[Live] Pcso Lotto Draws – January 19, 2018 11:00 Am Video

Lottery Draw Live

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we answer board game randomly and a million chair person is an Isetta official robots beeping loud bounnam bolus I’m on an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro and a Hollis para para on him bound empowered Bolin gag a meeting but that was passing guru NATO in compete oh and chairperson llama and a glutton bravo snag a meeting semana draws properly documented at covered pudding video on how at free draw activity a trade in a hot for a second a ping not o ads Motel lottery draws simply mechanics none easy to load the game completely London tick is a number from 1 to 31 said Aloha subsets anal easy to game panel unappealing phone numbers a mag match easy to lot of winning numbers in exact order panel up over a fixed price the 4,000 pesos retail peso playback straight or standard play at ready hope a man alone on 2,000 pesos come ko IANA Claro vayan durable it assisted playing appealing upon a team achieves and winning numbers the first number is 10 and the second number is number 8 recapping the easy two lot of winning numbers this morning we have there and a in exact order of Allah Allah said the lead PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in VCS those partners bio program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third floor BCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs or OVH pcso cabarrus of a ghulam advocacy so the volatility no at Pattaya let’s play sweat fest lotto people even cash prices before leaping up amiga and sweat fleshly those are team players nationwide Peter Bolduc machen you three versus wet was not a winning combination in exact order panel provide a fixed price the four thousand five hundred pesos Adam pay for a Negreanu via the Abuelita system play puede no payment alone than 750 pesos OD kayak 1500 pesos winning combination for this morning the first digit is number five second digit we have number three and the third digit is the number one again the eleven am swept was like a winning combination five three one in exact order exciting prizes small ad about some of my lucky numbers now small town lottery games Papa Panov in alive and centralized small town lottery cross see similar bulletin and pop well as an STL suffered ballin and STL Paris Busan Bobo lopata even the level numero moolah one to forty barrio it was a pcso ready now let’s play the small town lottery palace forty official Robles numbered 1 to 40 M NASA Lupo maven a Latino machine and we will draw two Lockheed bald spot as a winning combination adding STL Paris for this morning Lisa RL in a bowler adding STL Paris good luck luck read Ross King Alice on saponin Umaga a las cuatro de jamon at Alaska venom levy we are waiting for the second the second number is 29 Lee and STL Paris winning numbers for this morning 19 and 29 in exact order to the podium our numbers man makes game having small town lottery sewer three that no matter demand for a t mobile is a game it off and then pollutant and drone 811 SD elsewhere and now ACP lapu lapu city simple province latest global city negros oriental northern samar behold eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental Cotabato City Lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte de on de Oro City in Samus Oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sur Sultan Kudarat Surigao del Sur bookie Don Johnson City Basilan Asami’s Occidental North Dakota City a pineapple let’s play STL swap pre eternal and post eternal sample ball anime numbers zero tonight an ass hello Portland row machine Papa lapatin anthem numero Nashua gigging STL swell three winning combination for this morning’s draw and the first number is there you go number five okay sir we’re ready for the second number Lisa Thank You Kayla and Puma in exact order winning numbers an stl swept the famine a lapatinib a premium hot loom was a basis an ROV lobola SDL swept three Alison cinema galas quatrain and harpoon at Alice Navy for nine Gabi si I’m adding an STL Paris the second number is number nine we sir please press that button again for the third number that’s a look we upon a team with Ebola and a cat look at willing number parasitic St Ellsworth regain a winner prevail Mario game acclaim a premium senior Sookie SEL sales agent who sampling in a billion STL to get Virginia and the third number is number eight once again the 11 a.m. sweat three winning numbers five nine and eight in exact order this one is demanding exciting prizes time ago malaga small town lottery two digits sample aleppo and a cell of the drama she numbered 0 to 9 at 11 new little boy and I think opal ahead an STL two digits eponymous subhan. Allah garden late a robot city negros oriental art history summer let’s play the STL two digits then official Bravo spot and Nikita you in celebrating draw machine my monomer 0.

0 0.2 lucky balls Apogee official winning combination for the mapping STL two digits para so Magneto good luck possibly tickets I think SPL two digits the first digit is the number 5 it’s already in a tie for the second digit a bohemian typo nothing babylonica long number parasitic STL two digits will eating Gulabo I’m gonna throw a virus at the global city at Salmonella Wiegand and late a Negros Oriental at Eastern summer good luck for senior John’s Hospital ooh girl and my mama tickets for this morning’s STL two digits and the second digit is the number 5 once again an STL two digits winning combination game Omega 5 & 5 congratulations to all the winners at param elements of automatically Molina preyed upon or evil easy easy life that’s a small town lottery who is a possum anomalous weapon Inglot the winners Azul atop a gallon appear Mahan in Lakota winning ticket from the naland and 20 pesos handgun ten thousand pesos by adding each Lehman previous I’m gonna authorised lot of outlets some of the winners the May he gets a ten thousand pesos my Leoben said jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena Hamill up with the PCs of branch say new lugar was a PCSO main office at pack the land and the low on valid IDs from jackpot winner car De. Leon and winning ticket at the La. Von valid IPS ignominy new premios a pcso main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city to winner can a man say small town lottery modding implement premium SPL sales agent was the SDL draw center comes on capable in any new STL tickets congratulations pour some IV ma boats are at the top Astana Madras our info leading a team on winning numbers similar penitence a easy to lotto we have ten and eight in exact order it’s a squat press lotto on winning combination five three and one in exact order but as a STL Paris we have 19 and 29 in exact order say STL swap three five nine and eight in exact order at para pasar two digits we have five and five will be put in Yokohama hanami a las cuatro no hablo part was the afternoon edition a pcso laughs read Ross and Jeff before adding easy to Lata’s water slaughter a small town lottery Paris were three add two digits but a facade in Japan estimate par my ass ultra lotto 658 poem about opening it for Hold’em 225 million pesos and jackpot prize now we’re in Omaha Luna Salameh thought recording you.


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