Live Lotto Draw – Dec.21,2012 Video

Lottery Draw Live

Shelley Busque

i’m susana de programa i rated PG it all Inuyama along a nonfat no buy at Gabino Magoo lung para Samanya bottom money node Christmas is the spirit of giving and sharing the love and joy in our hearts those who need it most during this holiday season allow me to thank my fellow Filipinos for your continued partnership with the Philippine charity sweepstakes office in looking after the health and medical welfare of our less fortunate cover baiance tiles a new wall amongst album pox support as a PCSO at Sami manga producto hometown art in life our mhmm and v1 and began to demand upon gamma Holland so I think our people we discuss must fill our hearts with one love joy and giving a prosperity and true development come to pass in our country he made a good Lord bless us all and guide us to ever lasting peace in behalf of the management and staff of pcso Bahrani Salama maligayang pasko atman even bogota on saying yamaha melaka by by a good boy Akiyama casaba this is a pcso in the bosom or body size o nami san Messiah at my pea pistou on the seventh of addendum important we pass at lovers poker mainly Papa sulabha saying Evelyn solemn supporter so I mean can define a baja gko Sbarro Papa Salam are now having the rear inning Veronica to Luhan fashion tea at the Lhasa and wanting Salam but a hickey Spa is a moment in regard Oh the pattern between school Kakaako Caillou so da rappin upon la luna mini PE by you having servicio público para una ha Willy when the guy in Pasco for a second I don’t mean the sky Mc.Gee let’s pcs Oh ah Oh from the PCSO official record this is the Philippines host tonight miss Shelly and busca mega condemned to be lots of Philippines well before the pcs allotted draw is Friday December 21 2012 but nah our own LM phobic una Guyana mind rum dum neurons omnivore UNK Abbas Kwanzaa Bhagwat Pusan young Filipino a de el viernes I’m will Papa buenas opinion I am mega lotto 6:45 more digits whereas lotto ad easy to lotta games and an eponymous is where thing tickets oven finicky kalila from adding panel of judges to community mr. Geoffrey Sevilla also here with us are official representatives from ppso and Commission order ah I’m having pcs with raw coordinator highlights link redraw procedures Nagina napkin eating hop on when you are in full moon and again Saguna ping live dross cine guru animating panel of judges and representatives from pcso and Commission on audit nama is on condition and draw machines Naga committing only the operation of the remote switch button and my human intervention sir random selection of draw balls captain sets and connectivity and for each game all balls in all sets have almost exactly the same way logic una bola 18 in bank at for acquittal and video post Massacre own a toy completo and chair for Solomon and Makka topic load and roubles Lagarde meeting Samana draws congratulations to our very lucky three mega lotto job at winners last Wednesday bonito I’m gonna tickets a sample of Manila Santa Rosa Laguna Art Nouveau Pampanga okay ready nana hachi cosa PCSO and acaba filipinas let’s lay the mega lotto 645 game ah Dean mega lotto 6:45 dropper frightening the bi4 million nine hundred sixty six thousand two hundred eighty two thousand and eighty centavos hapana adding draw coordinator and share personal acting panel of judges mr. sevilla sir please raise a button and let’s play mega lotto 6:45 there you go thank you so much to our chairperson and to the members of our panel of judges for being with us tonight six out of the forty five balls full PPE in Aladeen mega jam any order boo yan the first number number 27 number 27 para mas malok en la salmonela Iranian system please available nan John pong system 7 to 12 I throw five for the second number we have number 17 number 17 Simone winners of 5,000 president Bellomo our nickname in you grandma authorized water outlets nationwide and the third number number 35 number 35 c’mon I’ll open the mono about 5,000 pesos up to 300,000 pesos you can see mere prices similar pcs of rashes or d double the main office 10 pcs Oh a port number number 26 number 26 stocks people on a lot of prices vinieron opponent pcs on kasisvara soprano kaya la macchina casa Caetano % oh I thought you knew puma punku ah I mean you’ll burn a banana or the fifth number number 28 number 28 Sam egg a lotto getting five out of six numbers wins you 23 thousand pesos add boom and in the numero an mokuba’s rock pot winner ghana and that sixth and final number is number 29 number 29 Philippines here the official mega lotto 645 winning numbers in any order 27:17 35 26 28 and 29 for the top prize of four million nine hundred sixty six thousand two hundred eighty two vessels and 80s and towers sounding for Papa leaky haha Vietnam in alpha premier normalization game Sparrow began when Orion moon 18 and Italian and Gauguin dipping Swift sticks Christmas door sedating the lingo December 23 pomace comb hot dog philosophy CS o sweepstakes quid first row sample piece of Astana cannery toe 1. 5 million pesos is at stake on December 23 2012 consolation prizes will also be given away grab your tickets now at the pcso main office for a pcso branches and lotto outlets nationwide satara ping Tabasco la ha ha OH mucho dinero million million Loompa Alka Politico I’d similar busybody lot of layers spider hindi mama similar favorite lotta games Mary topo and raw schedule I think Laura service copán are infinitely para Mary and Christmas cover a lot of players dari poem Athena I can grow schedules Emma Papa written in yoga the games name kappa squad on December 24th the usual 11:00 a. m.

rows of the immovable and Webster slaughter will be drawn at 10:30 in the morning at 4:00 p.m. drawn an easy to Lotto at swept Escoto eige canopy tour exacto a las docenas de honey at second abdali’s dosa median and have one bobalife poem on winning numbers that easy to Votto sweat stress lotto or digit game mega lotto 645 at granddaughter 655 games and on December 25 Christmas a parody poem on local assets equality Bogdanovic no the drawers normal operations will resume on December 26 2012 Hyundai no bomb a patent over more Tara four digit game time’ our digit machines will be drawing for very lucky balls for our winning combination guaranteed 10,000 pesos imma adenomas bot to 100,000 pesos worth 10 pesos play on first price Emily Maupin a loon and ease off a Lana Lang mug mash in exact order on four numbers Muslim appealing four digit winning combination the courses game is played every Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays and here’s our four digit winning combination mr. Docherty neither what is the first this is number six the number six the second digit number six the number six the third digit number five we have the number five and the fourth and final digit is number six number six ladies and gentlemen our four digit winning combination for tonight is six six five and six in exact order where timon arie degeus a tress numerous eliminating Tara Leslie sweaters lotto Carlisle a postman a lot of players mugging across similar scamster sliding a similar pineapple it off what company while similar text or tau admin metrics as a big movie began firing tips a lot acapella tempura or cell followed param analysis Cohanim games on PC as oh boo million tickets Nino this is a stretches lotto 4500 pass for a tempest of pay a premium tunic match and that long pneumatosis where the slot a winning combination in exact order i n fo Aetna happily now adding digit machine sir can we have the first digit number seven the number seven the second digit number nine number nine and the third digit number five we have the number five double check your tickets our swearest winning combination for tonight is seven nine and five in exact order will Amanda at Magali I believe on cash prices buried on the line and two numbers down easy to lotta game using asylum La. Rue young easy to lot aubameyang 90s and zoom broseph our subsets and easy to game panel numbered from 1 to 31 the 34 in sell 4,000 pest free 10 peso play a god on regard oh cool my much more unhappy feeling easy to winning combination in exact order for the nearest Iran balem on a new Murano using the rambly this isn’t a price to Montecito by two thousand pesos pretend peso play I am for Monica bye bye an opinion and easy to load winning numbers and adding your machines mr. da coordinator what is the first number number 22 number 22 and the second number number 4 we have the number 4 recapping tonight’s easy to allow the winning numbers we have the numbers 22 and 4 in exact order Merry Christmas advil yeah solutions whistling the Nagas are adding my games tonight Lucas for ironing Salvatore hot it now and say me Oh Alma’s is sweating new me on young easy to lot o sweetest lotta six digit bottle 642 and grand lotto 655 from my estimate that chocolate price off 57 million person buy your tickets early but at equal aboot on nanohub on Cielo add semolina kvapil Minnesota and at the morning and afternoon law to dross by no more impunity need all parties are easy to lotto 11 am drawn winning numbers i 26 and 2 in exact order so sweaters lotto 11 IAM draw the winning combination is 9 2 & 5 in exact order for the easy to lotto for free and draw the lucky numbers are 21 and 27 in exact order and for the sweaters lotto for p.

m.jaw we have drawn the combination to 5 and 1 in exact order congratulations to all our winners and now here’s a rundown of the winning numbers drawn tonight let’s start with the easy to lock the winning numbers we have 22 and 4 in exact order stacking sweaters although we have 7 9 and 5 in exact order asking for dishes we have 6 6 5 & 6 also in exact order at firebox a team mega lotto we have 27 1735 26 28 and 29 in any order for the chocolate press of four million nine hundred sixty six thousand two hundred eighty two vessels and eighteen centavos empanada penis amina a Bhangra suitable opossum in computer center now pcs alfredo mega lotto we have no winner for the dropper press of over four point nine million and that’s all for tonight Barbosa BCSO a Parvati Shelly and busca thank you for watching and good night being a Oh 93 million for EM yo ro ro de medina weekend new makha Bucha schema King me nihari Oh now let’s play LAN or pcs or no. .

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