Live Lotto Draw 1076 – 16 April 2011 Video

Lottery Draw Live


grimian welcome to tonight’s lavender table stores right here on e I am names tonight’s jackpot of 8.5 million rent could set your dreams free good luck South Africa to push the button tonight we’re delighted to have a seasoned senior Lamar under the watchful eye of the independent auditor from citizens Oliver VSP Netra officially aluminum’s I know Nancy bug I mean over to use is Cindy our pry bar is fifteen point seven million ranchipur is 8. 5 million rent we know is our machine what’s at number 34 or what selected for tonight’s live load to draw alright ready let’s go your first one is number 24 number 24 is out now for the hundred and forty eight time number 24 your second one is number 18 for this time number 34 sleep over 138 up here is number 138 for number 34 halfway mark is a number 10 for 146 time your three balls away from 8. 5 million range your football is number the last of the teams number 19 for the hundred and fifty fifth time for our and two to go technics OSHA is number four th number four the H is out now for the hundred and seventy a the time here comes your 8. 5 million rainbow it is number 38 Gabbana’s ball it is Napa 16 a Nibbana Mc. Clendon a Nevada tonight are 10 1924 34 38 48 upon us political number 16 the live lots of plastrro continues right here on E remember South Africa I want you to be winners but we promote responsible play to push a button tonight for the live load of last row we hand over the preceding two sisters sing you are a match under the watchful eye of the independent auditor from citizens Adam of ESP do to officially items under NATO Emir our machine is damata tapas anima 32 was selected for tonight’s level 2 plus a draw your first of all out is not by 39 39 hours not for the 87th time number 39 the poll initial speed will live Latrobe last row is number we still with the 30s and number 33 for the 99th time era to down and photograph we mark we have number off we go to the 40s we find number 46 for the 95th time number 46 your football is number three for the 87th time number three for tonight’s live lunch of bluster all right eonni your football is number 29 for 113 time number 29 your jumper ball is number number 34 for the 94th time you’re upon us four divisions to four and six Paula number two numbers nu in numerical order to narrow 329 53 they deform 39:46 upon Espada number two thank you so much for joining us on tonight’s edition of the live loads and loads of last rows right here on e South Africa we are on Facebook you can get us there boom South African National Lottery where you can see our pictures no Romy footage and get updated results also remember if you have any queries you can always call us on Oh 800 to 1100 7 remember it’s velocity is to see you being a millionaire model Adele a blow to endless of laterals goodnight. .

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