Irish Lotto Results 26Th September 2012 Video

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good evening k4 sugar Deon crank her no shoes there it is Wednesday Lee 26 of September 2012 and these drawers come to you live the CV from Ortiz stage B and all drawers are independently observed by KPMG there is no winner of Saturday’s lotto jackpot so this evening you’re playing for a lotto jackpot of five million seven hundred and seventy one thousand one hundred and sixty three euro but let’s start now with the lotto plus to draw the top prize in lotto plus two is two hundred and fifty thousand euro and remember it could be you tonight the best of luck and off we go and the first number drawn this Wednesday evening is 27 Finnish sharks next we have 45 Dalek week followed by 22 said Oh here’s number 18 able to hook check joins now by 37 trucker shocks here’s number 11 even a handshake and our bonus number is number 9 if it’ll need now it’s time for so plus one on the top rising Largo plus 1 is 350,000 euros so once again good luck good idea Paolo and we begin here with number 24 Finnick at her next we have number three evidence 3 followed by 34 Chaka Khan next this Wednesday we have number one over a hand here to join the others we have number 12 over at uh leg next we have thirsty stroker and already now is our bonus number and that figure is 21 Sirhan now it’s my free lotto and tonight’s lotto jackpot is worth five million seven hundred and seventy one thousand one hundred and sixty three euros so make sure to check your tickets carefully as we begin the draw so best of luck and here we go with Wednesday’s lotto and the first number selected is number seven if it a shot join sided though yeah next we have number two next we have number two over to go joined by number 15 if it Akua check next we have 28 for 28 filler hugs that’s followed by 26 the shochet and bonus number for lotto is $45 accruing put a quick all national lottery draw results can be checked on lottery ie and the National Lottery zlata wins euro millions results are available at or T arrow tells takes one hundred fifty and a hundred and fifty one that will also be further update of tonight’s norms on some news bulletins later at the ceiling flights many numbers without your on your screen so more of us here in stage we Sloan.


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