Live! Pcso Lottery Draw (Jan.30,2017) Video

Lottery Draw Live

Now Streaming LIVE! The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office Lottery Draw
Video Courtesy of PCSO – PTV-4.

lisa drawstring abhi tiny chance’ nominal oh and the second number is 22 simillimum de la Rosa Puma Nippon system plays much Bolivian chess but I love my additional cash prizes football and our third number is four who may be not a proficient might not know about pcs or projects when you wait for subpoena Camela fitna PCSO branch da jung lugar forth number is 50 to available before pcs or products of our pieces of branches happen to be familiar mama tickets Jen and the fifth number is 49 is a numbered Aleppo I mean it a not equally not encountered machine good luck bad lot of players and the 6s final number is 51 recapping tonight’s official grand lotto 655 winning numbers in any order 16:22 for 52 49 and 51 with a jackpot prize of 13 million pesos accomplice comedian Jeff atomic Amina let’s play mega lotto 6:45 tonight’s mega local Tampa price is 61 million five hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred ninety two pesos once again mr.Darrow man please press F of L s play mega lotto 625 arriving salamat po Fujisaki chairperson at Thank You people members Donati panel of judges soppec Jolanda horas para Bacchus a monotony maladies that swept it this time 45 bhagavati mega I think the water put in for a hottie he died and the first number is 10 so winter Gator 5,000 pesos and below acclaim and previous a mulatto outlet for prices of over 5,000 pesos up to 300 thousand pesos you may claim them at the nearest PCSO branch or eat the pasta PCSO main office second number is three boom jackpot winner double pop a Italian and winning ticket at dalla one valid ID a pcso main office conservatory building Shaw Boulevard but the lumiose city third number 11 reminder fumbling at an abuti Amana tickets foul pop Abaza miny tonight o heat sensitive for my lotto tickets a Wagner was published his fourth number 30 topics leave them at a premium AHA like a puma bus and invalidate a machine of our d’Italia say a ticket hey I gotta pull in your mama tickets and the fist number is 81 more lucky number to win tonight’s mega lotto jackpot prize good luck mega lotto 6:45 players we are waiting for the signal final number and that number is 23 Philippines here are the official mega lotto 645 winning numbers in any order m3 1130 18 and 23 with a Jaffa prize of 61 million five hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred ninety two vessels Tommy possible exposure una puss IANA four digits what the slotto are easy to lotta games calling on fundraising organization get the chance to raise more than 1. 2 million vessels for your charity project be a partner of CCS oh it is mini chips a special bra the PCSO is opening its course to all nonprofit organizations local government unit cooperative social civic groups and associations to its newest project PTSO partners io interested parties may visit the bps product and standard development department third floor conservatory building show boulevard muscle New York City you may also visit any of our branches in your vicinity or province or email us at ppso underscore marketing at yahoo. com partners Iosefa students to filipino a beautiful capacitance of a path the data thing of February 18 2017 Baca Caravaggio announced partners IO special meeting c6 draw this time in partnership with the Bureau of Corrections Employees Association its body some fundraising project Paris an Illumina charitable programs support Akhenaten and Renea Parana Spotify interesado at Lima Pagano Antipas a partner tile are you paying too much the last line eight four six eight seven six four another important investment PCSO reduce processing of new applications for small town lottery operations or the SPL interested parties may submit their applications together with eight copies of documentary requirements to the SEL supervision and monitoring group office of the assistant general manager for branch operations sector at the third floor of the sun plaza building Shore Boulevard in Mandaluyong City deadline of submission of applications is on February 16 2017 here’s a list of the areas without approved STL applications Arase Parasurama digit game simulant Wayne attends about a numero now four digit game Varis a tool of medical mario que tu vas a PCSO charity SSS Department lunesta Gambier des Voges pasilla Alice Ocean Omega s important boy support digit in the booth i/o app at the numbers Kumari man alone in diva bobasa 10,000 pesos at wedding mimosa 100,000 pesos per 10 peso play fuck de Bono in exact order adding four digits winning Dominica is an appalling winning combination tonight first digit is to the second digit is 5 the third digit is another 5 and the fourth and final digit is to ladies and gentlemen once again tonight’s four digit winning combination 2 5 5 & 2 in exact order sets again three numbers panino al amin budahas let’s play swatters lotto sweaters lotta players alisone and a Visayas and Mindanao Do.

Co.Mo tsubame ticket matching the 3 digit to any combination in exact order with you four thousand five hundred pesos per day special place Assam Abu Molina tickets using the ramble ethos is diplomatic a man Ilona 750 pesos or 1500 pesos okapi dinner party machine committing combination and the first digit is 7 the second digit is the number one and finally third digit we have number six will check your tickets tonight swept regatta winning combination seven one and six in exact order we’re done with six four and three numbers time to play your favorite two number game let’s play easy to lotto so easy to LA together Pattaya Milano’s own hunger Visayas mindanao napa Ramapo enjoys a game a toda easy easy laughs a garage panel Oh numbers from 1 to 31 da FK lemon contech match phone numbers oh so easy to lot of winning numbers in exact order Halawa Yoda fix price the four thousand pesos a 2000 Amato wedding apocryphally does it to play not it’s an aliphatic winning numbers tonight first number is 20 and the second number is 6 recapping tonight’s easy to lotto winning numbers we have 20 and 6 in exact order graduations possible winners not envious a mega Bangna resulted NPCs Oh morning and afternoon draws a little book the 11 a. m. for results for the easy to lotto we have 4 and 26 in exact order promises weapons water we have four 6f8 in exact order a phallus a 4 p. results are easy to lotto we have 26 and 18 in exact order father the sweaters photo we have by 2 m 7 also in exact order soomi’s pessimists whopping lotto winners easing evil among claim and premio each will attempt a gallon appear Mahan only coat done winning ticket come the knowledge than 20 pesos and a 5,000 pesos mari claim a premium semana authorized lotto outlets some of the winners the faggots a 5,000 pesos Molly but the jackpot c’mon DA subpoena Bala pita PCSO branched a new cougar Ossipee assuming office at Michael and Ella one valid ID at from Java to Anika the hidden winnings is hostile one valid ID implemented abrenio sabisu main office paranormal forces english winners who an available penetrability not any male suitor market apostle madras developer say easy to lotto winning numbers we have 20 and 6 in exact order para pasar sweat Rose lotto on winning combination 7 1 and 6 in exact order support digit game and winning combination 2 5 5 and 2 in exact order but oppose a mega lotto 645 in any order I’m winning numbers 10 3 11:30 18 and 23 with a Jap apprised of 61 million five hundred fifty seven thousand five hundred ninety two pesos finally the grand auto 655 in any order 16:22 for 52 49 and 51 with a job price of 13 million pesos well opossum are somewhere that is a pcso data center I get a static representative b being thank you sir okay I am citing data center while Appleton jackpot winner for the grand auto 655 game good and in the mega lotto 645 palapa time jackpot winner Adam pontipee Theotokos Harry Kim Sun enjoy the rest of the evening consider the power P TV news thank you you. .

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