Live Buzz50 Lottery Draw – 5Pm Sunday Video

Lottery Draw Live

Already standing at 45,780 Buzzer Points, the live Buzz50 Lottery Draw at 5pm this Sunday is a show not to be missed!

The draw will be held live during the broadcast with Mila picking out the numbers.

Will you be the lucky Jackpot Winner?

Did you know that you can also get a ticket simply by filling out your ‘Buzzing About’ on your profile along to to join in with the fun.

Buzz50 seniors is also a great place to meet new friends over 50 from all around the world :).

good afternoon and good evening buzzes and hello Miller hello darling i’m mike from and who you know buddy nobody its Miller from verse 50 Dhaka on this system at all my assessor and this is the live buzz 50 lottery draw and we’re going to check live to see what tickets have been sold and what the recipe well yeah what the what the jackpots going to be and then we will do the draw okay right now it’s not easy doing the draw like this we’re going to have to think of a better way because the tickets that have been sold up till the closing time just now ah numbers 3842 14 16 those the numbers that we’re going to be drawing from look it’s the latest number and which is the luckiest number who’s in a thing is it going to be pops and tough who’s already won four times leader is it you win the jackpot so what we’re going to have to do that I hope this going to make some sort of sense to you is the first bag we’re going to draw out of the first bag the first digit so and in the first bag adjust the number 0 and 10 whoa folks is gone and okay can you give them a lil know where are we going from that yes here’s the bike look here’s the bag just got two numbers in it bellas going to look up but she puts a hand in the bag look up pretty hand in the bag there and take out one number and then hold it up hold it up now you can loan it open mind it’s number one so it’s a later ticket so we know that it is a number one they did so if you’ve got ticket number with four digits starting with a number one and you’re being with a better now you can probably work out now those who are mathematical because the highest number sold is 14 16 then we need in bag number two one two three four and any other number any other idea I have no idea Mike is responsible for numbers today zero uh huh so let’s get these ready so you can see the ball going in 0 what isn’t this complicated for three they’re all going in the bag by the one to two and one and one so this is the second digit we know it starts with a ferry so Miller stop looking look up put your hand in the bag how’s that get one number I’ve in the number now Bridget look man till two so it’s one two and then two other digits so it’s one two now we know love those of you a little bit mathematical that we can have all our nine or ten numbers in the next box Troy tote micro give you such a beautiful folks live there hidden away somewhere because we need to see where they are and what we’re doing now let’s have a look let’s do this ok ok now just pick a number of their look away look at perfect ago that the only one pinch your number out of there one number one so that’s the third number 121 that’s not the winning number because we know it’s before did you burn you and another bag that’s got the numbers 029 in it I’m sure it’s a long drive and take we’re going to do prices two and three slightly differently don’t worry about that so again don’t blow Camilla up in their hand in the bag Mike next time you should get out of line fall yes I and it is too so the jackpot winner and the jackpot we know is at 70 1960 points is lottery ticket number one two one two one two one two interesting now that wasn’t a random number I don’t know what was I hope you think that it was fair we’re going to now look and find out who took it number 1 to 12 is make sure we’re absolutely right before we say it male actor 1 2 1 2 1 2 is on it olive olive is the jackpot winner is olive watching now do you think yeah the jackpot winners of them all you all right yeah let’s see what we can do see if we can get any music for the winner that’s how I got something good idea from Miller that yes olive the jackpot won t 1960 butter pipes the music is somewhere music stand up no asset you for the rest of you that didn’t win oh sorry ah for our live and the fights i was around about 70 1960 buzzer points so well done to olive now we need to do the draw somehow for on the second and third prizes let’s do it on here we’ve got a little magic system on here that we can do another thing that’s happened today that you noticed Miller was somebody became a first ever Neely only yeah that’s 53 they know who was it yellow lily it’s only live it’s our lily so here we are going for second prize which is amis Lee I’m sorry 5,000 buzzer points we’re going between those two numbers again can you see them there if you rewind it you can check that we are doing it fairly and then what we’ll do that is will click start on that for the number watch for the number coming up a second prize and it is 743 I will find out who that is in a minute good night yeah and then if Miller can you press for the third prize ah ray and third prize in the lottery is for 4,000 points 1210 whoo what’s the chances of that being olive as well I know it’s random that’s the way random think Oh the more tickets you buy the more chances you have a funny don’t forget if you buy tickets then they don’t just count for today’s straw they can’t for every single draw from tomorrow onwards from Monday I’ll nearly shook and then shop yes so second 743 with 5,000 buzzer fights nothing like the jackpot that’s still worth winning at five hundred and 743 and looking at those long numbers here Miller the 743 is adian le drian V Adrienne Archie and yttrium Adrian very he also bought not one he’s got quite a few tickets yes night in other than glass congratulations with 1210 for 4,000 plus points yes it is all if I live again so it shows how many ticket the more tickets going by the more chances that you’ve got a winning and you can win mo maybe in the future he will be millionaire akili may be meditating is the first buzzer point millionaire yeah yes and so we’ve got in first place ticket number 1212 was olive in second place ticket number 743 Adrian vie for 5,000 buzzer points and in third place ticket number 1510 is olive again for 4,000 plus of points which is small change for lottery winner olive after winning the jackpot which last time I looked at was at 72 1070 1960 well are they little bit of news have you noticed on your profile pages i did send out a message about it that we now have fun what we call it in the end a profile the racing don’t record it profiles rate and cook score i’m sure that’s what we call it profile score so if you have a look at your own profile page you’ll see just above your profile image just turn funnel more lower case of miller stop that going straight away it’s us playing on a loop you’ll see just above your head a score yes sent so anything up to a hundred the more you complete on your profile page and the more things you do that has shown on yeah another chance a little more chance to be popular as well not much i know i deceptive as a genuine buzzer i think that was it i think that was it we managed to get through without giving pops and tough anymore buzzer fights she’s had enough this week yes the draw starts again tomorrow with the daily 1000 was a fine sure and if you buy a ticket to die then the ticket counts for monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday and then the jackpot on sunday which i would guess is going to be bigger jackpot today from oh so yes I thought sir rowland difficult from this cup I would fry one yes which I worked out a better way of picking the numbers I maybe we should use that random thing on the phone next time as well yeah if people trust it yes because we did show them that we entered in the range of numbers so maybe maybe that would be a better meal or material or cream I think certainly yes i think was he mad I feel be they lacked something on there whilst we’re doing that yep that was fine we did it fine we could put the range incorrectly so good do it that way oh right that’s it yes that’s it that’s all we’re doing for today I hope you’re enjoying the site if you’re watching this on and come and doing this helium join us have been next millionaire we’re over 50 site we’re not a dating site although lots of people do meet up and we’ve had a couple of marriages and one coming up very very soon um but we are a friendship site we’ve got social networking forum for hums chants profile pages we’ve got photo gallery poetry short stories origami music adapted origami at all music row out you name it for over 50s wherever you are in the world if you’re working out over 50 then let people who are over 50 now just Google bus 50 you will find I think that’s it for now people take notice to just put number in first but little bitches no just change your ass boy see if you’ve got false passport trying to pretend that you’re over 50 that could do it so it’s goodbye from me and formula and if we don’t see you before then we’ll see you at five p. m. next sunday for the next lottery draw goodbye good burn ma.


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