[Live] Pcso Lotto Draws – January 19, 2018 4:00 Pm Video

Lottery Draw Live

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while on baka boxes are bhikkhu llamado para mañana los Alejandra pcs of games what many Wallis among a text messages he hung on our satin opponent Alexis album will be big a dose inland and dip a belief damn para or cellphone load boom million tickets I’m on a PCSO authorized outlets at pcs or branches Fargo on actual draw maganda hop on the song desires at Mindanao nari topo melaka me paris afternoon edition on pc a solid lead role will you be honest John Wiley 1920 18 will be becoming a papanoida and lives our internet over the official websites and Facebook pages numb pcs or PPP ratings on Twitter at dailymotion live accounts LPTV they are Pilipinas even gonna mama lucky numbers Noah Paris a easy to load off Suarez lotto small town lottery games of Hollis were three who teaches may be fanatic asama acting panel of judges named high points in slavery madrasah at sea mr.John Craig Boyer they did an article official representatives philosophy so Commission on audit at an appeal he says a job for the leader Bava tomorrow Narita muna malinka Ga. N upon sofrito procedures Kalina psychic an effing live lotto at small town lottery draws Sydney guru Poornima the panel of judges at fella representatives from BCSO and Commission on audit number is a mohandro machines Nagata me fiend palisade Ross is in the Guam us using machine inspection at testing pharmacy Geronimo is on condition the monotron machines the Gaga meeting only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support pd nim Boylan gag a meeting at long sets and feeding people ears about game randomly the million chairperson is unset namah’ facial drop all synagogue a meeting lat bounnam bolus among an appealing Drobo said i didn’t ban para más seguro Nahal espera pero and embankment power pole engage a meeting but a post Massacre on a toy completo and chairperson llama and a glutton Robotnik a gamete in semana drawers properly documented at covered wooden video on power redraw activity a trade in our lahat for a psychic and a ping lotto Utz motor lottery draws OKC Melina novena Family Guy nappa premio let’s play the easy two lotto simple mechanics none easy to a lotto game for me Leland antics on Lumira from 1 to 31 so the lawan subsets and even easy to a game panel from will unappealing movie door each I’m certain and LP or lockup it takes price in a 4,000 pesos on phenomenon bout some home piece only little more comic machel montano be the most appealing easy to lock the winning combination in exact order 2000 custom an umbrella from Bernardo via the Rahu little system play at 92 angry suitor Paris of war p. m.

easy to local for the first number 23 and the second number one holy think a poem at in easy to load the winning numbers name hop on 23 and one in exact order Tommy photo palliative ignominy Malaga three numbers nonce word press local PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partnered bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third for pcso main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO a partnership a ghulam advocacy so da Bao a Filipino ok lotta players Italy and a Phoenix we’re dead let’s now play this Word.Press logo three times a day then a injury born among a lot of players and premiums worthless logo the phenomen pulse again Leto fixed price in the four thousand five hundred pesos empanado it’s about some completion combination about my match to start the slope the winning combination in exact order 750 pesos or 1500 pesos nominal premium bio video come Caillou I’m a nanano using the rumble ecosystem playing at Medina adding digit machines for the first digit for second digit one in the third digit the number 8 Willy poem I think sweetest not the winning combination name happen by 4 1 & 8 in exact order exciting prizes millennium enforcer lucky number is not small town doctor games so soon did NASA a mokuba get ready and good luck it’s now time to play the small town lottery Paris okay for the official doubles numbered one to forty unless all of my own I’m adding draw machine and we will be drawing to lucky ball sputters of winning combination now adding sel Paris twice a day teen pony long arrow I’m adding SEL Paris and for our first number the distal number two pink you surveyed in a Pattaya Paris a teen second number Ro. R upon Athena a began among a lucky number is non small town the three Paris it was a pcso lottery draws to win 11:00 a. m.

4:00 p.m. at 9:00 p. m.

Tandang Kaelin Makaha a poem on a numero in exact order para mañana para me on and for our second number it’s for number 13 an SEL Paris winning combination adding name hi and 13 in exact order opium next in not in a small town Latrice were three that Lumumba Donovan pong at involve Alliance a team NATO went on poem the Sultan enthroned a toy para Samanya Glenora se else were three same Asuma senator lugar and our city the poll opposite e Cebu Province later Tacloban City Negros Oriental northern samar the whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City double the sewer Davao Oriental for the Pato City the now the Lord Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Misamis Oriental Papa Stella Valle Agusan del Sur so thank you dot Surigao del Sur bukidnon general santos city vasila misamis occidental north cotabato some bangladesh would add some fungus city quran let’s plate su elsewhere tree salut young Jean Harlow ensemble anime/manga numerals 0 to 9 salon and row machine vocal a putana alumna me Rhonda Schonberg insert a winning combination for this afternoon’s draw in exact order Kadapa honest atomic I used on picasa bonaparte of Aoi Manilow and for our first number the number 2 okay sir we’re ready for the second number please press that button hey Lana to mokuba in exact order on winning numbers no se elsewhere para mañana poppy neo that lumber says an Aerodyne hope in a bowl young se elsewhere 3 doing Alice on Cena ooh makka al squadron on harpoon at Alice Levine and Gabi for our second number it’s the number 5 ok serve please press that button again Paris a third number as an important for mobile a parsec at low a tolling numero parasitic se Ellsworth 3 game kappa winner calamari new a claim on premise am soaking SEL sales agent I’m planning a new vanilla on SEL de Kathleen oh and for our third number number six Willy poem SES were three winning numbers name hop on by 2 5 & 6 in exact order Sicily c’mon I’m exciting prizes the mullahs a small town lottery two digits sample molokov nasa load nanomachine numbered 0 to 9 at aluminum and formatting bubble ID and SEL two digits a paranormal poster Mahalo Garmin late a global city negros oriental at Eastern summer theater ah let’s play the SEL two digits then official doubles for Nikita Nino my own an acid open and adding draw machine amar I thought I might move it on zero tonight but as a STL two digits the level no miracle of Allah the Shanmugam official winning combination a communal digit or I am number three thank you sir read in a Pattaya parasite in second digit while waiting for the second digit to be drawn again an STL two digits for Paris among areas of the globe and city at similar prevention and lated Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar and for our second digit zero once again an SEL two digit winning numbers are free and zero in exact order congratulations on the winners Parimal Amman companion Mc.Lean Dominion premio Narita pollinated easing easy landmark Lima premio salato at small town lottery who is a fast Manama swept in lot of winners Azul attempt a gallon appear Mahanama code them winning ticket from the Nollan and 20 pesos handgun 10,000 pesos by adding each lima premier seminar authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the maggots at 10,000 pesos my Leoben said jackpot who want a subpoena ham elaborate a PCSO branch say a new lugar was a PCSO main office at plug the land and the long valid ids from jackpot winner car the linen winning ticket at the level valid IPS acclaim Aminu premios a PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard Mandaluyong City the winner can advance a small town lottery barring implement premium SPL sales agent OSA SDL draw center comes on table Melina Nino STL tickets congratulations for para Samanya en la monotony Inari the finale captain Adam aha winning numbers name huh Boyd let’s start off with our East loco we have the numbers 23 and one in exact order first artist lotto we have the numbers for one and eight in exact order for small town lottery POTUS to have the numbers 2 and 13 in exact order for SEL suerte we have the numbers 2 5 & 6 in exact order for SEL 2 digits we have the numbers 3 & 0 in exact order will he put in euphemism aha mama yo Alice may be Nagas bear para say evening edition NPCs a lottery draws from popper in an easy to lotto shortest lotto or digit mega lotto 645 ultra local six of the eight small town lottery Paris St elsewhere three are STL two digits and for our job but estimates tonight’s over the logo six of the eight jackpot rise may reach 225 million pesos for tomorrow’s lotto 642 jackpot price may reach 12 million pesos and on Sunday for our super nova 649 jackpot price is estimated to reach 74 million pesos Barbosa pcs office and abroad to the third okay that happened for saying in the heart you you. .

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