Barraza pizzolatto spreads the slaughter at small town lottery games the palace sweetly add to digital photography not only to the studio and at the final of George’s listen mr.Randy Murcia at miss Chenery rainbow Donna payant info Alma official representative philosophy CS or at Commission an audience at Champlain and I think TCS or assisted draw coordinator narrator in for an Muhammad is epoch named Playa de noticias Oh Paris Omaha entire baggage is Dan’s birthday hey yo Umaga turtle back of worth I am a glare upon the Orion wouldn’t happen I’m gonna get highlights now acting free throw procedures naked enough Canada saga can happen live lotto at small town lottery draws singing guru Poornima the panel of judges at the representatives from PC som Commission on audit number is a mohandro machines Nagata meet in Paris and Ross is in the Guam us oozing machine inspection at testing pharmacy guru nama is and condition demonic row machines the Gaga meeting only the operation of the remote switch button and mine human intervention support meeting and Bolin gag a meeting at loom sets and Finnick VPNs about game randomly the million chairperson is an Isetta official robots mega committee la una bola Simon an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro nahal’s para para on him ban empowered : Gaga meeting but that was massacre on a toy tomato and a chairperson llama on a gluten Robotnik a gamete in semana draws properly documented a covered puddin video on how a redraw activity at ravine and lahat para sacar canopy no ads Mota lottery draws ok lots of players of Weda rapping on your Umaga have one Willa doubly lucky numbers man he’s a fool Otto simply dumped on mechanics not a new lotto game lately long the Tiki song Romero from 1 to 31 subtle amongst upset Nikki new easy to game panel home while I’m appealing numero he try and smelt an LP or lucky pick sub our 10 pesos daniela romo by fixed price know for a thousand pesos the street or standardly at two thousand pesos per man Pocoyo in Agoura using the unbelieva system play three times in a game I also make sure in my tickets kayo at Narita newstapa NASA 11:00 a. m. is do lotto for the first number we have the number 15 and the second number is the number 10 recapping the East Gulotta winning numbers this morning we have 15 and then in exact order a bubble equal pieces of Mc. Auliffe as llama for only less than the leaf PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in BCS those partners bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third floor BCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest pcso branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO the partners of a ghulam alfalfa cents on a bow a filipino ok Filipinas saleroom tres números de Matteo let’s play this worthless lotto you believe in cash prices before I’m even amiga enums worthless motto sahasrara slaughter players knockin truffle on Venza fix price the four thousand five hundred pesos on panel o numbered Sam Pompey Sumitomo combat match I’m Muhammad Ahmad some of the feelings read the slaughter winning combination in exact order at nagarjuna Montoya using the ROM bolita system played 750 pesos or 1500 pesos and grêmio ethnic appeal inna I think digit machines number numero Pallas Athene 11 a. m.

right tres lawful draw the first digit is 3 the second digit 7 and the third digit is 8 again our spread the slot a winning combination this morning is 3 7 & 8 in exact order exciting prizes moulana mind some Agha lucky numbers next small town lottery games salud NASA arming Vanessa bacopa Nina papa Edna pond adenine live among us and the lights small channel or across or SDL system una not enough awareness on LCL superb bowler than STL paris booms and voila put iron and aluminum arugula one 240 and Donna baja here the trapezius of Robert Hahn dan Uggla hot there come on let’s play the small town lottery Paris for the official draw balls numbered from 1 to 40 uh NASA Doble on the a team draw machine and we will draw two lucky balls but as the winning combination the acting SDL fattest and we have the first number and that number is the number 16 for our second number sir please press that button again Otto Otto who knocking a belong on Mauna lucky numbers next small town lottery palace heater box the PCs Olaf redraws click elefanten Ibaka a las cuatro no hop on up Alice Webb and Unga b4 n the second number is the number 1944 cutting STL Paris winning numbers Nahum omega i 16 and 19 in exact order covina for 104 I’m movin on Iranian finally Ohio okay I’m next K nothing I am small town lot three three three that Lucknow Viren event for acting Babu honest game night off and add born angry pseudonym Graz NATO I para semana Clara young STL spray three come on sumo saladna lugar but Dow ect lapu lapu city Cebu Province later the club and city negros oriental moral during summer who whole eastern sambar Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental for the Battle City Lana Del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City miss Thomas oriental Compostela Valley Agnes and Ellsworth Sultan Kudarat Surigao del Sur bukidnon general santos city fossil and Misamis Occidental north cotabato San Juan del Sur some Wonga city’s game time now Bella now let’s play the STL spray three beautiful Stra three sample ball anime numero 0 to 9 and NASA logged an atomdraw machine boba lapataia haunted long número national Maggie King STL spray 3 winning combination for it this morning straw and the first number is the number 3 ok sir we’re ready for the second number please press that button Kayla and fog Makaha in exact order and winning numbers none STL Presley nominal on a pogrom yo hot dog best is an arrow deep Oviedo bola and Stra 3 cooing alas onse inavaja a las cuatro no hop on up a last weapon danke P and the second number is the number 4 ok sir please press that button again for our third number at Castle aqueon Kuna in vino Bona an egg applause at wielding numero Paris at the STL spray three games cup of winner papaya my re new equipment damn your sin your cooking sucks STL sales agent Perkins and Ivana Billy and STL tickets in your and the trade number is the number 644 I’m adding STL spread through winning numbers now yo omega i three four and six in exact order to do the mono exciting prizes number kouvola so small town la three two digits sample boiler from nasa lot and drum machines numbers from 0 to 9 a telephone number or no bad boy I’m acting ba ba la his an STL two digits ipad animal for say Mahalo gardening later the flower city negros oriental at Eastern Star Bar but enough let’s play the SDL two digits then official trouble spots I’m not even in yoga on the NASA log nanomachine mayii vahanam Iroquois on 0 to 9 and we will be drawing two lucky balls national magazine official winning combination than a ping STL two digits okay we have the first digit and it is nice you know thank you sir readiness Ohio father’s a second digit please press the button again I have a mean by foo nothing but bola an ekala one numero sathi STL two digits who lead in Kapaa andhra nizam i found a positive global city at saml and weakening later Negros Oriental app is trained summer and for the second digit we have eight three once again I’m adding STL two digits winning combination new Umaga I 0 and 3 in exact order congratulations to all the winners Parimal AMA Koopa I know MA adding is lame and in your frame your Infiniti natal easy easy landmark Lehman premier saluto at small town lottery who is a fast manner master swept wing lotto winners Azula the Pangolin appeal muhammad lakota winning ticket from the nether than twenty pesos have got ten thousand pesos maja de Lima premio semana authorised lot of outlets some of the winners the Maggie get to 10,000 photos while events a jackpot who want a subpoena ha malapa the pcs of branch stadium lugar was a PCSO main office at like the land and the long valid ids from jackpot winner cut the hidden winning ticket at the level valid IPS acrimony new premios a pcso main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city winner can advance a small town lottery body in lima premium SPL sales agent for sir SDL draw center comes on table believe any new STL tickets congratulations poor also Mahadeva pussycat atop aslong the Madras marry de PO at boutique in Carmel winning numbers similar knotted say is do lotto we have 15 and fan in the exact order furnace worthless lotto do winning combination is 3 7 & 8 in exact order and for the centralized small town lottery draw for the STL palace we have 16 and 19 in exact order for the st elsewhere 3 the winning numbers are 3 4 & 6 in exact order and for the STL 2 digits we have 0 & 3 in exact order Munna Munna euphemism on mommy a las cuatro palace afternoon Edition and PCs a lottery draws company for an easy two waffles worthless local at small town lottery games the STL perez strictly at two digits and for our judgment estimates tomorrow super lotto 649 double price is estimated to reach 74 million pesos make sure Devta gets for those games good day to all you..

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