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while on battabox ossobucco animal numero Manolos ala Hatem pcso games what many Wallace among a text messages lahum or Alex a telephone on the Nexus Abby must be bigoted Ocilla non typical it nampara or cell phone load Boumediene and tickets and on a PCSO authorized outlets at pcs or branches bago on actual draw okay good evening the Sun besides Athena now someone starting her before some our lotto SS not in Milan the Sun Visayas and Mindanao as a partner performing the beans I forgot his birthday didn’t say fini good evening mr.Jasper at chambray but in de nada en la ha Nam on a Napoleon’s appeases otro Fort Mc. Henry post Angela had to welcome boss a pcso lottery draw away our opponent Martez December 12 2017 at Marinella podium thirteen days before Christmas okay Nina patella gamma P Big Island our own Alana artifact beauty 118 and Pascoe Vienna Mac or PC s off voila reap at Eve’s Apple mini game I mean also starting mana players Jasper manifest my exciting prizes for NASA lotto SDL a tina lottery pindy to material of serbia public on our pcs Oh Camilla Politis our main office access satellite office salmon second city cosine and don’t want pizza so HRT assistance Department put an Aryan Postma branch office as Nam in Samoa propecia I know I know my rank with a Laguna total one on pts or odd cast on a boy what calm and solemn can Kalika to support the Hyneman producto at programa numb pcs Omaha including put alligator sathi Marhaba by on okay so my nipple came in 13 minutes lemon po6 Rademacher joy casa suerte saya akan alhamdullah non CTS or my column when you’re in form of a note on coverage Nemoto a centralized SEL draws by a live stream so PCSOs official website and Facebook page reinvent sappy TV’s official website Facebook page periscope streaming dailymotion live at P TV’s account okay Queenie dial our own a number tests Miranda put times of MU Inga be the hand and bought my tickets among games nothing tonight ec2 lotto swell Prescott o6 the game 42 banana papaya tequila and Athena Mohammed Amin adding monstrosities interface on a panel of judges led by our trip person mr. Roderick or betta also joining us are the Santa tips from pcs all competing with the Penguins from the lead for security and commissioned an audit and of course to assist us with our drawers we have our PCSO drop coordinator Atlanta lymphoma and Playa de noticias of Paris aman tye oh the bug haha didn’t swerve a vibrato and small town lottery draws see me guru for the mapping panel of judges at four representatives from PCSO and Commission on audit number is I’m gonna draw machines they got the meeting by the said drawers missing machine inspection testing para más seguro de Maya sub 20 showed the monodrama sheets they got a meeting only the operation after remote switch button a divine human intervention support PD the Boland got a meeting Putnam said subpoena creepy DLC power game randomly in a medium chain person is uncertain official robots Academy team flag would the bolas among an appealing drop o said I didn’t ban para más seguro the Hollis para para hunting ban empowered : Kagame team but opposed massacre on a toy compared to our chairperson llama I’m gonna close the draw was like a gamete instead of a draws properly documented at corporate puddin video of power three draw activity a trade in our lahat for a second appeal lot of a small town lottery draws okay excited about us even a lot of players get ready in good luck when I got in a new multi ultra jackpot let’s play the ultra lots of a six speed game tonight ultra lotto jackpot Rises 136 million two hundred ninety six thousand eight hundred thirty six pesos net off the agents price Commission ok mr. Mehta please press that button and let’s play ultra lot o Kesava chairperson lots of layers not to namida began with a lot to draw from platform 50 roubles numbered water 58 aluminium draw machine and in the boiler form I think people here and the first number is the number 26 I’m will to local 650 a some chemical games a high tempo william tractor price come dalawa Aoife i’m jackpot winners and the second number is the number 49 ruthless possibly more local agents level 41 percent commission biomass graphic agent and augmenta name jackpot winning tickets and the third number is the number 22 on jacket price agents Commission book I’m a maximum amount of 1 million pesos and the fourth number is the number 3 if a lollipop a longing and winning tickets upon linden from you seeing Adam abuti album a lotto tickets and the fifth number is the number 41 is a numeral a community nothing people in having drum machine yeah Bhutan Nepal Sri mana Walter lotto tickets for the sixth and final number we have the number 44 ok recapping tonight’s official ultra lotto 658 winning numbers in any order we have 26:49 22 3 41 and 44 with the jacket price off 136 million two hundred ninety six thousand eight hundred thirty six pesos net up the agents price commission I’ll make a little inner foot I select be knocking lots of fans is time to play super lotto 649 Filipinas an item super love of jacket price I use the DI 15 million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price commission okay mister Rebecca please press that button let’s play Super Lotto Samantha me mommy apartment Preston bothered shopping local 642 draw meanwhile lot of fans completo Quyen forty nine volts poem Lamar and draw machine at my mom an American one 249 and alone and no enough a young man a new hero Almaty Philly and we’re waiting for the first number and it is the number 47 paliku shaadi Mubarak government in Wallace attacks orthologues philosophical analysis Auto applet on para or stuck on code scan pooyan and the second number is the number 28 holy Dooley Tommy Palala in that sand cone young him on a lotto tickets vacuum Barbossa infinita la mañana para hindi Messiah and Mahalo two tickets kailani validate album a lotto tickets superb claim the Premio and third number is done number 48 para first America column on super lotto 649 is some parameter game funda lava who get Bank jackpot winners harpy and padilha equally and jackpot prize and the port number is the number 13 parameter Informer consolation prizes at exciting form of a premium from 20 Percival’s up to 70 thousand pesos and number is good number for okay some bowling a lot honey needs a nothing bottom a platinum i think super lots of winning combination name to be para saying yeah um super jackpot for the sixth and final number we have the number 31 saga philippines here artificial super lot the winning numbers in any order we have 47 28:48 13 for and 31 with a jacket price off fifty million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price commission okay awesome okay medium jackpot lotta players in and I know mama tickets there are nine let’s play lotto 642 our lotto 642 check prize for two nights in seven million nine hundred two thousand nine hundred fifty three pesos net off the agents Rights Commission okay mister or betta please press that button let’s now play lotto 642 selamat Emily Santa chairperson into the rest of our panel of judges Mc. Leod Cunha horas para la semana me magnet evening suerte 42 Volta man talk lemon acting draw machine and we will be waiting for six lucky draw balls and the first number is the number 14 below to 642 a ceramic will Dean Dean halimbawa Queen salon jackpot winner solemn soul of Union Jack Christ para pagar Tiananmen Punjab the price boom dalla wahoo get and jackpot winners and the second number is the number 17 Paramakudi bomber consolation prizes a lot of 642 game ranging from 20 pesos up to 25,000 pesos winners of 20 pesos up to 10,000 pesos Marco explains among a lot o out there and the third number is done number 20 boom winner and Maggie’s 10,000 pesos as chaplet prize of Delano providing to valid IDs a beetle first main office Kato Bobo ate 1500 mega Hong Kong for 13 and Mary Mc.

Lain and premio and the fourth number is the number 1800 lead in the box law a chance metaphor in 1 percent commission not wearing my boots is a million comes in from LA to adequately have a chat but waiting ticket and the fifth number is the number 24 ok some new monopolies say not in Burma Platinum jackpot winning combination ikaw na hiya I’m Susan for the sixth and final number we have the number 15 of your Philippines here are the official lotto 642 winning numbers which can come in any order we have fourteen seventeen and twenty eighteen twenty four and fifteen where the jacket price of seven million nine hundred two thousand nine hundred fifty three pesos net of the agents price finishes available version six digit whereas lotto ethnicity lotto to do the poor Sammy for Germany in Umatilla probably on PC it a new person elected PCSO lottery games happy veto I to look at SIA now at a PCSO partnership a good but not monopoly below very Merry Christmas they’ll make a partner tayo summer school join and support pcso partner tire special ministry takes home with our partner organizations on December 15 2017 Santa Monica of Paducah multi purpose cooperative and on December 16 2017 whoever is he a high school patch 77 it’s the season of sharing your love and blessings buy your tickets now support on Bonavena BCSO partner tayo special mini sweepstakes draws manatee tarababu tyonne thalvan Dras in december niganda Pinza December 15 and 16 magandang regal apoyo Seema beneficiaries namaha sobbing gracias for for more information you may call the psso product and standard development department at 8:46 eight seven six four game time volatiles on fire so long on game night oh ha ha let’s try the six digit game anybody nap on aluminum six digit first prize last Saturday as OMA but NASA man gets 400,000 pesos on six digit first prize bullet on bottom a panel una phenomena Mc.Mansion in my numbers a six digit winning combination in exact order cool de Lobo he could found one another the first prize is out you know first prize equally Sibylla know first prize winners there you have it or six digit winning combination for tonight the first digit three the second digit 2 the third digit number nine the fourth digit for the fifth digit another four and the six digit number three once again our six digit winning combination for the night three to nine for four and three in exact order lucky three numbers to Montoya let’s play the evening edition of swear that’s not all Luzon Visayas and Mindanao NASA evening during a futon on Suarez Luthor Parthenon game mechanics ago starting morning and afternoon draws matching the three digit winning combination an exact order wins you the fixed price of four thousand five hundred pesos and playing by a bargain bolita system play wins you 750 or 1,500 pesos at Maha Pina I think digit machines the first digit number for the second digit five and the third digit is another five double check your tickets our star s winning combination for the night four five and five in exact order rocket Echevarria unlucky two numbers tonight let’s play the easy pose of the game using Islamic lotto atman a load either side easy to lotto boo million to get some number from 131 to the La. Von subsets nine young easy to a lot of place lips fix price a four thousand pesos on panel own a bow watch a movie song Nelly room oh come on match on to number starting easy to a lot a winning combination tonight an exact order em playing via the ramp little with you mm a whore a. DNA happen upon an easy to a lot of winning numbers to the first number 22 and the second number number 8 recapping tonight’s easy to a lotta winning numbers we have the numbers 22 and 8 in exact order I didn’t have enough up lemme know in a belong centralized small town lottery games ro ro deal a million million for premio al hadid noticias osa samphire am Filipino million million Cahuenga Joaquin I be navaja gimme Tosa I think maja kebabian Milazzo Pakistan charity assistance Department now if a mahaki to Lana pcso some octopus pilot nothing kebab iron from December to 2017 to December 8 2017 I AMA with the poll somebody gets 69 million pesos so 2023 beneficiaries 21 million nine hundred seventeen thousand two hundred thirty pesos far as a hospitalization now 440 tuna passionate 21 million one hundred six thousand five hundred pesos para so 435 capacity namah Allah and on chemotherapy cobalt brachytherapy radiation at linear acceleration six million seven hundred sixty five thousand hundred pesos naman Bourassa peritoneal and hemodialysis no 229 patients at 19 million seven hundred sixty six thousand five hundred five pesos an Indian on PCs Oh Paris a 917 Ashanti nah me nah too low Paris if at amore Nasser official medical impunity says oh I Paris of our Filipino Malaga Alana had Poonam in because Allah says o my happy tubulin San Marsol au nom acting part us a centralized modern lottery draw or STL movie size at Mindanao Nagaina by not in my SL players on assault upon a centralized SL Josefina bola ethos episode report I paracosma lugar de probe in Shawano valentina can Abner localized draws OKC symbol upon attends a STL piraeus about first type of mallero Seguin Neto Marin Putin 40 official troublesome a maroon maroon one 240 at de l’avenir Poe and mobile are not in Paris official wedding numbers now yes TL parents okay get ready and good luck let’s play the small town lottery Paris aha Abhaya and 40 official trouble spawn numbered 1 to 40 M NASA Luo Tian Nong acting through a machine and we will be drawing two lucky balls for us a winning combination non acting small town luckily Paris and we’re waiting for the first number and first number is the number 40 okay thank you sir ready to putahi paris the second number please press the button falsa aluminum lahat marin panna cotta localized STL paris draw say Batman provincial lugar Sybilla Tina’s here good luck before summer SL Claire’s not in Sana’a localized Ross and the second number is the number 27 once again tonight’s STL paris winning numbers are 40 and 27 lacunae cool honorable man new Maranon in exact order Penelope a small town where three sample boil upon hassle of non drum machine number zero tonight that low numbers demand for an acting Papa Lehane and on our Sultan and renetto I baaga sanic la llorona SEL very famous emotional Telugu Mandaue City lapu lapu city province of sagu later the cloven City province of Negros Oriental northern samar Bohol eastern samar Agusan del Norte Davao City Davao del Sur Davao Oriental what about the city lanao del Norte Davao del Norte Surigao del Norte Cagayan de Oro City misamis oriental Compostela Valley a goose and azure Sultan Kudarat Surigao del Sur bukidnon general santos city pasilla and Misamis Occidental North Cotabato Zamboanga del Sur at Zamboanga City get ready and good luck haha let’s baby st elsewhere are three okay so I see elsewhere three simple boiler number zero tonight imatinib Dondre machine Bobo la putana octal numbers Nashua Kings were three winning combination for tonight’s draw in exact order food Appa or NASA Tom Elias now hahaha Bona and the first number number nine okay sir we’re ready for the second number please press that button hey Lancome bahu an exact order of winning numbers on SE elsewhere three paga man alone on Capri me Oh hot no basis ace an Aerodyne bonobo long si elsewhere three two wing 11:00 a. m. 4:00 p.

m.at 9:00 p. m. jaws and the second number number six okay sir please press that button again Paris a third countries a salut buoyant pompano bola ain’t got no up willing number Bhagat r/t se elsewhere three foot winner Pocoyo quite a new claim abramius on your soothing SDL fails agent Pusan Pony nobility young STL ticket Nene oh and a third number number four once again tonight’s SES were three winning numbers nine six and four in exact order exciting crisis Milazzo SEL two digits sample borne upon us alone andhra machinery zero tonight as two numbers among young I think opening in somatic elated of love Minh City province of Negros Oriental at Eastern Samar parson upon winning combination and SEL two digits and less baby SDL through digits beneficial robust for an even my own an ocelot down draw machine my mama numbers it on 0 tonight we will go to lava balls neshama gigging or official winning combination and adding small town lottery two digits okay we have the first digit and it is the number one thank you sir Edina pot I hope are as a second digit please press that button again while waiting for the second digit to be drawn olynyk Epona on winning combination i paris mahogany a Tacloban City province of Negros Oriental Eastern Samar and the second digit is a zero once again on STL two digits winning numbers 1 and 0 in exact order winners so Monica bond on your souls in the morning and afternoon Ross canina a poppin and upon a plane oven recipes esos official Facebook page psso website PT B’s Facebook page P TV’s periscope streaming be TVs dailymotion live P TVs account and P TV’s official website by a small winning numbers and either pop the results of our 11:00 a. m. draw for the ec2 lotto the winning numbers are 22 and 11 in exact order for the Swamper slot all the winning combination is 8 1 and pour in exact order and for the morning SL draws Spartacus STL Paris we have the numbers 28 and 35 in exact order some SD elsewhere 3 we have the numbers 1 1 & 2 in exact order at Paris SDL 2 digits we have 0 & 4 in exact order and the results of the four pm draw for the ec2 lotto we have three and 26 in exact order for the swap for a slot on the winning combination is 8 6 & 5 in exact order and for the afternoon Estelle draws para casi el Paris we have 2 and 32 in exact order that s del Sol at 3 we have the numbers 3 4 & 0 in exact order at far as a small town lottery 2 digits we have 9 and 2 in exact order easy easy lambic lima premio salato at small town lottery who is a customer novices webdings locker winners Asuna topical an appeal Mahanama code the winning ticket from the dollar than twenty pesos and got ten thousand pesos for adding each payment preview of semana authorized local outlets some of the winners the make it to ten thousand pesos while events a jackpot who won’t a subpoena ha malapa the pcs of brand new lugar was a PCSO main office attacked the land and the long valid ids from jackpot winner cut the hill and winning ticket at 11:00 valley deities in Lima can you play me OSA pcs or main office 6:05 show Boulevard Mandaluyong City winner can advance a small town lottery Bali and Lehman premium SPL sales agents for sir SDL draw center Pusan came to believe any new STL tickets congratulations Paul vodka for nominee recap AMA winning numbers Lukasz manga palumbo million on tickets focus on my exciting prizes some low class small town lottery prizes starting morning and afternoon draws a chamber Papa gasps I think evening draws ah he’ll back to pop a multi million job but then granddaughter 6:55 at mega level 6:45 mama estimated job for prize na 83 million pesos can make sure to have your tickets for those games ok parables among India my boat sad risque Nina Olli tuna muna mini Queenie suta nama hatta tapas Lana Metro Samuel impunity so easy to lotto winning numbers we have 22 and 8 in exact order so swell press not though the numbers are 4 5 & 5 in exact order it’s a six digit game the winning combination is three to nine four four and three in exact order what a local 642 which can come in any order the numbers are 40 17:20 18 24 and 15 with a jacket price off seven million nine hundred two thousand nine hundred fifty three pesos net of the agents price commission for the super lotto 649 again which can come in any order the numbers are 47 28:48 13 for and 31 with a jacket price off fifty million eight hundred forty thousand pesos net of the agents price Commission and for the loser lots of 650 again which can come in any order the numbers are 26:49 22 3 41 and 44 with the jacket price off 136 million two hundred ninety six thousand eight hundred thirty six pesos net of the agents price commission for assaulting SL paris 40 and 27 in exact order st elsewhere three nine six and four in exact order SEL two digits one and zero in exact order ok greenie ready got a bath yes yeah a little tough will make Japeth with it tight tonight the walk in the food not in representative Nandita security service with that good evening thank you sir ok thank you both mommy garden will happen tomorrow Simon app it’s a PCSO data center for the ultra lotto 658 we have no winner so super lotto 649 still we have no winner particles a lotto 642 maritime is sons and none of them have a vegan congratulations for that’s all for tonight Barnabas oficio so opposite Queenie bolita ask for the monster Jasper’s peanut butter masala Mc.

Coy enjoy the rest of the evening at Susu the depot on big news headlines you..

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