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while macaques ossobucco an Omaha numero Manon allah salla hot nan PCSO games want many Wallace among a text messages lahum but I will settle upon on the Nexus RB must be big a dose Illidan tip caplet nampara or cellphone load boom million tickets a mana pcs or authorized outlets at pcs or branches bar go on actual draw good evening lotto Philippines we need cannabis a out sumhassan open up Invictus appreciated rockport a lot to attest year players and have a to top South Indian I think abandom elevating numbers is some much webfinger before saying a lot of us a TV at live internet welcome pasa PCSO lottery draw it’s another multi million Thursday night December 14 2017 sodden Christmas countdown we only have 11 days before Christmas no no yes and love it man I mean busy no way up arrow sign Hawkeye miss occasionally mu Tong it’s a yo Paula Lumpur in Aden Pune yo momma chickadee no tequila and Ponyville death young family me pawn in your mama premio para pasar maha sumo supervise appreciates a lot redraw my papa not de spawn coverage and lotto add centralized STL respire livestreams the pcs else official website and Facebook page gonna be possibilities official website Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live at Pt this account Alec schedule phone and draw through Ellis on cinema manga and a squatter name harpoon at Aleister Bain anga be at Palin posted in my small town lottery players I’m centralized STL drawers nabina bola de the pasta pizza so draw forth I para llamas Minogue are or Praveen China India Annika Honda Obama ballin and localize the STL draws who ever swim in the Potomac I think it’s not your father’s are they easy to lotto sweaters slaughtering lot at 6:42 are six digit game motto 642 super lotto 649 SPL palace elsewhere treat heart SPL two digits we do have a salmon epidemic got in this 50 counting panel of judges tonight is led by our chairperson this Rowenna will be yes a summary mati so gati the premier of america silicates from pcs el including representatives from the data security and the commission of audit and of course to assist us with Argos we have a pcso door for a Geneva procedures can happen or info wouldn’t have you live Votto and small town lottery draws Sydney guru Poornima the panel of judges at the representatives from PCSO in Commission on audit is I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting parisa drawers is in the Guam us using machine inspection at testing pharmacy Garuda my is um when he showed them on a draw machines they got a meeting only the operation of the remote switch button and by human intervention support feeding and bolin got a meeting platinum set subpoena creepily and separate game randomly the million chain person is uncertain official robots tiger committing black wooden bolus and on an appealing Drobo said i didn’t ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting band empowered Boland gamma team but opposed by seguro NATO a completo and chairperson llama and a glutton Robotnik a gamete in Savannah draws properly documented at covered wooden video on power three drawer activity at ready Nala hot for a second appeal Otto Earth’s Malta lottery draws all the players game time now 9 for nothing I’m super million jackpot I’m super lotto 649 tonight super lotto jackpot prize is 17 million five hundred six thousand seven hundred sixty one pesos net off the agents prize Commission miss Aviles man please press that button and let’s play the lotto 649 but a missile at home is Camelia’s semana para mi mami are starting a local 642 draw but in the meantime lot of fans complete of 149 was sat in row machine numbered 1 to 49 the Nova Nova numbers I’m epiphany and the first number is 37 Filippo sat in Oaxaca bye bye on multi plane Venini wallace amulet exit our cocina sobbing a lollipop is a lot on Omega palette a fella or self amoun the hills Campu young second number we have 33 at lag if enemy Palala in Latin pole inhuman a lotto tickets what Nawab Khan Baba say no per unit and Himalayan para Hindi Yuma sirrah dial Kayla Hannibal I didn’t take it technically improving a premium third number we have 35 para pasar malam upon arrival ama super lotto for paramutual game June dolloway wicked pan jackpot winners Tonga hottie and Piniella equally and jackpot prize and the fourth number is the number six re mute olden poem consolation prizes Mario payment Allah moolah twenty pesos at wedding Houma book than 70 thousand pesos and our fifth number is the number a is some boilin telephone ain’t a nothing high maqams laughter now having super local winning combination good luck hope super lot of players the sixth and final number is 28 okay lot of Philippines ready to familia nothing a super lot of winning numbers in any order thirty seven thirty three thirty five six eight and 28 with a Jap apprised of 17 million five hundred six thousand seven hundred sixty one peso snip of the agents prize Commission Sagrada Mary Miriam past Bernie son was sweating a lot or 642 player and a couple aluminum I get to seven million pesos a team over 640 to draw last Tuesday now we need to get four I’m gonna pass our Rock City sofa cinema for NAPA billion on from graduations for senior players kar Susan addresses sweat pain Ganga be let’s find out let’s play lotto 642 tonight’s lotto 642 Joppa price is five million nine hundred forty thousand pesos let not the agents price Commission once again this could be last man please press that button minutes now play lotto six Mississippi yes oddvar a mr.lammott impose a fee panel of judges seven del agua de horas para cementum immigrant in the suerte this time forty two balls and a Manhattan row machine and we will be waiting for six lucky balls for an official winning combination and the first number is in a hollow ha there you go our first number for tonight for the local 642 is 14 I’m local 642 for party neutral games in halimbawa is Solomon jackpot winner so Laconia and jackpot riseborough Peggotty and pool jackpot Combahee get posted dalawa the winners and the second number is number five Hiram you killed in one consolation prizes leaders a lot of 642 little Mary okay Manilow moolah twenty pesos but now Bob more than 25,000 pesos and the third number is 16 boom winner Kahuna make it’s a 10,000 pesos of a jackpot prize Mandela no Dan Delavan valid ID Vito pasa main office to move apartment cleaned up from you if 50 Namanga hangang 413 upon reading a claim Ian and our fourth number is 28 total agents reminder Marin who pay 1% to mission operating Oh Bob Oh Jason million don’t say upon local object a million ticket than an alone and jackpot and our fifth number is 23 he’s are numbered an appointment in a temporal competin and Japeth winning combination good luck lotto 642 players there you go our sixth and final number for tonight is number one Bay Philippines here are the official lotto 642 winning numbers which can come in any order fourteen five sixteen twenty eight twenty three and one with a jackpot prize of five million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission lucky number semana digit games here at in Pony Queen ease up a bubbling dumb pcs all lottery draw you put an illiquid pcs of battery games happy veto it who look at SIA now at a PCSO partnership a good but not monopoly window very Merry Christmas dial back a partner Tabasco join and support PCSO partner tayo special ministry to explore with our partner organizations on December 15 2017 Santa Monica stupid multi purpose cooperative and on December 16 2017 web I see a high school patch 77 it’s the season of sharing your love and blessings come one come on fire tickets Tao support on bernadinem PTSO partner tayo special mini sweepstakes draw mcgraw can open for boo ha snarls own sin Omega in partnership with the Santa Monica of bang on coupon multi purpose cooperative okay game time will you tie oh allah from first prize winner last Tuesday yeah get ready Luzon it’s time to play your 6 digit game when he gets eight hundred thousand pesos taco on the i. Phone six digit first prize bull as for last drawer semi first time for my la la paura mop aluminum first prize que la la Mc. Manaman numbers a six digit winning combination in exact order boom de la baguette bomb on another no first prize in pong first prize equally Sibylla no first prize winners there you have it our six digit winning combination for tonight the first digit to the second digit 9 the third digit 0 the fourth digit number 3 the fifth digit 0 and the sixth digit is another zero once again our sixth digit winning combination for tonight 2 9 0 3 0 and 0 in exact order lucky three numbers isn’t as an offense so uh let’s play the evening edition of worthless lotto the zone Visayas and Mindanao NASA evening Ganapati announced worthless Luthor Parker Horgan pong game aganetha sunny morning and afternoon draws matching the three digit winning combination in exact order wins you the fix price of 4,500 pesos and think valve our embody the system play wins you 750 or 1,500 pesos are nominating digit machines the first digit number 5 the second digit 9 and the third digit number 3 double check your tickets our star s winning combination for tonight five nine and three in exact order Lavie p.

m.two numbers Momonga be less lady easy to a lot on easy easy llama claro atman an OD tossa easy to load or permanent a gisaeng number from 131 so that one subsets Nanyang easy to a lot of places specs price the 4,000 pesos and penelo nepal watch a movie so middle Ummah who Mc. Mansion two numbers sodding easy to a lot winning combination tonight an exact order and playing via the rambly the wins you 2000 battle at Napa peeling opponent easy to a lotto winning numbers the first number number 5 and the second number 31 recapping tonight’s easy to lotto winning numbers we have the numbers 5 and 31 in exact order 1 formal economy China sobbing bubbly hot is nominal pop Remy on our centralized small town lottery games around a million million for Meor her equal pieces also samphire am Filipino period medium Kawakawa in IB navaja Guinea Tosa I think maja kebabian moolah Sadako still charity assistance department papa hugging Lana PC so Samaha bus pilot nodding kebabian from december to 2017 to December 8 2017 io mob with the hole somebody gets 69 million pesos sir 2023 beneficiaries 21 million nine hundred seventeen thousand two hundred thirty pesos but as a hospitalization now 440 tuna passionate 21 million one hundred six thousand five hundred pesos para so 435 capacité de mama in LA and the chemotherapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation at linear accelerations six million seven hundred sixty five thousand six hundred pesos naman Bourassa peritoneal and dialysis not 229 patients at 19 million seven hundred sixty six thousand five hundred five pesos and Amina are no pieces Oh Marisa 917 a patient a nominee now to low bar occipital OD nursery show America’s impose una pieza so as far as of our Filipino Moraga Alana had for having because Allah says o Mahadeva Ghulam Sandman so low slung acting wassup solola Lydia is animals and Ibaka Romina peekaboo bian not aluminum pcs Oh superb Apogee than a PCSO medical and dental mission the PCSO and by parity and Gullu medical as a demon acaba buyers pursue low tech Pilipinas topic Billy bought a lotto tickets he cowered on pcs okay the monopod is a centralized small town redraw SDL polymer SL players angry salt upon and centralized SEL Josefina bola he thought the pcs or draw court I found a foursome under guard of prevention Valentina Ghana nice drawers am i on Queenie Kalamata naughty new mama Martin feel exciting STL gamestyle mr. cricket in didn’t approve in Shapiro Patti dito so Manila yeah maraming salamat Rachana petrulio not in support on a man a PCSO games ok simulant when attends a STL Ferris I mean deepen our dance again NATO maritime 40 official robots numbered 1 to 14 the level numbers for mobile are not in Paris official winning numbers STL Paris get ready Angela let’s play small town lottery Paris or the official Ramos numbered one to four TMS alum aromatic raw machine and we will brought two lucky balls palace a winning combination the stl Horace okay we’re waiting for the first number and that number is 12 thank you sir hey Dina type odd us a second number please press that bottle again El Peris guaranteed Hooten localized STL Paris Guatemala provincial na loob agua or Nagar hold the localized rosca a good la piscine Johnson a provincial and the second number is 25 once again tonight’s STL paris winning numbers are 12 and 25 Kanako hop on your numbers then in exact order congratulations viola akio Queenie okay next game not a small town Audrey swear three sample multiple nozzle of non drum machine number zero tonight that low number Simon Wong I think O’Callahan panda an insulting and Ronit oh I passionately Lauren and elsewhere three Tomas Moo’s phenomena guard Vonda a city na palapa city province of Cebu later Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental northern summer the whole eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Nevada sword Davao Oriental Cotabato City Lana Del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City Misamis Oriental Compostela Valley a goose and Azure Sultan Kudarat sorry goddess or Phuket known general santos city pasilla misamis occidental north cotabato Zamboanga del Sur at Zamboanga City get ready and good luck Sara let’s play the LC elsewhere three okay CSV elsewhere three sample boiler number zero tonight on aluminum jaw machine mobile a putana at low numbers neshama gigging spur three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order food APPA on a saddam on i.

OS nam la caja bola the first number number eight okay sir ready for the second number hey Lana Puma whoo ha exact order of winning numbers 9s elsewhere 3 para maana no naka premio but long basis for says an Aerodyne manobala s elsewhere three to win 11 a.m. 4:00 p. m.

up 9 p.m. draws and the second number number 3 ok sir please press that button again Barajas vertebrates an acquaintance be Nobunaga’s NOAA tooling number parashat est elsewhere three four winner Pocoyo why didn’t you eat lima premio say no tsukimi STL says Agent Coulson Pony no Billie young STL tickets finial and a third number is the number 8 once again tonight’s SD elsewhere three winning numbers 8 3 & 8 in exact order last but not least exciting prizes c’mon vilasa SPL two digits sample ball upon a set of non drama she numbers 0 to 9 up to number 7 for an outing bappi lahiri somatically there Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar Farson upon winning company Shannon STL two digit straw Cayetana and let’s play the SEL two digits beneficial robust panic even in July ohnocelot down draw machine MIMO numbers from 0 to 9 we will draw two lucky balls neshama geeking official winning combination Nong adding small town lottery two digits ok we have the first digit and it is the number one thank you sir ready not Iapetus a second digit please press that button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn Oh leading kupuna on winning combination ito I Bacchus modulated the floppin city province of Negros Oriental a sham people on Eastern summer and the second digit is the number 8 once again on STL two digits winning numbers 1 & 8 in exact order congratulations for Somali lucky winners semana Kazan hongkong san martin Makita oma pinaud our Sultana morning and afternoon lottery draws canina a paparangi poem live coverage natasha is esos official Facebook page BCSO website P TVs Facebook page P TV’s periscope streaming P TV’s dailymotion live PT this account and P TV’s official website phagosome our winning numbers Anita the results 4:11 ham draw for the easy two a lotta the winning numbers are 10 and 30 in exact order for the smurfness north of the winning combination is 6 4 & 6 in exact order and for the morning SEL draws for the SEL Paris we have 27 and then in exact order for the SES were three the winning combination is 7 8 and 1/4 and for the SEL 2 digits we have 3 & 0 in exact order the results of the 4 p. m.

draw for the easy two a lot other winning numbers are 13 and 18 in exact order for the Suarez north of the winning combination is 7 7 & 9 in exact order and for the afternoon SEL draws for the SEL paris we have 16 and 28 in exact order for the SEL square 3 we have 5 4 and 5 in exact order and for the SEL 2 digits the winning combination is 2 and zero in exact order easy easy land mclean the Premio salvato at small town lottery who is a fast man of us a swept in glocca winners each unit of Mc.Allen a filmer and then we caught the winning ticket another than 20 pesos have got 10,000 pesos for adding in same employer semana authorized local outlets some of the winners the maggots of 10,000 photos while events a jackpot who wouldn’t a subpoena Hamill up with the pcs of brand new Luger was a PCSO main office apart the land and the long valid IDs from jackpot winner cut the hidden winning ticket at the Rhone Valley IPS team again you frame your superior so main office 6:05 show boulevard Mandaluyong City two wheeler can advance a small town lottery Bonnie Lane Oprah Museum SPL sales agent force against the ldraw Center Kunsan capable in any new STL tickets for agitation sport okay Bob Jonathan Erika Erika my winning numbers canina Ania I’m Melina insula Lukas maha paramdham in eternal tickets far as my exciting prizes non local at SL games Paris a morning and afternoon draws a champion Papa reciting evening draw a hill back to back a multi million job with prizes some mega lotto 6:45 Namie estimated off at the 90 million pesos and over lot of 658 with an estimated chocolate price of 140 million pesos can make sure to have your tickets for those games simple most important Omega pcso partner tayo special mini sub 6 in partnership with the Santa Monica of command token multi purpose cooperative una pelota y si easy to a lot of winning numbers we have five and thirty one in exact order it’s a sweat Rose lotto five nine and three in exact order a six digit game we have two nine zero three zero and zero in exact order para pasar ting 106 42 in any order we have fourteen five sixteen twenty eight twenty three and one with a Jaguar price of 5 million nine hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price commission Saudis super lotto 649 we have thirty seven thirty three thirty five six eight and 28 in any order with a Jap a price of seventeen million five hundred six thousand seven hundred sixty one pesos net of the agents price Commission Queenie tournaments are SEL bar s we have 12 and 25 in exact orders st elsewhere three the winning combination is 8 3 & 8 in exact order AXA SPL two digits we have 1 & 8 in exact order any red you’re gonna balk yes ready now no I’m gonna put that in I think data security representative bottom element I think um a job between retired thank you thank you according to the data center voila Petaling jackpot winner for the super lotto 649 gonna dance a lot of 642 no jackpot winner that’s all for tonight paracas a PCSO host queenie bolita game son enjoy the rest of the evening so sir the for happy TV news headlines thank you you you. .

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