Live Lotto Draw 1073 – 06 March 2011 Video

Lottery Draw Live


it is a very good evening and a warm welcome to tonight’s live lighter and lots o plus rules right Yanni I’m Romi Titus now before we get into the draw let’s take a look at the many ways you can play a favorite game the National Lottery operator katana introduces a new way to play Powerball Lotto and sports stake by SMS or Internet there are two simple ways to register SMS the word signup your ID number name and surname two three one seven nine two or fill in your details online at www.hsn. com for help call our helpline winning millions is just a click away winning millions is quick and easy right here on e we’re just about ready for tonight’s draw always under the watchful eye of our independent auditors promises winced a little bit not to me any other officer is here with his million dollar smile and I guess this evening is normal a lota birthday she’s here to press the button our prize fund this evening stands at nine point seven million rand our jackpot 4. 1 million rand machine democrats who was selected with paul said fifty four chose of south africa i hope you’re ready you have your tickets please here we go our first ball has dropped and it’s number four which plays along for the hundred and thirty second time if you’re in Berea and you playing along this evening well good luck to you the oh so hot number sixteen is a second ball to drop and it plays along for the hundred and seventy nine times all the tooth was number 22 taking us to the halfway mark there and if you are in bran contain this evening well good luck to you as well it could please if you like lasso draw our football is number 21 and 21 plays along for the hundred and forty first time South Africa we’re getting greedy now number 34 is the next ball to drop as we rub our hands together cross our fingers because next up is the jackpot ball and it’s number 12 we now wait for the bonus ball for divisions two four and six and it’s number 41 South Africa let’s take a look at these numbers now in numerical order for 12 1621 to 82 34 and the bonus ball is number 41 don’t move a muscle don’t flick the street stay right yan e cuz after this your second chance of becoming a millionaire in LA so flats we’re ready for lotto plants I hope you have your ticket South Africa our lovely gets non formal Ella Tibet is still here and she’s gonna press the button once again for us our machine this evening is manned Lacaze with ball set 33 chosen for tonight’s live lotto blood draw here we go the bald have been released and we’re waiting for the first one to drop of course wonder what number it’s game simply wonder no more cuz it’s a number fourteen which plays along for the 97th time for that because six as we go along if you enjoy it and Fontaine good luck to you if you save the live lotto flat going into the single digits now with the read which plays along will be eighty six time waiting as we make it to the halfway mark it’s a number 27 if you in the joy book DVD and you playing along for the first time this evening welcome to the game 46 is our fourth ball to drop and let’s take a look it plays along for the 93rd time number 45 as we are now waiting for the jackpot ball to drop jackpot is number six waiting now for the bonus ball four divisions two four and six and it’s number 10 let’s take a look at these numbers now in numerical order 3 6 14 27 45 46 and the bonus ball is numbered 10 South Africa that brings us to the end of tonight’s talk I won’t be back again on Saturday go and then choose six very lucky numbers and I’ll see you on Saturday from all of us here until next time it’s good night. .

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