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effexor sabi KO Adama maneuver roman and allah salla Hatem pcs of games 120 wallace among a text messages the harmonics at 11 on the nexus album will be big a dose 11 tip kappa Lipton para or cellphone note boo million tickets a mana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches Pargo an actual draw good evening Filipinas Alistair will add filippo time ago at melosa multi million game Shona filipinas a PCSO lottery draw Robbie good evening say o Allah Allah Muhammad Ali because it’s a pcso property in denied in amman oh no daddy no yo and sadly no more TV sets at the Internet he some must wear panko before saying Allah hot it’s another multi million Sunday night January 14 2018 STL at keno ticket citing prices seminar pcs or games we’re moving in a lot or destiel tickets Anna PCs authorized here’s a champ Lee ro ro in before I’m Fernando or Don PCSO lottery draw ma Papa not puto by a live stream social media sites Nana Paquita Nino saying yo mama TV screens PCSOs official website and Facebook page P TV’s official website Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live at account every 11:00 a.m. 4:00 p. m. at 9:00 p.

m.ma Papa no dimple it was a PPV 14 a las nueve manga be reopened Ln a pcso fix price games not easy to lotto and SWAT risotto a deep I’m util games super lotto 649 altra lotto 658 hmm STL 5s swiftly digits rapid similarity oh if a Gilliland anitha not busy tonight in because a studio I’m adding panel of judges tonight is led by our chairperson mr. rocky Ortega somebody put that in suppose I did the premiere I want representatives from pcso and the Commission on audit and the first assist us with our gross we have our PCSO assistant draw for Jennifer ether in Paris Amman time a little Samantha that it was a pcso good evening to say you like Pharaoh Eric bhagwate on burglar or fun or amudha not a nun highlights now in a nap nap redraw procedures canina saga can happen live lotto at small town lottery draws singing guru Poornima ting panel of judges at vana representatives from BCSO and Commission on audit number is a mama drama she still got the meeting palisade Ross he’s in the guavas oozing machine inspection at testing Panama seguro nama is and Wendy Shawn demonic drum machines the Gaga meeting only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support pd nim Bolan gag a meeting that long sets and feeding people ears about game randomly the million chairperson is uncertain official robots like a gamete in lat bounnam bola Simon an appealing Drobo said I didn’t ban para más seguro Nahal spar a parent in bond empowered Bolan Gaga meeting what a post Massacre on either a complete oh and chairperson llama and a glowed and Robles Nogami in similar draws properly documented at covered ponen video on howard pre draw activity at ravine and lahat para sacar canopy not o Earth’s Malta lottery draws it’s time to win Millions jackpot now ultra lotto 658 tonight’s autoloader java prize is 213 million six hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred fifty six pesos net of the agents price Commission mr. Ortega sir please press that button in let’s play ultra lotto 658 arriving selamat Posada chairperson lotta players at an abominable an old the local draw complete on 50 roubles numbered 1 to 58 hello Paula Matyas a turn machine and him the bowl upon a tahini in Thai for an official winning combination the first number is 15 ultra low topo I pari mutuel game paga haughty and equally impoverish go cycling dalawa oh he get back i’m winners second number is 53 lot of agents by the gala PCSO say no matter game 1 percent commission comes a lotto oddly putting on a billion ticket and an island jackpot third number is 55 I’m Jafar price agents Commission PO I’m adding bubble none 1 million pesos and the fourth number is 12 my security features a lotto ticket scale will come campaign Mc. Lean the Premio gamut and fake or tampered ticket my paru support but a spasm a ganyan fifth number is 34 it’s a number the lamp oh you need a naughty plea in the matting draw machine good luck for ultra lotto 658 players the sixth and final number is 14 Li pika both the nice official ultra lotto 658 winning numbers in any order 15 53 55 1234 and 14 with a jicama price of 213 million six hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred fifty six pesos net of the agents price Commission super million jackpot pass a Vienna Inga B let’s find out let’s play super lotto 649 tonight super lotto jackpot prize is 61 million fifty eight thousand seven hundred thirty four pesos net of the agents price Commission once again mr.

Ortega sir please press that button and let’s play super lotto 649 Thank You mr.Ortega at Bahrami cilantro semana Petula in the tomaten Phoenix a monopod octopod on pcs old this time six out of forty nine balls of people ena matting draw machine in no particular order a big Sabean ramble pong game NATO first number is 23 and super lotto for paramutual game game from the low heat fan jackpot winners happy info equally and jackpot prize and the second number is 39 bleating Apollo to agent Maruca young one percent commission Amari umma boats a son William piece or comes out that pudding Yuna billion ticket Nana na LAN and jackpot a good luck Dean poll say no a lot of agents third number is 41 come pay upon winning and twenty pesos up to ten thousand pesos ready no acclaim Ian Simon a lot of outlets nationwide well a humble tha’s a complete amalaki for the Premio and in you ma hua the fourth number is number one lalala demand post a monopolist a PCSO main office Medicaid Mc. Lean and premio Luna sanctum bareness 8:15 and Omega and imported opponent opponent welcome Hockley moot amygdala Candela one valid the ID fifth number we have 44 0 is a volatile opponent a nothing but I’m a complete Donna Mike it’s a 61 million peso super lotto winning combination good luck super lotto players the sixth and final number is 38 once again tonight’s official super lotto 649 winning numbers in any order we have 23 39 41 140 and 38 with a Jap apprised of 61 million 58,000 734 pesos net of the agents price Commission exciting crisis than easy to vato a sweater slot oh yeah between yami san deli PCSO is open for partnership calling all government and non government agencies cooperatives and associations be a partner in PCSOs partners value program raise funds for your organization and charitable projects through a special mini sweepstakes draw come and visit a pcso product and standard development department third floor BCSO main office sha boulevard mandaluyong city you may also go to the nearest PCSO branch in your area or email us at marketing at pcs o dot dot dot php’ CSO the partners of a Coulomb advocacy so da Bao eternity no right 1/2 hour at NAPA Diloreto healthy I drove all night nothing to see Lola Lydia is a LA Manzana baccarat Hinata kebabian not aluminium PCSO tsubame Magadan a PCSO medical and dental mission the main mission vision and a purpose for I should say purpose NPCs or Laguna per unit charity services for assistance for malama common programs and assistance infusion you need hospitalization operation opera for mr. Morales is some other cancer patients at least support all medical and dental mission we give free medical consultations and treatments kissimmee medicine forum in Delaware and also free dental services or particular anymore more unser extraction for now it’s a LAN in the program he talked like BBK for PCs own and we bring check up at about some a resident in a parent i acrobatic lugar had bought a pcso are my parroting and who loma de galis a demon acababa at suno Pilipinas it’s a bug believe more than lotto tickets the coward of PCs o Callaghan somebody that let’s play lotto important announcement BCSO resumes processing of new applications for the small town lottery operations or STL in the following areas without STL operation Zamboanga del Norte Kalinga Sarang Ghani a pile patent is the Nugget Island plan out a sewer mugging the now Mountain Province Sulu and cowy cowy interested parties may submit their applications with complete documents to the office of the assistant general manager for branch operations sector located at the third floor of the South Plaza building Shore Boulevard Mandaluyong City deadlines of submission of application is on January 15 2018 for more information you may call us at 7:06 seven five seven one or email us at STL SMG at pcs or Gaultier’s ok Pilipinas maratona on panel on barani that long numero let’s place where dress lotto the 9 p. m.

wrong Mousavi sysadmin the known as the evening drona Putin on sweaters lotto game para her info on game mechanics Atossa a ting morning and afternoon draws matching the three digit winning combination in exact order wins you the fixed price amount of 4500 pesos and playing viola Rambo Leto whence you 750 pesos or 1500 pesos at Makati Nina adding digit machines the first digit 1 the second digit 1 and the third digit 8 double check our tickets are swear tres winning combinations or tonight 1 1 and 18 exact order Samaha santorini table LOL numero mnemonic Magdalene on panel oh let’s play easy lotto teasing EC long Mugler Oh at Monell OD tossa is lotto game for middle an antiquey song número from 1 to 31 the long subsets na young easy to lotto play slips fixed price the 4,000 pesos empanadas non valid sample piece oh come on ma Zhong de la Wong numerosity is lotto winning combination tonight in exact order ethnic appealing opponent is lotto winning numbers the first number 16 and the second number 13 recapping tonight’s is lotto winning numbers 16 and 13 in exact order alum you pop up the pieces are be show public owned numero uno on pcs Oh Naruto Fong Allah and summer program on banka banka wa subpoenas la la ana numfon daughter pcs open or empanada are dealing william medium pop em you wanna eat them PCSO some way and I’m Filipino million million carbon karate I bid a baja get it oh sorry Monica bye bye n vilasa dot austin charity assistance department hyundai Puma hugging too long the pcs awesome caboose palette nothing kappa bian from january 2 2018 to january 5 2018 io mob would pose am i hit 51 million pesos alabama hockey so 1411 beneficiaries 27 million six hundred thirty six thousand nine hundred pesos paris a hospitalization than 698 napa shantae seven million three hundred fifty eight thousand one hundred pesos para so 161 the passion t NL a lemon and chemotherapy cobalt rocky therapy radiation at linear acceleration 1 million six hundred thirteen thousand pesos Lamont Paris a peritoneal and hemodialysis than fifty two patients at fourteen million nine hundred fifty two thousand hundred seventy five versus a linear and a PCSO far as a five hundred nap Ashanti domine ninh Poonam Paris a map an array and selfish America’s and posted a PCSO ipar us about Filipino nominee lon head Poonam indeed us a PCSO alma in appeared on too long Sandman Suleiman having been shot until Mozilla phenomenon a new quantity like pcs Atari games happy neato eight who looked at SIA and now at a PCSO partnership acid bath tub monopoly pedo SEL players or resna para una promesa centralized water lottery games or Muscatatuck na RIS PL okay paladin inform resuit and and satellites SEL Joe Staton Bob a lion a parable Samaha lugar ultra beam China while a Finnegan apna localized draws I’m a boy on that loan classic STL games for mobile I not a Nazi similar to that in an STL per famous among a lucky numbers than STL Paris they gave me Tamara but I am 40 official troubles numbered 1 to 40 the living numbers for mobile line at a Paris official winning numbers done STL Paris so get ready and good luck let’s now play the small town lottery Paris 40 official troubles numbered 1 to 40 and NASA logo my own and I think draw machine and we will brought to Lockheed boss para plus a winning combination then adding STL Paris good luck pourcel Adam a tickets for tonight’s STL Paris we are waiting for the first lucky number there you’re the first number is 21 thank you sir ready for the second number so on first winning number poor not in tonight 21 at Maron Parramatta in localized STL Paris draw say but even provincial or lugar superior been asking a good la posada STL players Ghent was a team on a localized Ross and the second number is 40 once again tonight’s STL Paris winning numbers are 21 and 14 Huna point for mama numbers man in exact order congratulations Penelope Eastern Okanagan a small town lottery swear three sample Paula Paul NASA load Nong drama she numbers 0 tonight that lawn ornament for an item bobble ahead and on and result Anand Rona Ito I para poor sanity hollering on SC elsewhere threesome a sumo sanath nagar Mandaue City lapu lapu city province of Cebu later Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental northern samar for all eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City davao del Sol Davao Oriental Cotabato City lana del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Miss a Miss oriental Compostela Valley Yahoo Sun del Sol Sultan Kudarat regardez or who keep no on general santos city pasilla misamis occidental north cotabato someone else will add some wonder city okay STL players read numbers Matteo Terra let’s play SES were three sir st elsewhere three sample ball anime manga numerals 0 to 9 and nasa of nanomachines mobile appurtenant at long número national Maggie Ginn’s worth three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order pootabot on NASA Tom on i.OS on pakka Coppola and the first number it’s a zero okay sir were ready for the second number is press that button Kalon phone Makua in exact order of winning numbers and st elsewhere 3 para maana la Nova premium cotton basis is an Aerodyne we know bola on st elsewhere 3:11 a. m. 4:00 p. m.

at 9:00 p.m. the second number four okay sir please press that bottle again far as a third number Casa La Jolla and pompano bola an ikat low a tolling numero parasitic SC elsewhere three game pop up winner kayo marina unit Lima premios am soaking STL sales agent concerning yo Billy Lee Young STL tickets lino and a third number eight once again tonight’s st elsewhere three winning numbers 0 4 & 8 in exact order STL fare smell but i. OS on game exciting prices beam angle on ax SEL two digits sample ball a bonus alejandro machine numbers ear tonight at 11 numeron Amanpour hung a teen bobble ahead some unethical a tape of global city province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar Paris a new poll of winning combination STL two digit straw Cayetana let’s play the SEL two digit ten official drawables for anarchic eaten in Lyon and NASA loads and draw machine maimie Honami written zero tonight and we will draw two lucky balsamiq digging official winning combination and STL two digits the first digit nine thank you sir ready Pattaya palette the second digit press the button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn only diemkappa on winning combination unit or para Samanya taggle DJ Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar and the second digit free once again an STL two digit winning numbers nine and three in exact order congratulations for semana nanano Yoga be a papanoida arena we played among previous rows a PCSOs official facebook page a PCSO website contains the ppb’s facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live account and official website para pasar Susana PCSO morning and after the drawers kalila Naruto PO the results of our 11:00 a. m.

draw for the easy to lot of the winning numbers are 31 and one in exact order for the sweaters not all the wedding combination is 8 3 & 6 in exact order and for the morning sto drawers for the STL Perez the winning numbers are 17 and 40 in exact order for the stos wealthy winning combination is 0 and one in exact order and for the SD of two digits the winning numbers are zero and nine in exact order as a result of the four pm go for the easy to bottle the winning numbers are 12 and 25 in exact order will the sweaters not oh the winning companies it is 0 4 & 2 in exact order and for the afternoon sto draws for the SEL far as the wedding numbers are 11 and 7 in exact order for the STS wedding wedding combination is 9 5 & 5 in exact order therefore the SDL to visit so winning digits are 0 & 3 in exact order easy easy landmark Lima claim your salato at small town lottery who is a possum on amasses wedding lotto winners Azul attempt a gallon a pyramid Adam Lee code the winning ticket from the Nollan and 20 pesos handgun 10,000 pesos by adding it Lehman premio seminar authorized lot of outfits some of the winners the maggots at 10,000 pesos mile events a jackpot who want a subpoena Hamill a feat a pcso branch say new Luka was a PCSO main office at like the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner cut the linen winning ticket at the Lowell valid IPS nicknamed aleinu premios a PCSO main office 6:05 show boulevard Mandaluyong City the winner can a man say small town lottery body in payment premium SPL sales agent OSA SDL draw center comes on table believe in a new STL tickets congratulations Paul eric pehota you know speak up I remind you not an Amana players not in the bukas for my acapella Boumediene anilinium on Atticus palace a lot o our small town lottery games some morning and afternoon draws a champ rare parasitic evening draws nag lucky headphones offered prizes neguin ties a granddaughter 655 at mega lotto 6:45 sasame a on on exciting prizes the fourth digit sweaters lotto easy to lotto STL Paris St elsewhere three at SC l 2 digits Miami tomorrow my boats a Madras not in Kareena wanna involve in an apple or pea commit in your cell phone your picture renewing TV screens a packet a visa dadiba olya Mon Ami Nero me I’m on the winning numbers in my pocket oppas Gangnam on a cross table at when I thing as easy to lotto the winning numbers are 16 and 30 in exact order far as a sweat risotto and winning combination 1 1 & 8 in exact order super lotto 649 in any order 23 39 41 140 and 38 with a jackpot prize of 61 million 58,000 734 pesos net of the agents price Commission so ultra lotto 658 in any order 15 53 55 well 34 and 14 with a Jap apprised of 213 million six hundred thirty nine thousand nine hundred fifty six pesos net of the agents price Commission okay ser Vardis 21 and 40 in exact order st elsewhere three zero four and eight in exact order that’s a STL two digits nine and three in exact order locking and Jacque what prize I started tonight no no me I have Billy cabana ticket shopping okay okay it’s enough for me I need a nothing son delete hey Jonathan you’re gay at night tonight I’ll get forgotten and data security representative bottom Illuminati answer good evening thank you okay I am citing data center while I am jackpot winners Ultra lotto 658 gonna need four super lotto 649 will happen jackpot winner my pacifier West Nile a papaya answer Tuesday the game tickets that’s all for tonight platypus a PCSO ever see a game son Hahnemann for serum is he so nervous are being sappy csaw boooo Filipinas final Oh enjoy the rest of the evening good night everyone good night everyone you..

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