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while a Samana text messages lahum on our satella pod on the Nexus having must be bigoted Ocilla and tip kappa Lipton Bella or cellphone load boom million tickets I’m on a PCSO authorized outlets at pcs or branches Fargo on actual draw good evening goes on Visayas and Mindanao are talking co host tonight good evening Pilar at Salamis my Elphaba didn’t pour cela hotness on monotony the Celtic PCSO draw court welcome bow Sapir solo redraw yes good evening sardine Beauchamp race Thomas where things are between force and harmonica nice at again sir radio TV at the Internet via livestream good evening de forma bc 10 Athenian Habibi toss up recess or throw cord it’s a pay day Monday January 15 2018 at signup Oh a nice summary yours in your budget I’m fumbling and lotto STL tickets for tonight’s draws the hill male yo Dylan are you Liam Lou listen to me my players mohammed abu hi paraffin and i’ll put it as a pcso lottery draw yuri llama by western headliner para maana no Fergie styopa I need la paura maka long shot in Kapaa is way better than the beep again you don’t owe us among a lotta Lotta steel players not in Laguna poor mama buy me dinner tickets for tonight’s draw ayah surah rahman irr hollow eyed Pagani Dominic Flores mattis bond rating stop PD before at the trending limbo I’m PC a salary goes on our social media sites I am Bob acaba by anything you post a new bar TV screens are mourning for my social media sites cosas informa papanoida pcs or lottery draws like mud follow or mug subscribe llama papaya so official websites and Facebook page official ad selfish or websites Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live at account on PPV pop I’m not gonna Paulo live coverage so pcs or not that is brought to me 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p. m. a champion 9 p.

m.draws ok ding dong I don’t have a pen a man in a tin pot I see some polling Gordon in the mind just go and get your tickets ready for our fixed price games the easy to lotto so our permute role games afford is a game the mega logo 645 and the grand lotto 655 and of course our centralized balls on Laurie Paris sewer 3 and visits up man somebody produces led by our chairperson tonight mr. jean marc louise also here with us our representatives in the pcs know and the Commission in audit and of course business letter draw slightly half draw coordinated I he welcomed in Panaji to mind we had an episiotomy oh I know I didn’t I mean I’m giving up the free tour procedure is funny that small town lottery draws see me guru Poornima the panel of judges at the representatives from BC Sol Commission on audit number is a mama drama Sheen’s they gotta meet him at Ross is in the Guam us using machine inspection at testing Panama seguro enema higher self will be showing them on a drum machines the gaga meeting button and mine human intervention support meeting it’s about game randomly the million chairperson is an acceptable facial robots like a committee lat bounnam bolus I’m on an appealing Robo said I didn’t ban para más seguro Anna Hollis para para on him bound a powerful engage a meeting but apostasy guru Nate I compete oh I’ll chairperson llama on a gluten robots Nogami team semana cross properly documented at covered wooden video on powered pedro activity at Praveen Angela hot for a psychic and a ping lotto Earth’s Malta lottery draws okay low the bears it’s time to play and win millions get ready yet good luck let’s play that Brad lotto 655 game tonight’s grand Lago jackpot pokemons a winning numbers tonight and the first winning number is the number 48 not winnable million and lotto ticket that Somali Somali jaws are thinking to be I’m a Ponte pant ina because not all monado yeah good luck was a hacker a team on a lot of players and the second number is the number 20 survivors time Miguel Arroyo trying a poem on a system plays must Moroccan I transfer on oh my additional cash prizes pareo and the third number is the number 31 pump a you boy NASA probe inside played along about PCSOs projects body potable subpoena Aminata PCSO French say au revoir and the fourth number is the number forty one available diploma BCSO products among our pcs of branches que mi re dink I’m Emily namaha tickets John and the fifth wedding number is the number one is hung over the lava pond he needed a complete at the center machine cool emotion jama’a grand lotto tickets and the sixth and final number is the number 40 recapping tonight’s official granddaughter of winning numbers we have in any order the numbers 48 20 31 41 1 and 44 the jackpot prize of 29 million 700 thousand pesos myth of agents prize Commission Mega Million combination of mega lotto 1118 canasa ticket in Otara let’s play the mega lotto 6:45 game Harding mega lotto jackpot prize here to be higher nine million 124 thousand two hundred eighty four pesos net of agents price Commission once again Sherman are we sir please press that button and let’s now play from mega lotto 645 game maraming salamat family challenge ever soon as remembers rd panel of judges sup ugly an amorous part mount Asama a team of happiness worthy this time 45 balls of important lemon Omega Jam at 6 balls perempuan he hinted at e Faline now the first winning number is the number to come quitter kind of 10,000 pesos and below it claim on your promotion on a lotta outlets winners of prizes of over 10,000 pesos up to 300,000 pesos you can claim your prize and a PCSO branch nearest you pours a pcso main office and the second winning number is the number 8 boom a sweating jackpot winner man ko there is no winning ticket a telephone valid IDs sappy CSO mail office good service or a building Shaw boulevard mandaluyong city waiting for the third number and that number is the number 27 K long and full I’m winning tickets of a premium premium feminine you’re a power punto be a nap Pasadena at London walk the walk from Papa gene dial heat sensitive put on my lotto tickets and the fourth winning number we have the number 23 super clean Langham Fred noe 420 point of a positive validating machine I’m Bob at is are you saying you ticket they re not and my booty I mean Owen Thomas were thing lotto tits and the fifth winning number is the number 11 one more lucky number to win tonight’s mega lotto jackpot prize Solana Yoona and Susheela the hugging Mega Million REO and the sixth and final number is the number 36 Philippines here are the official like a lotto winning numbers which can come in any order we have the numbers to 827 23 11 and 36 for the jackpot prize of nine million one hundred twenty four thousand two hundred eighty four pesos net of agents prize Commission salami from bubbly khyativada Pilar I’m more exciting prizes now four digit SWAT risotto at easy to lotto game Andina Mozilla probably are not busy you put an elegant PCSO Qadri games happy little eye to look at SIA and now at a PCSO partnership acid bath not monopoly pedo pcso is open for partnership putting all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partner file program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a PCSO product and standard development department third floor PCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at BCSO dot dot dot php’ CSO Quebecers Pegula advocacy so da bobba filipino only forum i mean familie a PCSO partner tire program open for para Somali demon group or organization compare for another point of our senior my charitable projects my diplomatic support our visa so see some special suit 6th row father say you fundraise change again the poor mind simply born again a Paris in your organization and for more information you recall the pieces of product and standard development department at eight four six eight seven six four ok lotta players or estoppel porosity super crabby or lucky for numbers in reading in a paw let’s play the four digit age semana de Unamuno medical Maricopa use to move on Sofia so charity assistance department Lunas Sangam Salvador from 8 a. m. to 5 p.

m.Oh oh boy became nepata Oh a patent numero marry Melinda bah bah bah say 10,000 pesos at Mary Puma bought seven hundred thousand pesos pretend Basilica pugna hoo ha in exact order I’m appealing for a digit winning convolutions and here is our four digit winning combination the first which is one the second digit we have five the third digit is 7 and the fourth and final digit we have six ladies and gentlemen our four digit winning combination for tonight is one five seven and six in exact order lucky three numbers cement floor tile let’s play the evening edition of thus wordpress lotto game Suarez lotta players not and etirsa lose on and on so Bisaya subsuming the now Tokyo say no Marty gets matching the three digit waiting combination in exact order wins you four thousand five hundred pesos pretend possibly at Sahaba Medina man Conan tickets using the Rambo Leto sister play seven RPG or 1500 pesos propensity for a lenient reveal are not appealing about adding vision machines the first digit is for the second digit we have seven and finally the three digit is nine double check our tickets our suite press winning combination for tonight is for seven and nine using Mozilla Maduro at Milano ethos easy to lock a game okay NASA easy to lotto game report I of Moulin Rouge on Hangang Visayas and Mindanao Navi putana gonnigan enjoys the green eco daily easy easy lavender at Ranallo two numbers from 131 namah popular on a cap exact match a maneuver on you’re so easy to lot of winning numbers in exact order four thousand pesos pretend Festa playa brava 2000s return personal and poppin anivia that Abuelita system play I added that appear in an easy to local winning numbers for the first number we have 21 and a second number we have the number 29 recapping tonight’s easy to lot of winning numbers we have the numbers 21 formally petitioners arming possible exceeding the bow Paula in upon 18 lucky numbers from a decentralized small town lottery games are are out deal a million medium forum Johanna did than pcs OSA Sam by an am Filipino million million Cowan karate I’ve been a baja give it oh sorry acaba by n vilasa data span charity assistance Department Hyundai forma hugging too long a PCSO suppose pallid nothing a papaya from January to 2018 to January 5 2018 hyoma would poke some I hit 51 million pesos on labor mahadji so 1411 beneficiaries 27 million six hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred pesos palace’ hospitalization and 698 the passion cake seven million three hundred fifty eight thousand one hundred pesos father so 161 the percentage and Aleli hand and chemotherapy for bach rocky therapy radiation at linear region 1 million six hundred thirteen thousand pairs of salmon Paris a peritoneal and hemodialysis 1052 patients at 14 million nine hundred fifty two thousand seven hundred seventy five pesos come in Iran a PCSO far as a five hundred Napa shanty starving in the gulag Paris I before E and selfish of me because I’m close with a PCSO I far us about Filipino than a mile and Colette podem indeed as a pcso AMPA in half eaten too long Sandman Suleiman rotting banza see Lola Lydia is Anna marks an epoch our immunity kebabian not aluminum pcs osakawa even a PCSO medical and dental mission saramma for the fee fie fo happen for the PCSO and by parity and too low medical sad in Monaca bab al sebaa suno Pilipinas Sepang Billy bought a lotto tickets the coward on PCs oh but cut the one paramita Galaga Kalugin that’s up by then let’s play excited excited ok centralized lottery draws or SPL al abadi no morality Shahi Marhaba enjoy la casa para mi sto games John Pilar click click on steel games above are not in LA duel against the Visayas and Mindanao in open loop OSA I mean from selamat say Nina kill EK balam book and resort the bonito centralized STL draws the babu Lahaina ting am to be AI para llama poster on a lugar or provincial now Alan Gilligan apni localized STL draws not non class he buiit on STL games of bubula he not in leaders a centralized draw a simulant pune thing and say STL Paris Sergei metameric puta m40 official draw balls and a manga number on one 240 along Romero poem Babu nahin nahin Mara so official winning numbers tongue STL panics get ready and good luck let’s play the small town Laurie Perez okay sto Bayers i’ll I mean another income a suerte and Alabama Maroni know we will draw two lucky balls bought us a winning combination and I think STL Perez named Lunas tonka bean and for the first summer we have the number 30 thank you sir ready to put that butter sake my second number Aaron Burr in Buda among a localized STL Perez draws a buddy bumper beam sir oh la Garza Billy Beane a skeleton Posada Mama’s cooking as the Affairs sorry mom localized STL draws and for second number we have the number 40 once again tonight’s STL POTUS winning the bizarre 30 and 40 okay our next game Lance Walton lotteries were three sample volume and bonus love Mc. Enroe Machine number is zero tonight but no matter for happy mobile ie9 for our a suit on Android I saw a partial xi of St elsewhere free Samar solution or the lugar mine now SCT lapu lapu city province of Cebu later the flow back city province of Negros Oriental northern samar the whole eastern summer abusin del Norte Davao City now go the sword Davao Oriental fatimata city lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City miss Thomas oriental Compostela Valley Agusan del Sol Sudan for Durant so regardless or book if knowing general santos city Basilan savy subsidence on North Cotabato someone goodell sore at Zamboanga City okay get ready and good luck piranhas let’s play the STL shortly okay the process ants were three sample ball and a maneuver on 0 to 9 National wanna add in row machine mobile app on Iona na numero neshama deal is worth three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order food offered on acceptable i. OS now pakka Kabbalah we have the number six hoagie server ready for the second rebirth press that button Kayla and Puma Puma in exact order of wedding numbers and I think stls were free paraben Alana Monica premio that no basis for say some are open you boil at est else were three that’s 11 a. m.

or p.m. and every 9:00 p. m. and for the second number we have the number one okay sir please princess positive and platinum in whole separate numbers Desilu animal poop in a bowl Annika Lord willing overall Paris at est else were three game Kappa Gwinner papaya marina Klima you flabbiness a mule so King St Elzear sage and cosine pudding you Billy I know STL ticket and the page numbers we have a zero once again tonight’s St elsewhere three winning numbers are the numbers 6 1 & 0 at Parliament for supporting gaming at them knocking numbers now STL two digits some point polishing for NASA love my acting drama she number zero nine at Villanova element or a lot in Babylon in Morocco somatically a global city province of Negros Oriental engine for 16 summer palace in genomica a winning combination and acting SPL two digits rockin on and let’s play the STL two digits ten official robots in Pournami people in Ohio and a solanum at intro machine my milano marathon zero nine and we will draw two lucky numbers neshama given official winning combination at the STL two digits I am baby okay we have the first digit and it is seven thank you sir Adina Pattaya father as a second digit please press that button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn only Dinka for a winning combination pollito hyperosmotic Aleta the global city province of Negros Oriental at chevre for Paris eastern samar 3 once again at in STL two digits wedding numbers are 7 & 3 congratulations for some lucky winners ma re your envelope annoyed I’m a previous Joseph sensor website an official Facebook page btv so Vishal website Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live at account at platinum across America the new Yamaha wedding numbers and adding morning and afternoon cross cadena Narita poppin or another the 11 a.

m.for results so easy to lotta we have 27 and 13 in exact order dust weapons although we have 9 8 & 2 in exact order rasa SPL palace 24 and 11 in exact order st elsewhere 3 8 5 & 9 in exact order at sparazza SPL two digits we have 4 and 1 in exact order at platypus afternoon Ross Perot so easy to bottle we have 21 and 1 in exact order the swap is not on winning combination 9 7 and 4 in exact order set STL Paris 31 and 12 in exact order SPL sweat 3 6 8 & 4 in exact order and finally say SPL 2 digits we have 1 & 9 in exact order easy easy landmark Lehman premio salvato at small town lottery cohesive as homonymous a swept wing lotto winners iseul atop a gallon appear Mahan in Lakota and winning ticket from the Nollan and twenty pesos handgun ten thousand pesos by adding each Lehman previous I’m gonna authorized lot of outlets some of the winners the Maggie gets a ten thousand pesos mile events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena Hamill up with a PCSO branch say new lugar was a PCSO main office attract the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner car the Levine and winning ticket at the long valid IPS nicknamed Aminu premios a pcso main office 6:05 show boulevard mandaluyong city winner can demands a small town lottery body and claim of premium SPL sales agent AUSA sdl draw center comes on table believin in your STL tickets congratulations poor okay Dino Papa time agree captain while reading numbers on Yaya Han wind up insula Nepal minivan tickets pasa Madras not in bougas parasitic morning and afternoon draw stop at for a father’s easy to not all Word. Press logo at Jericho Paris STL Paris St else were three and STL two digits Filipinas partner man say evening no on manga games Pune in I easy to lotto swear the best lotto at six digit hm people cutting STL Paris swear three and two digits at shipwreck an Amana be the boss said to me nebula lucky hand jackpot prizes the lotto 642 super lotto 649 my estimated jackpot prize in a 65 million pesos at sempre and adding ultra lot of kicks but oh he he could find jackpot prize subtle muttaqeen thing not 218,000 pay 18 million pesos rather 218 million pesos Wow yes BB I wouldn’t you gotta make sure pointer my tickets for your Paris are adding my games nigh and I’ll Monica telegin I think jackpot prizes for tomorrow at some are in a point of tuna in not eatable result on an item on our drawers going to be starting off with our easy to not the winning numbers we have 21 and 29 in exact order on our confirm SWAT risotto evening job winning combination I for 7 and 9 in exact order Tottenham upon 4 digit winning combination game to me I won 5 7 and 6 in exact order a la diploma mega lapras is 45 winning numbers handy I to 827 23 11 at 36 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of 9 million 124,000 284 pesos net of agents price commission and our granddaughter winning combination tonight is 48 the 20 31 41 1 and 40 which can come in any order for the jackpot prize of 29 million 700 thousand pesos net of agents prize Commission I platinum enforce a decentralized small town lottery games for the SPL Paris we have 30 and 40 in exact order for the SS were 3 the lucky combination is 6 1 and 0 in exact order a Champa setting STL 2 digits we have 7 & 3 in exact origin booyah okay pillar 11 and Athene co maid jackpot winner tile my younger be talking abou Nadia Nadia gate the security representative fara soething resulta thank you sir maraming salamat po i abou sama sama ha audience a PCSO datacenter Kaupapa thio wall of winners starting ran logo 655 and Bigelow go 645 doors being the beak okay that’s all for tonight platypus a pcso feel are being a cruise I thought my boss he deemed it irreparable matter hi in the buggy Sudoku boss hookers versus VD beat us good night everyone even your surprise is coming up next you you. .

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